Troubles in Federal Law Enforcement

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It all comes down to leadership. Irrespective of the individual skill sets and investigative acumen of law enforcement agents/officers, the policies under which they operate are set by their individual administrations and ultimately by the President of the United States, chief of the Executive Branch of Government.

These articles on really bad decisions don’t come from the agents themselves but from the policy makers who circumscribe what they are supposed to do in order to complete their mission. Goofy leadership results in some seriously flawed policy.

US Border Patrol

FOX NEWS: Federal Agents are told to reduce border arrests (LINK HERE)
Cochise (AZ) County Sheriff Larry Dever told Fox News that a supervisor with the US Border Patrol told him that the federal agency’s office on Arizona’s southern border was under orders to keep apprehension numbers down…and their job was “to intimidate them to make them go back”.
Who came up with this hair brained scheme? I’m sure that it’s an Obama Administration appointee.
Michelle Malkin reports (LINK HERE)
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives refused to produce documents for Congress regarding Operation: Gunrunner or to voluntarily provide any date for producing them. As a result, Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee issued a subpoena to DOJ.
Why would Acting Director Kenneth Melson stonewall Congress?

It’s not as if the FBI doesn’t have enough problems. Now the Obama Administration wants to put a finishing blow on the principal federal law enforcement agency by putting Jamie Gorelick at the helm of the operation. You can read a well written pedigree of Gorelick’s dismal record (LINK HERE).

9 thoughts on “Troubles in Federal Law Enforcement

  1. Whatever one thinks, do not for one moment think this is due to lack of leadership. This Marxist/Leninist wanna be dictator has made sure to appoint like thinking morons who's sole tilt is delivering this country to third world status.

    Whether it be Holder who I flat out feel knew of the gun running garbage that resulted in the death of 2 of our agents, Gorelick or any of the others, every one of them is hell bent on destroying this country as we know it!

    His dithering on Libya was nothing more that to give his Al Qaeda / Radical Muslim friends a chance to get a toehold! The borders? Lip service from HOS saying they are more secure than ever while the scum pours in!

    It just goes on and on with the help of a compromised MSM! My disgust cannot be expressed enough!

    L.L., I really feel the situations you cite above are not mistakes or errors. They are a piece of the agenda put together by 2 people(let's not forget his wife is an American hating leftist also in her own words) who have surrounded themselves with like minded people who's sole intent is a Soviet style government. And let's not forget his leanings towards the very people who murdered over 3,000 Americans on 9/11 who he is now aiding and abetting (or blissfully ignoring)! He is rallying around the Anti-Israeli, Anti-Western lot in the UN and the world.

  2. You can't expect them to watch the border, they have much more important sensitivity training.

  3. *UGH* The Obama administration is busy sticking its nose where it doesn't belong in Libya. Shall we say this administration is stuck on stupid?

  4. 2012 can't come soon enough… Re the border, they want to use the "arrests are down" mantra to 'prove' the border is safer…

  5. NFO – It's a proven method to pad the stats. If you don't arrest anyone, that means that nobody committed a crime – and it's utopia.

    Teresa – stuck firmly on stupid.

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