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The Corrupt, Lying, Elite Media

The news industry has changed within the past twenty years in ways that have become undeniable to most observers. We’ll call it ‘the Deep State’, but to put a finer point on it, wealthy, influential, American globalists who sit at the top of the media empires that are the News Media these days, have changed how “news” works. We’ve all seen it.  These different empires have cooperated in a concerted way to shape and censor news—the movements to establish narratives rather than follow facts. They play on emotions by distorting what we see and hear, which is presented as fact. The growing influence of smear operations, political partisanship, and corporate interests have changed how news is reported. There was a conscious effort by these Deep State folks to ‘make news’ rather than to simply share what’s happening with viewers.
There are also the ‘fact checkers’ such as Snopes and Wikipedia, which are manipulated by these same people to ‘verify’ what they report as truth. Can they be relied on? No, they can not. So where do we find the ‘truth’? Is it out there?
The hysterical reaction to the election of President Trump rather than the infinitely corrupt, carefully groomed and pre-anointed American president — Hillary Clinton, and the continuing effort to remove President Trump from office has revealed the creeping rot in the elite media. Their anger at decreasing viewership at MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CNN and CBS as Fox News becomes the ‘trusted outlet’ knows no bounds. They are placed in a difficult position as the conspiracy to remove a lawfully elected president is revealed. Do they report fact, or do they continue to peddle fake hysteria as people tune out?
Venezuela Update – Day Three of the Overthrow
Protests in Lara State in western Venezuela escalated into clashes with authorities. One woman died from a gunshot on 1 May. She was the second confirmed fatality from gunshots fired by Cuban mercenaries, operating as ‘security personnel’ to prop up the communists who are currently in power.
The opposition leaders remain resolute about the ultimate overthrow of the Maduro regime, but the regime seemed to recover its balance. 
I am personally in contact with people in Venezuela who are wealthy and have a lot to lose if the communists crush them. That class of people has not thrown in their interests with the opposition simply because they do not trust the outcome. As stated, they have a lot to lose. If their confidence wavers, the revolution against the communists, will be a long time coming.
Let’s add a couple names to the mix. If you’re following events in Venezuela, it’s important to know who they are. 
On 2 May, the Supreme Tribunal of Justice issued an arrest warrant for Leopoldo Lopez

(background) Leopoldo is a popular opposition leader who was serving a three-year house arrest sentence for inciting violence in opposition to Maduro. Soldiers supporting Guaido released him on 30 April. The Spanish Embassy has granted him asylum. Lopez is the activist who has been in contact with dissident military leaders who were to have defected and sparked the military uprising.

It is Lopez, not Guaido, who is the great hope to lead the opposition. Venezuelans look to him to deliver them, if deliverance is to come. 

The Supreme Tribunal of Justice also charged the vice president of the National Assembly, Edgar Zambrano, with the flagrant commission of the crimes of “Treason to the Fatherland, Conspiracy, Instigating Insurrection, Civil Rebellion, Conspiracy, Usurpation of Functions, Public Instigation to the disobedience of the laws and continued hatred, foreseen and sanctioned in articles 128, 132, 143, 145, 163, 213, 285, all of the Penal Code, respectively and Association, foreseen and sanctioned in article 37 of the Organic Law Against Organized Crime and Financing of Terrorism.” 
Zambrano has been working as Guaido’s aide. He is not in government custody at present.
The supreme court is stacked with Maduro supporters. It has been a willing accomplice in Maduro’s consolidation of power and suppression of the opposition-controlled national assembly. Its actions provide the legal cover for arresting and trying opposition leaders, assuming the regime survives.
On 2 May, Maduro marched with a cohort of military leaders and soldiers in Caracas. The event received extensive video coverage to negate opposition claims that the military is disloyal. Despite Maduro’s photo op with the soldiers, opposition activists and the US Secretary of State insist that the armed forces is unraveling, but it is taking longer than expected. Military unity might be fraying at the edges, but it looks intact on Day three.
Day three of the attempted overthrow went to the Maduro regime.
Thank your President
There were a lot of people – and a lot of Republican RINOs who blaggarded President Trump for pulling American forces out of Syria. However his wisdom in doing so can’t be over-stated. He has America’s best interests at heart, and there are a lot of others within the DC Beltway who do not.
In Syria, Russian and Syrian aircraft executed more than 100 airstrikes on terrorist positions in northwestern Syria on 2 May, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).
According to SOHR, the airstrikes targeted more than 30 villages and towns, mainly in the southern Idlib countryside and the northern Hama countryside.
Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) news network, iba’a, announced on 2 May that the terrorist group had launched a barrage of 35 rockets at the Russian Hmeimim airbase. The Russians said the rockets fell short, hitting villages but causing no casualties.
This is at least the third consecutive day of elevated air attacks and HTS rocket and drone attacks on Hmeimim. 
One news service reported that Turkish-backed opposition groups received reinforcements that were sent to southern Idlib. The situation is moving toward a major clash
The Turks, the Russians, Syrians, Iranians and two dozen splinter groups, each with a different agenda, continue to fan the flames of the civil war in Syria, to which the United States never was a party. The defeat of ISIS was something else, and it no longer holds territory in Syria (though it’s trying to rebuild itself in Nigeria as a caliphate is forming there). 
Does the United States Military belong in Syria? No, it does not. I have learned to trust President Trump’s instincts. His heart is an American heart – not a globalist’s, which is why the globalists, who have worked diligently to dilute and diminish America for so long are so furious with him. It’s time to keep American blood and treasure from spilling out into shitholes like Syria.
Then again, your views may differ.

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  1. I appreciate the Venezuela update. I try to keep up with what's going on, but sometimes facts are in short supply. I appreciate what you put out here.
    Agreed about the Middle East. We don't have a dog in this fight and nation building is not something the US military should be doing.

  2. Shillary was quoted, during her meltdown Election Night, as saying, "They were never going to let me be President". I wonder what 'they' she was referring to. The globalist elites? Perhaps they knew she wouldn't stay 'bought'.

    Syria and President Trump? You are most likely correct.

    Will President Trump's greatest foreign policy accomplishment be getting us out of the Afghan quagmire? One can hope.

  3. It’s a lot easier getting into these foreign quagmires than it is to get out of them.

  4. I don’t know how much longer we’ll be dragged through Afghanistan, but if anyone can get us out, it will be Pres. Trump.

  5. Re: broadcast media – Fox is not too much different from the others, these days.


  6. Blogger still won’t let me post on your blog. Sounds as though you had a great outing

  7. More importantly, IMO, is the fact that the Murdoch boys, and especially their wives, are Davosites of the first order. The day the old man is dead, or declared incompetent, expect Carlson, Hannity, et. al. to be standing on the sidewalk with all their stuff in a cardboard box by sunset and the tiller hard left.

  8. You must be kidding me.
    What other networks has truly liberal whackos AND conservatives presenting their views?
    Totally unlike other outlets.
    You may not like it, but it is unique.

  9. If they change the format, the ratings tank, and say good-bye to all that cheddar…

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