The IDF has Gaza City off completely. Note the dates on the maps.  I don’t know if the Palestinians anticipated this reaction. The leadership won’t care because the money that sustains them keeps coming in.



** And now a brief word from America’s premier Grifting Doosh-Rocket, Hunter Biden…

“The weaponization of my addiction by partisan and craven factions represents a real threat to those desperate to get sober but are afraid of what may await them if they do.”

** There has been another move in California to stop teaching mathematics, a tool of white oppression. “The Pythagorean theorem shouldn’t be taught in schools since it is a tool of white supremacy and declaring one value of a length limits the creativity of minority students.” Both Pythagoras and Euclid were Greek. Then again, Cleopatra was, and she’s claimed by negroes as one of their own. If Euclid of Alexandria (in Egypt) was claimed, could we return to geometry?

** Old NFO’s YouTube channel can be linked here. You can view all episodes. They ask the eternal question: “Are you bored yet?”

** From space, Saturn’s moon, Enceladus might not seem like a hospitable place for life. Its cold surface is thick with fresh ice, marked by craters and active cryovolcanoes that spew ice crystals. But scientists believe beneath that frozen exterior hides a salty liquid ocean. With energy from geothermal vents on the ocean floor and a smattering of the right ingredients, it might just provide a place for life to evolve and take hold. A new analysis of data from NASA’s Cassini mission reveals that the moon has, in theory, all the chemicals it needs to support living things.

Plumes of water erupting from Enceladus contain phosphorus, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature by an international team of researchers. They found the phosphorus by examining data collected by the Cassini probe from its 13-year survey of the Saturnian system. It’s the first time this element—an essential component of being alive—has been found in an ocean, not on Earth.

** On 29 October 1618, explorer and adventurer Sir Walter Raleigh was beheaded at the Palace of Westminster on the orders of King James I.

Accused of deliberately inciting war between England and Spain during one of his expeditions, on the day of his execution he was reported to have been suffering from from ague, or fever.

He was allowed to examine the executioner’s axe, musing: “This is a sharp Medicine, but it is a Physician for all diseases and miseries”. His last words were later uttered to the hesitant executioner: “What dost thou fear? Strike, man, strike!”


Broken Toys

Thank you for buying, reading, and reviewing Broken Toys. Al Kirk said that it ended too quickly with unanswered questions. Keep in mind that it’s a book in a series of four. I plan to complete two more in the series in 2024 and the final entry in 2005.

Jules Smith is working on the cover art for the next three books and should have that complete by the end of the year – thanks, Jules.

The publishing business has changed forever, as Old NFO or BRM could also tell you. It’s a lot more challenging for writers than it was.




  1. I think the Palestinians expected to gloriously sweep all resistance before them because god wills it. … because they seem to all be idiots, incapable of reason or learning even the simplest, most obvious lessons, like “every time we attack the Israelis, they whip us all to hell and gone” . Now they’ve reverted to their alternate mode of acting like drama queen, flop-happy World Cup Soccer players, and claiming they are the victims of everything.

    Life on Enceladas: I have it on good authority that the entire moon is made of enchiladas, so suitability for life stands to reason.

    – Kle.

  2. I wonder if a couple of million gallons of the Med pumped into the tunnels would help bring Hamas to justice?

    Enceladus. Interesting to speculate what form life would take in that environment and if there would be any push to intelligence.

    • Yep Edd I have wondered about bombs generating craters and walk the bomb craters to the closest entrance . I must be missing something .

  3. Maybe the Israeli’s have finally tired of mowing the grass every so often and have decided to create a desert and call it peace. I’ve long marveled at their forbearance.

  4. I appreciate the maps of Gaza, they are a big help!

    >>It’s the first time this element—an essential component of being alive—has been found in an ocean, not on Earth.<<
    I cannot say how impressive it is simply finding and ocean that is not on Earth!

    Broken Toys was a good read! I'm ready for the next one 🙂


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