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From the Days of Fighting Sail

The Cornish Goblin Ship

Since the 17th century, the waters off the coast of Cornwall have been visited by a unique type of vessel, the likes of which have never been seen anywhere else in the world. She has been dubbed the goblin ship, and not onyl sails the sea, but also travels a good distance inland as well. According to eyewitnesses, this spectre appears at nigthfall when fog is coming at the seaside village of Porthcurno, some 14-15 km from Penzance.


A Ghost ship – there is no drawing or picture of the Goblin ship, so this is the, Friends Good Will on Lake Michigan during a foggy evening near South Haven, Michigan. I think she is a good substitute, photo made by Paladin27, 2018

The ship is a black, square rigged, one masted vessel, which sometimes appears to be towing a small boat behind her. No crew member has ever been sighted on deck, but despite having no living captain, she’s said to glide steadily through the waves and doesn’t stop when she reach lands. She carries on a stady course over the golden beach just as easily as if she was on water. She continues for about 800m before vanishing like a puff of smoke. Who she is or where she comes from, no one knows.

It was once said that they were pirates who ran aground somewhere off the coast and were still going about their business. Others think it was the ship of Madgy Figgy, a black-hearted witch who sank ships returning home with rich cargo with the help of a conjured storm to enrich herself with their cargo. For others, she is the ship of a hermit who lived in the area and since his death the ship is still looking for its owner. Interestingly, however, she is only supposed to show herself to those who will experience great misfortune shortly afterwards. All in all, a vessel you don’t want to meet.



Storsjöodjuret- the Great Lake Serpent

There are many sea monsters that are at work in different regions of the world, and this time there is a kind of sea serpent which lives in the lake Storsjön in Jämtland Sweden.


Storsjöodjuret – The Great Lake Monster (x)

The creature is called Storsjöodjuret which can be simply translated as great lake animal. In Latin it is called Hydogiganta Monstruidae Jemtlandicum. But what is it exactly? It is said to be a sea serpent with a dog’s head. The first descriptions of it date back to 1635, but there are probably much older oral accounts of this snake. This first description goes back to Morten Pedersen from Herdal, who reported about a monster in the lake that was banished thanks to the Frösö rune stone and can therefore no longer do any harm.


The Försö Rune Stone with the Serpent 

“A strange animal with a black wormlike body and catlike head jumped out of the cauldron and disappeared into the depths of lake Storsjön. The animal enjoyed the the lake, grew immensely and caused horror among the people living around the shores. Finally, it had gotten to the point where it was long enough to reach around the island Frösön and could bite itself in the tail.”  –Morten Pedersen 

It is said to have strangled people and hunted the fishermen who fished there. Until 1857, this was all that was reported about the animal, but from then on, sightings were reported. In 1857, according to some newspapers, miners from the nearby mine saw the creature with a cat’s head.

There were a total of 22 sightings, which were collected by Peter Olsson. He himself was a naturalist and tried to explain the animal naturally and suspected that it could be a not yet known marine mammal which could have gotten lost there (similarities to Nessy are not to be denied) and he described it as follows, it was snake-like with a dog-like head, fins as ears and several humps or spines on its back. This scared some people and so in 1894, after about 500 sightings, there was a capture campaign, which was even supported by King Oscar II.


One of the big traps with which one tried to catch the serpent 

However, this failed and so nobody knows what kind of monster it is and when it will be seen again, because since then it has kept a very low profile. But the locals have taken their monster to their hearts and say it is a friendly monster which has even been protected by law since 1986.


Bullet Points:

** More from HamAss – Ghazi Hamad is willing to see Palestinian pawns (not himself, of course) die so long as they kill Jews and destroy Israel. For him the only cease fire will happen when every Israeli is dead or driven out of the Middle East.

“Hamas has two messages for two different audiences. To the international community, it pleads for a cease-fire on humanitarian grounds. To the Arab world, it pledges to repeat its Oct. 7 attacks and sacrifice as many Palestinians as it takes to destroy Israel.

That was the message of Ghazi Hamad, a member of the Hamas Politburo, in an Oct. 24 interview on Lebanese television. “We must teach Israel a lesson,” he says, “and we will do this again and again. The Al Aqsa Flood”—the name Hamas gave its Oct. 7 operation to slaughter defenseless Israelis—“is just the first time, and there will be a second, a third, a fourth,” he says, as translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.” Anything else he or other Hams leaders say is a lie.

** We (in the Colonies) didn’t want to go through this again so we created a Constitution to limit government. That it is ignored by Washington DC today disturbs many people. We are coming up on a contentious poitical season in 2024 that will test whether it will endure.

America still imprisons political dissenters. In the case of January 6, given that the tens of thousands of video is still “secret,” the legitimacy of those imprisonments remains very much in question. You wouldn’t hide the video if it was all above board, would you?

** In China (h/t Claudio) They need more boosters for those plague vaxes.


Identify the Aircraft


Yes, it’s way too easy, but still…

Identify the Armor



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  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    North American F-82 Twin Mustang

    Identify the Armor:
    1. Pansarbandvagn 301
    2. Stridsvagn 74

  2. “Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.” A. Lincoln.

    Round Two.

  3. The Colonists created a Constitution to avoid a repeat

    So how do we “reset” DC, and our statehouses for that matter? A return to fundamentals would take the shackles off our economy and the taxpayer catapulting America forward in A Great Leap Forward ™. Unfortunately, those tasked to effect this change are the same ones who voted to give themselves a $34k raise last week…must be nice. Money clouds everything, so remove every self-appointed incentive to become a millionaire on a $174k salary, eliminate “appropriations”, make K-Street a park, install term limits, 10% Federal flat tax (no IRS), and get voting back to 1-day in-person with results before midnight.

    That’s a start…seems simple enough, which is why the “they” will never let it happen.

    Love the ghost ship stories.

    1. To be prosperous, successful people, we must be righteous people.

      20% of Americans use illegal drugs. Marriage as an institution is on the decline, homosexuality is celebrated, and I can go on and on. We’re circling the drain.

      We rejoice in the Sodom and Gomorrah scenario.

      1. Make Narcan available only to those who are legally taking pain killers, and stop giving it to the assholes who OD on street drugs, and in about a year the number of Americans using illegal drugs will drop to about 10% or less.

        1. MrsPaulM says cordon off an area exclusive for them, give them all the drugs they want…natural selection works.

          The ‘Get your free Narcan’ push is disgusting, like I’m supposed to carry this stuff (if a city dweller) because I should attempt to save someone’s life who continues to imbibe in illegal drugs that the same government lets stream across our wide open Southern border.

          1. Or save yourself if you end up in a situation where you come into physical contact with fentanyl.

  4. Those who count the votes determine the outcome of elections. When the status quo changes, it will start with honest elections. Cynic that I am, I see little effort being directed to holding election officials accountable.

    Google, “Bridgeport, CT Mayoral Election” as an example. This goes on everywhere in our country. Yes, for those tracking domestic terrorists, I am an ‘election denier’.

    1. Saw that, the judge boldly (as if that was needed but with bought judges it’s a big deal) determined there was rampant fraud, meaning this happened everywhere. Yet another “conspiracy “ that was true.

        1. I think it’s hilarious that the Dems love cheating the vote so much that they use it on each other, in the Primary.

          Of course, in Bridgeport, the Dem Primary is the only election.

          I also find it hilarious that the vote-packing would have been legal if the imbecile operatives had bothered to “register as vote-collectors”, and they couldn’t even bother themselves to go get a Treason License.

          – Kle.

          1. When you look at our legislators, how many of them strive to live a Christ-like life? What about leaders like Pedo Joe or dope-smoking homosexual Obama and his tranny companion?

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