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You Can’t Make This Up
I move in odd circles at times. Out doing what I was doing, the talk of the day revolved around an active shooter situation at YouTube HQ. I wonder if some anti-gun people were killed? There is no word as of this writing. A lady PhD I know who is a bull (as opposed to lipstick) lesbian who shaves her head and swallows the liberal agenda with as much gusto as she swallows pizza had a novel suggestion to the active shooter dilemma. “Everyone should lay down and play dead.”  I didn’t say a word and moved on with what I needed to say, ignoring the snowflake answer to a serious situation. I would expect that she would have waddled (unable to run) to the nearest safe space, drank a cup of cocoa, picked up a security blanket and sucked her thumb. Her answer dumbfounded me.

Thoughts on Syria, Turkey, US and the Region

There has been interest by this blog’s readers in the unfolding situation with respect to the Turks and Kurds in Syria. Here is a brief update.

US Tripwire
On 1 April, the Turkish state-run news agency, Anadolu, reported that 300 US soldiers moved to reinforce Manbij and to block a Turkish operation against it.
General Information
On 30 March, Turkish President Erdogan suggested that French policy is so wrong that France might become a Turkish target. Finally, he called President Macron’s pledge to send special forces to Manbij an “invasion” that violated international law. The last map I saw had Manbij inside of Syria, not Turkey, but never mind. The Turks claim the entire Middle East as being part of the (old) Ottoman Empire.
Russian intervention at Tell Rifaat, backed by Syrian allied forces, plus the US contingent at Manbij, backed by Syrian Kurds, appear to have prevented Turkish forces in Afrin from linking up with Turkish forces farther east. Turkish operations have slowed. The linkup is an important battlefield condition for attacking Manbij.
The various parties blocking expansion of Operation Olive Branch do not appear to be coordinating their moves, but the blocking effect is working. The Turkish accusation that France would be invading Syria suggests Erdogan’s perception is distorted by his obsession with the Kurds.
The deaths of one US and one British soldier from a roadside bomb near Manbij over the weekend help ensure that US and other Coalition soldiers will remain in Manbij a while. Islamic State fighters are believed responsible for the bomb. Their responsibility supports the US justification for keeping soldiers in Syria – to complete the defeat of the Islamic State.
The Saudi Opinion
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman disclosed a major change in Saudi policy towards Syria. Assad and US forces can stay in Syria. Crown Prince Mohammed said that Assad is not likely to be ousted from power. “Bashar is staying,” he said. “But I believe that Bashar’s interests are not to let the Iranians do whatever they want to do.”
“We believe that US forces must stay in Syria for the medium term at least…. The US presence in Syria is the only way to limit Iranian influence in the region.” He also said that having US troops in Syria would allow the US to have a say in Syria’s future. 
His remarks convey a signal to Syrian opposition groups that their fight to overthrow Assad will receive no support from Saudi Arabia. This is a morale breaker for those who fought Assad’s forces since the failed uprising in 2011.
President Putin’s aide Yuri Ushakov said of an upcoming summit meeting, “Much attention will be given to international affairs and military cooperation, also here is a famous topic — delivery of the Russian air defense system S-400 to Turkey — other questions concerning military exchange.”
Ushakov confirmed that Russia would accelerate the delivery of the S-400 at the request of Turkey. “Necessary efforts will be made from our side to satisfy the request of the Turkish side,” he said. He also affirmed that delivery of Turkish tomatoes to Russia would likely be on the agenda of the bilateral meeting. 
Turkey has not explained the reason it requested accelerated delivery of the S-400 air and missile defense system. Nor has it explained the primary target of that system. 
Ushakov’s statement that Putin will support Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity is dark humor. Neither Turkey nor Iran respects Syrian sovereignty or territorial integrity. Iran and Russia exploited Syria’s dire condition in 2015 to enlarge their military presence and bases, while sending aid. Russia bargained for and got permanent naval and air bases in Syria with generous terms.
While Russians, Iranians and Turks presume to determine the future of Syria, the US and its allies control about a third of Syria, including the oil producing region. The US has clout and territory, but it loses both if it withdraws.

16 thoughts on “Twofer Tuesday

  1. >"Everyone should lay down and play dead."

    I've read that if you wear bells on your backpack the jingling will warn them off. Also, don't store your food in your tent, and never get between one and her cubs.

    Huh? What? Oh. Nevermind.

  2. If you find bells in conservative firearms owner's scat, it will tell a tale all its own.

  3. Can we kick Turkey out of NATO? It doesn't seem like Turkey is doing anything that is in anyone best interest except for what Turkey wants.

  4. Thanks for the update.
    Cali legislators are going for restricting police officers firearm use. Who the heck is driving that…

  5. The US derives some strategic value from basing in Turkey and access to the Black Sea – but there is a point of diminishing returns.

  6. Things are changing in the Arab world.

    The big problem that they all face is Iran and I think that the Arabs will make common cause with whoever will help them deal with Iran. Additionally, Israel is not a threat to anyone who doesn't threaten them. The West Bank Settlements are considered by some to be an encroachment, but that's not how I see them. The Israelis handed back Gaza to the Philistinians and look what they did to improve the neighborhood. There have been billions poured into "Palestine" and it all ended up as graft in the pockets of 'strongmen'.

    Additionally, there are Palestinians (Arabs) who are members of the Israeli legislature and government. They are viewed as sell-outs by some, but a moderate Arab view would be that Israel is not out to kill all Arabs – which is not the position Arabs traditionally had toward Jews.

    The new Saudi king has a more rational approach to the world and the Saudi place in it. (the US/Canada has more proven oil reserves than they do)

  7. Is Erdogan's moves against the Kurds in Syria a back door effort to kill the PKK?

  8. Another gun-free zone attacked, though I doubt it has anything to do with terrorism, except for those who were there. Can you imagine the shooter's surprise when he/she fires on round and 50 people hit the deck 'dead'? The magic bullet. Easy picking for the shooter, though. Good idea, Bull.

  9. Larry Lambert, what are you doing hanging round with shaved headed, non lippy wearing, pizza feasting bulls?

  10. I may be wrong, but people are saying the shooter was a vegan. I've never met a vegan shooter though I have met several bulls. Nasty bits of work they were too.

  11. Yes, but the majority of the people he's killed are farmers who took up the gun to defend their land in Syria. However, being Kurds, they're on the Turkish genocide list along with Greeks and Armenians (who are Christians)

  12. The Turks would love it if the Kurds all played dead after the first round was fired. It would make the matter so much easier for them.

  13. Work.

    This craven excuse was a USGOV employee. It made me so proud. I think that they hired by the pound (hoping to get more for their money), getting one person the size of three.

  14. At the time, we didn't know that the shooter was a vegan, and possibly a lesbian. If we'd only known, I'd have mentioned something about it to the human ogre.

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