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We used to celebrate Lincoln’s birthday on Lincoln’s birthday, but we swapped out MLK (I’m sure that Abe wouldn’t mind). Now it’s Lincoln’s birthday on Washington’s birthday. Most people think more about the bank/government holiday than they do about Washington, who ultimately won the war by not losing decisively.

circa 1790: George Washington (1732-1799). First president of the United States 1789-97. Born in Virginia, fought in French and Indian War 1755-58, member, VA House of Burgesses 1759-74, of First and Second Continental Congresses 1774-75, elected commander in chief of all Continental Armies June 1775. Here, engraved portrait after 1792 painting by John Trumbull depicts Washington viewing the enemy at the Battle of Trenton, NJ Dec. 1776. (Photo by Stock Montage/Stock Montage/Getty Images)

There is something to be said for that strategy. The war against the colonies in British North America wasn’t popular back home; it was a long distance away (not as far as India or China by comparison), and there wasn’t much in the way of plunder. The war against the colonies was a sideline in a larger global contest between England and France. Regiments earmarked for the Colonial contest were unavailable for the big show in the European Theater and elsewhere. Ships of the line and lesser combatants were needed to escort convoys to the New World, defending them against privateers carrying Congressional letters of marque and the fledgling American Navy.

Franklin’s influence in Paris and the decisive defeat at Saratoga brought France into the war, French troops, French gold to pay the Americans in the field, and French ships to challenge British naval might (decisive at Yorktown). Detractors point out that Washington didn’t command at Saratoga, and he shared command with the French at Yorktown. Say what you will, but Washington’s leadership was there when the chips were down. He kept the army intact at Trenton, Valley Forge, and Morristown, and they were close-run things.


Six Years ago, on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim

White Wolf Mine

Starting on the ground floor of the hovel at the mine.


 The Generation Ship 

A Non-sequential Fictional Short

Dear Diary, My parents told me not to be a hater because the ship didn’t reach the Paradise colony. I didn’t auger it down through the gravity well to make landfall and damage it so profoundly that it won’t fly again. I had been hibernating since our departure from Lagrange. Two breaths a minute or something like that for five thousand years, give or take.

At least the A.I. dropped us onto a planet with a somewhat freshwater ocean that dumps oxygen into the atmosphere, and the nitrogen level is likewise tolerable. Unfortunately, the first few to venture out from the ship found life. I’ll tag a photo for you. You decide if it’s hostile or not. We don’t taste good to them, but it doesn’t keep them from tearing us to pieces for their amusement if the odds are right. Lucky for us, they’re only eight inches tall. If they were larger, they might have been more challenging.

I walk around the perimeter and explore. Mom and Dad always remind me to take the cat out when I go for a walk. I guess that it’s the same back on Earth.


Bullet Points:

** Is there life on Titan? The honest answer is, “Who knows?” The likely answer is “no,” — but who knows? Here’s an article.

**”Guns should not be in the hands of the mentally unstable,” Says the senile man with the nuclear launch codes, screaming, “Get off my lawn!”

** American Thinker – Led by an elderly man experiencing cognitive decline, the Biden administration has launched a strident effort to promote electric vehicle (E.V.) sales.  This push is part of a globalist climate change agenda that ignores the unreliability of renewable energy during winter storms and heat waves.  The unreliability of green energy sources was illustrated by the 2021 winter storm in Texas, which paralyzed the state’s wind energy system — the second largest energy source — leaving some Texans unable to flush their toilets or power their electric vehicles.  Now, E.V. sales, for a variety of reasons, are deservedly losing momentum among  U.S. buyers.


You won’t be rocked to sleep unless there is a flood.

(h/t Frank)


Routine Scheduled Maintenance

Mentioned in Dispatches

DRJIM, SiG, and Tsquare are tweaking Surly 3.0. Boron, not pictured, is inside the mouth, working on his teeth.


In Chicago


Identify the Aircraft



Not a Star Wars Pod Racer


Parting Shot


Too much Robert Palmer in one place…too bad.



38 thoughts on “President’s Day

  1. A friend asked my opinion of an EV last year and I said a loud NO. I pointed he was on acreage with occasional blackouts.

    His losing power on Xmas eve for 13 days put me firmly in the “he knows what he’s talking about position.” Of course I am mostly too polite to mention that.

    Personally unless I have no choice I’m staying with diesel 4wd.

    1. An acquaintance of mine went all in on electric vehicles and had a Tesla and an Audi E-tron. I used to kid him about the environmental disasters he was driving around in. He had to lemon law both of them and give them back to the respective dealer. Now drives a diesel pickup and has a gas engined Camaro and his wife has a gas SUV of some sort.

      Generation Ship. You should always walk the cat, they need exercise to. Nice short story.

      Mongollan Rim. LL, it has been a quick six years. I remember you writing that it was a struggle but looking out the windows at that view has got to be great.

      George Washington. A good definition of a “Great Man” in one picture. His life story is fascinating. I still raise a toast to him on his actual birthday (22 Feb). I think moving holiday around to give people three day weekends dilutes the actual reason for the holiday.

      Robert Palmer. I think the videos speak very well for themselves.

  2. Robert Palmer’s song, “Simply Irresistible” always reminds me of one of my top 10 favorite movies American Psycho. Also a great book too I might add by Bret Easton Ellis. Ms. HogsbreathSS loves the song and videos L.L. NOT the movie.

    George Washington was a brilliant tactician on the battlefield and in every aspect of shaping our Republic. L.L. summed it up perfectly. As someone who lives near all of those battlefields listed above it never ceases to amaze me how he and his men pulled off what seemed o be impossible.

    1. They were up against the best army in the world, and – with help from France – they pulled it off. Having said that, the road to a Constitution was rocky, surviving the rebellions, the War of 1812, the War with Mexico, pushing a railroad across the continent, etc. all took massive effort. And that we have the circus in town in DC today is a pox on all our houses.

  3. I remember the sqwaking from the feminazis when those Robert Palmer videos came out. Waah….. girls all with the same physique and outfits dancing seductively! Luckily at the time, wokism and cancel culture was non-existent and powerless.

      1. Me. I didn’t. I remember seeing the video and thinking that any single one of the girls would be head-over-heels* beautiful, but in a herd like that they were just fungible commodities. Which I guess goes along with the lyrics. So … artistic intent achieved?

        * I used to be That Nice Guy who would fall head-over-heels into foolishness and was all about Aragorn and Arwen, Cyrano and Roxanne, Dante and Beatrice; you get the idea. But not no more.

        “How extravagant you are, throwing away women like that. Someday they may be scarce.”
        – Captain Louis Renault

  4. Washington was there for the start of the French & Indian war….

    >>In 1754 Washington’s surprise attack upon a small French force at Jumonville Glen and his subsequent surrender to French forces at the Battle of Fort Necessity helped to spark the French and Indian War, which was part of the imperial conflict between Great Britain and France known as the Seven Years’ War.<<

    1. When George Washington oversaw (commanding on scene even if he didn’t order it done) the execution of Ensign Jumonville, who was under a flag of truce, carrying documents that gave him diplomatic immunity. Washington (on behalf of the Crown) declared war on France. He didn’t understand the events at the time, but he wrote what was, in effect, a confession and then sought to cover it up.

  5. I know, I know. you still have that annoying click in your ear when chewing.
    you’re too angry, bruxing all the time.
    I’ll just make you a nighttime mouthpiece, just like you wear for football, call it a beddy-biter.
    now, if you’ll just open a little wider, please.

      1. You’re not deaf enough. We need to start having you dodge flashbangs. After enough go off next to your head, you’ll need them.

  6. Chicago, NYC, LA…starving the beast is the only way to effect a change to normalcy, however that can be defined in our weird time. $68 for a 7/16 sheet of OSB during The Lockdown is still $10 more than pre-PsyOp. At $18+, plus every tax they can tack on, it’ll never get back down to 6/8 bucks a sheet as people have become accustomed to corporate theft with little to no way to force their hand to the reasonable. This post-Illegal Lawfare ruling against Trump (to bankrupt him out of the race), truckers have already decided to not deliver to NYC, even if some companies simply get fill in drivers at a higher rate…at some point the cost becomes untenable so the end result may be the same only took longer.

    Washington- One of my favorite images of him…I can picture the location (Valley Forge was not far from where I grew up). Say what you will (or more accurately, what modern Lib/Left historians and some Christian leaders say), Washington was a man of faith…and who am I to judge in the rearview, especially since I couldn’t hold a candle to the man. Really appreciate the history detail, just adds to my respect for Washington (Lincoln too, but that goes without saying even if some work hard to make him out to be not as great as I believe him to have been).

    Tidy mountain cabin…Faroe Islands maybe? Don’t rock the boat.

      1. By all accounts and anecdote he was certainly Providence protected…same prayer request I have for Donald Trump, they are after him in a full court press to destroy the man, but so far he’s been impervious.

  7. EVs
    GM has announced Buick will be all EV. Wyoming Buick dealers are saying goodby. The cost to bring their service departments to EV service requirements don’t justify any rational business model.

    Quietly, many franchised dealers across the country won’t meet the Manufacturer’s demands to upgrade their service departments. My guess in the years ahead those dealers will remain profitable.

    1. Ford’s cutting production by half so they’ll only lose half as much.
      IIRC they just posted losses of $64K per EV sold last year.
      And to my knowledge, nobody has lost their job over that.

  8. LL- A block foundation…that’s unusual these days. It seems you still have actual masons (as in masonry practitioners, not the Secret Society boys) in Arizona?

    1. The masonry work on the hovel was artwork – really. The master was a perfectionist and oversaw apprentices who took direction under his exacting gaze. The general contractor stole building materials to build his own home. Karma ran over his dogma to the extent that I would have done him a huge favor by sending him on to the next life.

          1. Leave room for God to settle their hash. Sometimes you can only stand back and look in awe at what you never imagined could happen.

  9. Ah yes, I remember your…issues… with the house. And yes, the cat needs to be walked and allowed to ‘play’…with something! Oh yeah, the ‘Palmer Girls’…Wowzer!!!

  10. Concrete block with the holes filled full of grout are as strong as a poured foundation. How far away was the closest concrete plant? It only makes perfect common sense. The long haul over suspect roads with a top heavy cement truck would be a puckering trip!

    1. As a practical matter, in addition to the stunt driving there is a limit to how far you can haul concrete in a mix truck without the mix setting up. Oooopsie!

      1. That is some exceptional work on a large complicated foundation. Maybe finding a good mason used to be like a good tailor…don’t tell anyone except your close friends.

        Logistics matter on remote projects, so does remaining flexible. My last project – a custom oversize detached post-frame garage, insulated slab on grade, 27 yrds of standard fare 4000psi concrete. Build was late 2020 (no masks required snark). We have good access off the main road, nearly an insane $200/yard…like they were putting gold dust in it. It’s concrete, one of the oldest construction binding materials on the planet, yet starting with the Lockdown idiocy to today, the batch plants are getting squeezed like everyone else. But finding a good mason up this way (vs. Denver) would be difficult and more expensive…which is why I built the back patio and barn path (hardscape) myself.

  11. Georges exemplary behavior for most of his life makes it hard to understand what he did during the Whiskey Rebellion .

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