Tuesday Follies

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Summer is Here

And that means that you need to keep summer protocols in mind.
After Memorial Day, things change – the kids are out of school and wherever you go there are likely to be crowds as people flock from the fetid cities to nicer and more pleasant locations to spend their precious vacation days.

LSP’s bass fishing lake will become hull-to-hull bass boats such that he could walk across the lake from shore to shore without getting wet.

There’s also the political season, which is helping to drive Fox News ratings as the mainstream media shills make up stories to tell in dishonest ways – always entertaining, but there are lemmings who believe them. That’s not good.
And it’s Taco Tuesday today, which means that we need to plan for the coming weekend carefully while eating a delicious taco or two.

Unfortunate Monkey

There has been a lot of chatter in the news about a gorilla (not guerrilla) in the Cincinnati Zoo that was shot after a four year old boy fell into its cage. There has been a lot of criticism of the parents, but how does a four year old boy defeat safety measures to keep that from happening? Liberals and animal lovers have treated it in much the same way as the Cecil-the-Lion incident. Maybe I’m mixing apples and oranges but can those liberals name ANY of the last ten police officers murdered in America? What about the last ten soldiers/sailors/marines killed in combat?  We can get more politically correct – name the last ten african americans murdered by other thugs in Chicago? How about giving a number to the babies aborted the same day that Harambe the monkey threatening the little boy was dropped by a bullet?

Some speculate that the gorilla was trying to help the little boy in much the way as a Bobo the ape adopted Tarzan (Edgar Rice Burroughs story). However Zoo officials differed and found that there was an existential threat to the child and that was that. Will President Obama and Hillary Clinton go to Harambe’s funeral? Speculation runs rampant.

Trump’s Supporters

Sure, we’re all Neanderthal mouth-breathers, what’s your point? Theories on the rise of Donald Trump too often rely on the anger, bigotry, and general backwardness of his supporters. This grounding isn’t much questioned, even by commentators who think they’re questioning it. The inferiority of those people (formerly known as We the People) is widely taken for granted.

This points to the real driver of Trump’s success: the armor-plated complacency of the politicians, commentators, and other political professionals he’s running against.

To many liberals and a cadre of whining conservatives, support for Trump proves your unfitness for civilized society. Articles that purport to offer a somewhat deeper analysis – promising, for instance, to blame the country’s elites for Trump’s success – often wind their way back to the same premise. Blame the elites for failing to respond sympathetically to the understandable rage of desperate losers; or for manipulating their bigotry to gain political advantage; or for failing to do what elites in democracies are supposed to do, which is shield a correctly constituted government of laws from the rabble.
The truth is that if you combine the people who support Trump and Sanders, both who feel that they’ve been screwed – for different reasons, the number is well over 50% of Americans. The Democrats who are saying #NeverSanders, are as serious as the bitter, defeated, Republican elite who say #NeverTrump. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, politicians. 

22 thoughts on “Tuesday Follies

  1. The Unfortunate Monkey incident was a hot topic for us, since the son who's in London at the moment was an animal handler at the Denver Zoo for years. He was there during several "code black" situations where the rifles came out with real ammo (not tranqs) for a loose predator, or when a handler was killed by a leopard. He agrees with you that it's crazy to make this a Cecil the Lion moment. Apples and oranges. Libs can't help themselves.

  2. It's going to be an interesting summer indeed. They'll be making movies about this election for years to come.

  3. I understand that a bunch of do-gooders held a candle light vigil for the gorilla. I wonder how many of them think abortion is A-okay?

    You must watch Trump's presser today where he goes after the press. He calls the ABC reporter a "sleaze." Yahoo!

    I have it posted.

  4. If the gorilla had ripped the baby to pieces, the liberals wouldn't have held a vigil for the little boy. You know that to be the case. THAT is what floors me.

  5. Summer protocol: Shorts, BEWWWTS, pink berry, Margaritas, big sunglasses, soft top fast sports cars, Harley’s, topless sunbathing and ice lollies. End.

    Good point about the Gorilla but people tend to like them. Of course, until they fall in and yell at the Zoo keeper to kill it. People are fuckwits like that. Indeed, it’s why people tend to prefer animals.

  6. People will study it and ponder over it without ever looking at our blogs…which will be their loss, I tell you!

  7. I'll check it out.

    Do-gooders don't equate the murder of an innocent unborn child as being wrong – a gorilla threatening a child is the child's fault to them. It's a screwball world.

  8. I think you're on to something with mountains. They are there, they reassure without doing stupid things.

  9. The beauty of the trophy black bass lake is that it's very much a secret and that my old aluminium v hull will be the only boat. So I think that's safe. Lake Whitney and the Brazos? Diff story.

    And since when did shooting a monkey count as murder? I know it's a totem spirit animal for a certain group of witch-led elite Democrats, but still.

  10. Shooting monkeys makes some people uncomfortable and they think that it will spread. I can't say that's the case for sure. Ask Barack what he thinks?

  11. The proximate cause of the death of the gorilla lays squarely at the feet of the Cincinnati Zoo. What on earth were they thinking by not enclosing this habitat? How could a 4-year old possibly climb into this area? That's what 4-year old boys do. I would have done the same, when I was 4. The zoo should have known this.

  12. Recall when Newt and the boys took control of the House of Representatives in 1994, and Peter Jennings reported that Americans just threw a temper tantrum.

    We, the rabble, We The People, The Great Unwashed, we are at it again, throwing a temper tantrum by supporting Trump.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not consider the Bernie Sanders disenfranchised supporters as my fellow proletariats: they are completely useless members of society and want more free stuff than Obama gave them (and that was a LOT), and Bernie promises them so much free stuff, they will bankrupt the country to the point that the US makes Venezuela look like Switzerland.

  13. I know some Bernie supporters, who are quite possibly unrepresentative, and they are not so much for free stuff as they are Democrats who hate the Clinton machine. But Bernie? A communist? I know, it makes no sense.

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