Should we eat our Young?

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A message and an appeal to conservative bloggers who are discontent with their options in the upcoming election.

Please allow MSNBC to howl “racist” and “Led Zeppelin begins with an ‘L’, Mr. Ryan”. Allow USA Today to be the Democratic Party’s attack job and Chris Matthews and Bill Maher to hump Obama’s leg slavishly.  When conservative bloggers attack the Republican ticket, it’s much like eating your own children. Or do you want another four years of Barack Obama simply because he’s so easily ridiculed?

There are a lot of things that I would like to see in the next four years that won’t happen because Obama has been pushing the budget beast down the road by spending as if he was in a whorehouse with somebody else’s credit card (in fact, it’s yours).

It would be nice to see us spend a lot of money on manned spaceflight to Mars, but I think that the $5 trillion that Obama wasted more or less sealed that hope for some time. The same is true for laying down keels for four new aircraft carriers and fleets of stealthy aircraft. 

Romney and Ryan will inherit an even bigger mess than Obama did because of gross mismanagement by the Obama Administration. One of the first will be a rampant Iran, bent on developing a nuclear arsenal that will be used to attack various enemies – first Israel, second, Saudi Arabia and if they have any left over, the US (Great Satan). There is no indication that Iran will stop refining material to make nuclear weapons and there is no indication that the Obama Administration intends to do anything but wait. This leaves this upcoming war to Romney whether or not he wants it.

Inside Israel, reports persist that prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and defense chief Ehud Barak are determined to launch a strike, and American officials continue to urge restraint. Read more:

Support the Republican Ticket as presently constituted, let’s remove Obama from office and work collectively on a realistic solution to America’s woes. Unfortunately, none of us will get everything that we want including a world free of war.

15 thoughts on “Should we eat our Young?

  1. Can someone drag Bungalow Bill over here and force him to read this? I don't see how he doesn't get it.

  2. Israel has a right to defend itself but in this instance, they would prefer that we be a reliable ally. How can Barack Hussein Obama be considered ANYONE's reliable ally?

  3. I fear what our Commander in Chief would do (or would not do) if Israel felt it was forced to act…

  4. The Iranian-made Fajr-3 (meaning "dawn" in Persian) a medium-range ballistic missile with an 2,000 km range. Iranian officials have said that the missile can avoid radar detection and has multiple independently targeted reentry vehicles (MIRV).

    The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps unveiled the missile during the Holy Prophet wargames on March 31, 2006. Iran has vowed to use the missiles to attack US Bases as well as Israel (the Time Magazine article that you quoted and other sources)

    I don't think that they intend to back down. And it remains to be seen whether President Romney would glass the country from orbit or send in the infantry. Either way, war would seem to be a foregone conclusion unless Iran tucks its fangs in and decommissions its nuclear enrichment program, allowing inspectors to paw through their (holy) country.

  5. Biden went on record as saying that the USA would shoot down Israeli aircraft crossing Iraq to strike Iran – that was about 18 months ago. I think that Romney/Ryan would have a different opinion.

  6. I really don't get their anger. Even incremental change for the better is preferable to no change and four more long years under the ObamaNation yoke.

  7. I would like to think that Israel would hang on until after Romney gets elected, but with Iran doubling its centrifuge capacity, Jan 20 is a long way away.

    Eating our young- anyone who's had teenagers have been sorely tempted. It's also ineffective as a threat.

  8. Velcro – it all depends on when the Iranians want to be thumped. They practice this during their celebration of the martyrdom of Hassan.

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