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Captioned Title: A Sophist is “a person who reasons with clever but false arguments.” A Misophist is presumably someone who dislikes sophists.

Of course, in the case of Pedo Joe, we know that he doesn’t write what he says and may not think much at all. The Deep State runs that marionette. Sometimes, they get the strings tangled, and the old scoundrel falls. Keeping the old pedophile in office is elder abuse.


Thoughts on PTSD

It hits everyone differently and at different times with different triggers. I can’t imagine life without it smacking me from time to time.  Some people find solace in talking things out – the cause and effect of PTSD, but I do not. Not really. I’ll share a little here, hoping it might help some of you who encounter it. As I approach seventy years, it comes when I’ve overdone things and have pushed myself physically harder than it may have been wise to do. Distancing myself from those I worked with (who continually harp on the past) is healthy. Yes, it was exciting in its way, but it was also excruciating.  Some may consider me in a negative light for minimizing that contact and refreshing those memories. So be it.


The Shifting Magnetic Pole


From Musk on X:

I don’t know what Elon Musk is thinking. It implies that Negroes murder a lot of Negroes. Then again, the woke justice system releases them without bail after murders so that they can keep the ball rolling. Maybe it’s a form of slum clearance, so there’s room for more illegal aliens. It shoots down the whole negro victimhood thing, doesn’t it?


Bullet Points:

** He who sweats more in training tends to bleed less in war. If you can’t handle a little PT on a San Diego beach, how do you plan to handle war in the Middle East?

** Did Epstein kill himself – Tucker, etc.

** comment by Scott Adams on Twitter, which I pass along without comment:

Next week, Trump could make over $4 billion when his media company goes public, removing all doubt about his billionaire status.

And you can stop asking if he would have been better off putting his inheritance in a savings account in the 70s.

I expect Trump to leave a 15% tip for Leticia James and the Democrats because they made his windfall possible by hunting him and censoring him for years. You can call it a bond, not a tip, if you prefer.

When the Supreme Court tosses out the unconstitutional fine, Trump gets most of his “tip” back.

The Democrats planned to cripple Trump financially so he couldn’t spend as much on the campaign. Trump turned Leticia James into his best fundraiser.

Lots of interesting developments lately on the topic of the 2020 election. The Simulation wants at least one of those fresh allegations to be a Kraken.

Trump’s legal maneuvering is likely to keep him eligible for the election.

You can fantasize about a heroic Democrat such as Newsom swooping in and replacing Biden, but it’s looking less likely every day. If it had always been the plan, it would have happened by now. Looks like Biden has to stay on the job to keep the Biden Crime Family out of jail.

The predictable Democrat Summer Hoax will add some excitement, but it will be forgotten and debunked by November.

Trump’s upcoming victory looks like it will be, as Trump says, “too big to rig.” And by that, I mean Democrats will try to rig it anyway and get caught. That will be fun.

The gears of the machine have become visible. We can all see the FBI is rotten, and the DOJ is weaponized. We know the border is open intentionally. We know the cartels are working with our government. We know our elections are DESIGNED not to be auditable, and there’s only one reason for it. We can see Biden is not in charge. We know the Ukraine war was always about its energy resources and who gets to own them. We know our rising debt is ruinous. We know our experts are liars. We know our pharma and food industries are poisoning us. We know our government is racist. We know the corporate media is essentially owned by Democrats, who are controlled by intelligence entities, and they are actively brainwashing the population. We know the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and X, are under sustained government attack because they are the public’s last defense against the government.

But we are not quitters. And the odds do not apply to us.

** If we started categorizing fentanyl deaths, Asian & Latino murders would skyrocket. But everyone wants to act like 300 Americans didn’t pass away today due to Chinese-produced/Mexican Fentanyl.

** Senator Bill Hagerty (@SenatorHagerty) Mar 22 — Tonight, every single Senate Democrat voted against my amendment that would stop the Biden Admin (regime) from using taxpayer dollars to charter flights for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from their countries directly to American towns to be resettled.

(the permanent Washington establishment advises the American people to embrace the great replacement with all their hearts. Anything less violates the doctrine of DEI.)

** Jordan Peterson asks the question, “Who decides who dies?” My knee-jerk reaction was that we could form a committee of two with WSF and myself on the committee. WSF would be there to review compassionate pleas.

** MSN – A State Audit found that California is broke. I’m shocked. They obviously need to increase taxes.

California’s audited financial statement for the fiscal year 2021-2022 has been published, revealing a concerning financial situation for the state.

Filed 350 days past the due deadline, the report uncovers that California is facing a significant financial shortfall, with $55 billion more owed than the available funds. This alarming disclosure showcases the challenges the state must navigate to rectify its financial health.

How could a state that is so woke be so broke?

** A vegan and a vegetarian jump off a cliff simultaneously to see who will reach the bottom first. Who will win? — Society.

** An interesting view of Tesla and Musk’s vision.

** “The truth unquestionably is, that the only path to a subversion of the republican system of the Country is, by flattering the prejudices of the people, and exciting their jealousies and apprehensions, to throw affairs into confusion, and bring on civil commotion.” ― Alexander Hamilton


From Mike_C

At the Chinese Buffet…all you can eat… The expression on his face is priceless. Thanks to Mike_C for throwing this over the transom. It triggered a memory.

I once had an informant/agent/recruited asset from the Middle East. He was a large man with a mean face, an enforcer/bouncer/martial artist type who liked to eat. One of the things I did when I met with him was feed him (at public expense). On one occasion, he wanted to go to a Chinese Buffet in Cerritos (LA County, CA). I avoid those because they don’t put the best food out, but I thought I could order from the menu while they brought him a trough.

We arrived at the restaurant around noon, and they greeted him by name. He pointed at me and said, I brought my commander to eat lobster. I thought there was no way there would be lobster at a Chinese buffet. The owner looked worried. Mohammed (not his real name) told me, “The last time I was here, I ate twelve lobsters.” I thought it was BS, but I went with it. We sat down. He shouted, “All the lobster I can eat!”

He said, “Don’t worry, Commander, they bring it to the table.”

Sure enough, the perturbed and concerned Chinese proprietor brought a platter of well-cooked lobster tails to the table, and Mohammed began to eat. They were terrified of what the big Mohammedan might do, and I knew that he was a bully who shoved people around and threatened to kill pretty much everyone but me. Finally, after he’d eaten five or six lobsters, he excused himself from the table and went outside. He came back in and loudly demanded more lobsters. “All you can eat!”

I asked him where he’d gone. He said, “I go outside and vomit so I can eat more.” After eating (and barfing most of) at least a dozen tails, he declared that he felt satisfied that he got his money’s worth. (I paid, he was the informer, but you get the point) When we left the restaurant, I saw the vomited remains of nine or ten lobsters in the flower bed near the front door.

The expression on the buffet owner’s face (above photo) was the same as the restaurant owner’s on that day. I never went back, but Mohammed was a regular.

Mohammed was an interesting guy. He wasn’t a bad informant. They’re all challenging to manage, and I have managed many different agents during my career in a number of settings. The requirement was that they had good access to the information they provided, and he provided actionable information by informing on his friends.

Later, while living in Seattle, he converted from Islam and became a member of a Christian congregation. I asked him what it was like. He said they passed sacramental communion bread in trays to the congregation, and everyone but him took a single piece of broken bread. He scraped all of the bread from the tray and ate it in the hope of more blessings from above as the congregation looked on. He said that it was no problem. After doing this a few times, they prepared more sacramental bread just for him. He had his own tray. Given his effort at the Chinese buffet, I thought this made some sense.

Mohammed passed away a few years ago. I wonder if the loaves of communion bread he ate did him any good on the other side?


Identify the WW2 Biplane

The era of the combat biplane is usually thought to have been between 1914 and 1938. By the outbreak of World War II, most of the advanced air forces of the world had moved on to monoplane aircraft for their front-line battle forces, both in bomber and fighter capacities. Yet despite this, many biplanes survived, both in front-line service and in numerous subsidiary roles, and not just as training machines but as fully operational warplanes. Thus, in 1939, the majority of major European powers still retained some, albeit few, biplane aircraft. Sadly, and as an indictment of failed British Government defense policies, Great Britain still had the bulk of such obsolescent combat aircraft.

Germany had relegated most of her biplane designs to secondary roles, but they still managed to conduct missions. France and Italy had biplanes in active service, and the Mussolinis Regia Aeronautica attached great importance to the type of fighter aircraft as late as 1941. The Soviet Union also retained some machines. By the time Japan and the United States entered the war two years later, they had mainly rid themselves of biplanes.






Parting Shot

President Trump leads Pedo Joe in the polls across the board. Trump is +10 over Biden among independents.

43 thoughts on “Misophist

    1. I wouldn’t have wanted to go to war in any of them. All credit to the bravery and valor of those pilots.

  1. One of the reasons given for the success in British Swordfish biplanes in attacking the Bismarck is that the German guns were calibrated to higher speeds and their aiming system could not aim properly.

    1. I have read that too. I don’t know if it’s true but the Germans have a habit of over engineering things. Were the AAA radar aimed on Bismarck?

  2. As near as I can tell, DEI really means:
    D = I get to be as bat-snit crazy as I want but you aren’t allowed to say anything negative to me about how insane I am.
    E = You have to pay me for my insanity and the crazier I get, the more you have to pay me.
    I = You are required to accept, promote and celebrate my insanity, if not adopt it yourself, lest ye be cancelled.

    Is that about it?

  3. PTSD: I never understood why my father was the way he was, until I went and got my own dose of it, good and hard. Daddy was not one to sit around and mope about how World War Two had ruined his life. Instead, he got up every morning and went to work, kept his feelings to himself and didn’t whine about it. I’ve tried real hard to follow his example. Over time, I think he got comfortable with it. I know I have. That approach mostly worked for him, and it mostly works for me. God bless all them what think they need to go talk to somebody about it, and I cast no aspersions on them for it and hope it does them some good, but I just want to be left the hell alone.

    1. My sincere empathy for all you guys who carry that around, have some of that from some of “life happening”, but minor in comparison.

      1. It’s one of those things that we often deny. Until it’s triggered or until it’s pointed out.

        1. My kids told me I used to get up in the middle of the night walking down the hall shouting in Russian.
          I don’t remember that.
          The movie Battleground came out in ’48 I think and Dore Shary had to pull in some markers to get it produced.
          The thinking was no one wanted to watch a war movie so soon after the war.
          Vets flocked to it taking their families to show them the things they couldn’t/wouldn’t talk about.

          PTSD: https://tinyurl.com/PTSDTrump

        2. My closest friend and I were talking about PTSD last night, in light of his son’s attempted murder.
          He told me about the time he approached a house covered in blood, seeking shelter.
          He can’t remember anything about what led up to it.
          Totally pushed out of his mind.

          1. Most of us…what, 95%…never see anything like that so have little understanding of something so horrific it gets seared into the brain never to be excised.

  4. For Mike_C — John Pinette…first time I heard this bit I about passed out with laughter, took me ten minutes to recover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atteCrj3U-E

    Adams- Yup…Trump is playing these people like a fiddle – on his very personal large nickel, costing him a fortune. Don’t lose hope, he will prevail as these small victories add up to one very large win in November…short of the Criminals blatantly thieving the election, again. I imagine there are a dozen more “get Trump!” contingency plans in the wings as The Democrats in the USA get told who to vote for, like a Mafia style Union to pre-rig the election.

    Sowing Confusion- That’s the play, and doing it to every bit of societal infrastructure, including roads, and – sadly – now shipping ports and bridges. Pretty sure most have heard about th tragedy at the Baltimore Port, container ship ran straight into a Key Bridge support collapsing it the span. Certainly Uncle Petey Boot-Edge-Edge will show up for his presser and tell all of us it was Russia or China or Trump’s fault..or climatewarmingcoolingchange. Had a trip down I-25 yesterday, The grifters have been working on that section of road for a dozen years (gotta be a Chicago crew). It’s still lousy, especially in a HD pickup. This includes bridge transitions, which about wreck your front end or rip your hitch off, almost as if civil engineers and constructors forgot everything on how to build a proper road, or, minimally, level up manhole covers to avoid replacing ball joints after hitting the 100th one. BUT HEY!…we got “FREE” mental health services and “other” garbage out the wazoo, all developed from every inane feel-good thought that comes into a Liberal’s head, funded by more regulations on private land than you could shake a stick at. But…infrastructure maintenance? Tough darts…not a priority. Oh, and here’s a higher property tax bill, pay up or lose your homestead.

    SISU MAGA ™ (Yeah, in a mood hearing this “accident”…friggin’ imbeciles running things…off the cliff…intentionally. Need me some more Pinette humor.)

  5. I was never able to understand the joy/passion experienced by the flagellants and those who must revisit the/their past to wallow in ?
    I don’t worship Eos, but I look forward to her arrival heralding a new day and pray:
    “Thank you, O Lord, for allowing me to see the miracles that you are going perform throughout this new day.”
    Depression is one thing, but when continued it can lead to despondency, those who ask you to join with them are not friends.

    1. It’s not about wallowing. Trust me. It’s about who you become. Until you’re there, it’s difficult to explain.

      1. Sometimes training and experience are confused with PTSD. They’re two different things. MRSLL used to mock me for carrying concealed until two thugs decided to rob us at knifepoint as we walked from a movie theater to our car at night. The one would-be thief looked confused when I laughed and he stopped smiling when he looked down the muzzle of a Kimber 1911. That’s training and experience. So is hitting the deck when you hear a loud BOOM near you. PTSD is something else.

        1. Laughing (but not too hard).

          I’d just started a late breakfast on the roof of a hotel in Tel Aviv; sometime May ’69, just a year off active. The day before, ’bout an hour or so after I got off an SAA flight from Jo’berg, I delivered an fat #10 envelope to a house in Tel Aviv; I was playing courier.
          Playing: not my usual thing. I’d been asked, call it requested, very politely.

          Israel had not been on my itinerary. They’d gone to all that trouble; even arranged the visa (in two minutes), my tickets, and a hotel rez; cash, too, (American bills) for a five-day stay.
          I lied: package delivery was the second thing on the menu: changing the hotel came first.

          Getting back to that AM on the rooftop; the over easy had just been gently dropped in front of me when an ear-splitting boom found me halfway to the crack I’d noticed in the dry concrete before I sat down. I don’t know who looked more amazed: me or the waiter still standing at my chair, “That was just a jet passing over; we get that all the time.”

  6. #4 is that the one the Russians nicknamed “kukuruznik” and the Finns called “hermosaha” used as spotters when Russia invaded Finland in the Winter War?

  7. sadly trump gets closer to assassination with every win. they will not let him win at any cost. but maybe, just maybe, divine intervention will take place and save him. we can pray. they have the iranian assassin on ice just in case though…..i admit ignorance on pole shift. will the earth rotate to a new alignment and will that make my location more like miami? …ayce- well she’s likely as not paying with ebt so give “her” credit for making our tax dollars go further….to add insult, congress is trying to pass an act banning “tactical militia training.”

    1. Greenland. Might happen again, the ’70’s could have been a tease, maybe this time in reverse. Me, I have no say in the matter, that’s up to Gaia and God.

      Dropped a 73 year-old ponderosa, easily recognized the dry v. wet periods, roughly every 6 years. Then there’s this, indoctrination by the edu-crats coupled to “I only see what’s 6 inches in front of my nose and real facts are irrelevant”: https://www.tiktok.com/@jessebwatters/video/7350428298905734442

    2. and elder abuse? he deserves it. he’s been a p.o.s. all his miserable life. i hope he dementia wanders one night and impales himself on the fence spires but doesn’t die right away and nobody finds him til morning. that, or we have the rev and put him in a gibbet hanging from the lincoln memorial.

  8. The earth wobbles/precesses; we have a dense core of solid iron (ferritic? alloys) floating in molten iron: is it any wonder that the earth’s magnetic wanders around a bit? for pilots it does/can become annoying.

    1. The latest is that we have more than one single iron core and that’s why it’s off balance slightly. Impacts in the early Solar System are blamed.

  9. ** Jordan Peterson asks the question, “Who decides who dies?” My knee-jerk reaction was that we could form a committee of two with WSF and myself on the committee. WSF would be there to review compassionate pleas.

    Those would be short meetings.

    PTSD Not a combat veteran so can’t relate. My approach to the issue is, “Shit happens, deal with it”. Seemed to help my son, the Medic.

    1. That’s the best way to deal with it.

      As to your position on the committee – you’re there because all that’s required is a cursory review. Hold up the paper, if Banner barks, take a look. If not, no bother (the sniff test).

  10. That is one fine large girl… is that Mike_C’s dream girl? I have the same expression the restaurant man has, WTH? She is a infarct waiting to happen. I could go into her behavioral and psychological underpinnings why she is morbidly obese, but why?

    I have always wondered about Bi-planes, is there an advantage to having two wings? Can they carry a heavier percent of cargo because of the wing loading?

    1. I’ve seen photos of PKG (pretty and a size 2), but I haven’t seen photos of Mike_C’s Swedish disaster, but my guess is that she’s beautiful and svelte. He’s never remarked “The darker the meat the sweeter the juice,” to me, so my sense is that he’d give thumbs down to the obese African.

      Yes, a lot is about wing loading and under-powered engines.

    2. If dream as in “nightmare” then yes. But from a professional standpoint. I purely hated to do cardiac catheterizations on morbidly obese people. Back in my time we went in by femoral artery (groin) access. Afterwards (unless a closure device was used), someone had to hold pressure over the entry site lest the patient bleed out through the 2-mm diameter (6FR; 5FR for purely diagnostic) hole we had made in the femoral. A bone was the “backstop” for holding pressure, but in really fat people there was so much in-between “squish” that you could never be sure. And as many of y’all know, a person can bleed a liter or more INTO the leg before anyone even notices. Hated that.

      Swedish Disaster was 175cm and 54kg despite a diet of McDonalds and caffeine. Apparently still is. It’s a small (professional) world but somehow we never ran into each other at conferences, until a year ago. Don’t know about her current weight or diet, but looked pretty much the same. SD is a size 2 or 4 (depending on the maker) but has trouble finding pants in the US because the legs are always too short. We all have our crosses to bear.

  11. I had a friend that I worked with and we travelled down south on a job and hit a Farmer’s market restaurant that was well known for it’s all you can eat buffet.
    Rocky was a tall stringbean but on his third trip up, I got the waitresses attention and had her tell him that was all he could eat.
    The confused look was priceless.
    I always felt it should be “Almost All You Can Eat”.
    Some people take it as a challenge.

    1. Reacher S2 episode. In Vegas at the “All You Can Buffet”, loads up a plate, cashier lady looks at this Sasquatch in front of her, then the AYCE sign and says, “I see you are taking this as a challenge.”, Reacher, “I’m just getting started.” Heh. (Been there myself at the Hungry Heifer, aka. Country Buffet, when I owned a hollow leg.)

          1. That’s alright, i stuck two Clarkson links in a reply to you above re: German engineering…got tagged for moderation…still awaiting our host. Heh.

          2. Dad – after decades of hard work – finally bought himself a Jaguar XJ. Loved the car (mom hated it when he’d take in his jobsites and get mud all over it). Chatting with him one day, about a year into ownership, says he got rid of the Jag, “They acted like they were doing you a favor when you took it in for their very expensive routine service, and stuff quit working.”

            Asked what he got instead…”An Infiniti Q45, everything works and is well appointed, drives great, cheaper to service, and they appreciated my business.”

    1. Night sweats are common at times (triggers) and changing sleeping clothes twice, changing the bath towel I sleep on when that’s a problem, etc. is normal. Fortunately it’s not a regular thing. Now that I live in the mountains, it’s rare. Which is one of several reasons why I live in the mountains.

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