Tough Christmas for the Cartels

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The Sinaloa Federation has had a rough Christmas Season so far, and their ‘luck’ seems to have deserted them. The Mexican drug cartels take December off and usually go back to their wicked ways after the first week of January. This year has been no different. But while crime has taken a holiday, and while you’ve been enjoying your Christmas Season, oblivious to the ‘war next door’, they have been punched again and again thanks to a partnership between the Mexican Government and their allies in the United States.

Cartel Security Chief – Filipe Cabrera Sarabia (El Inge/The Engineer) was arrested in Sinaloa on Friday (almost a week ago). (link)

Cartel European Operations Chief – Luis Rodriguez Olivera was arrested in Mexico yesterday as he tried to board a commercial flight to Paris. (link)

Cartel Weapons Chief – Nicolas Balcazar Lopez (El Bronco) was arrested in Guadalajara a little over a week ago, but strangely, he was subsequently released.

Christmas in Mexico this year has a different spin on it.
Merry Christmas, Drug Cartels…

7 thoughts on “Tough Christmas for the Cartels

  1. I saw one of these stories on the top of Fox News this week. Hey, at least a major news source is reporting it. Somebody cares.

  2. Opus, it's bigger news in Mexico than it is here.

    Odie, they actually try and take a month off killing. Whether it works or not can be judged by results.

  3. I took over a business in central Phoenix in October one year, a manager told me that while it was "staffed," numerous employees went home to Mexico for the entire month of December. It really left the business hurting. I said, "Why do we hire people who don't work in December?" The manager said, "Why don't we work in a country that takes an entire month off?"

  4. WoFat – They're having a tough time this Christmas Season.

    Race – Drug dealers work hard all year and take huge risks, what with both their own people and law enforcement on both sides of the border trying to kill them. Maybe they deserve a month off. Except it hasn't been that way for all of them, because they're in the Gray Bar Hotel.

    Old NFO – Bought, paid for, signed, sealed and delivered. They guy has been on the links at Santa Anita (Guadalajara) for the past week.

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