The Constitutional violations & violations of the first two amendments stack up like cordwood. When is it too late for the elites to apologize?

It was true then – and history repeats…

Oh, they won’t apologize? Well then.


How Brainwashed do you Feel?


Bullet Points

* (zerohedge) Germans beastialitists are protesting to eliminate the country’s animal protection law – which forbids having any sexual relations between humans and animals. To that end, Bavarian zoophiles held a public demonstration demanding recognition in a ‘Zoophilia Pride March.”  I hate to suggest that the problem may originate with the million military-age Muslim males that Germany imported from shithole countries. Or is that zoophobic and Islamaphobic of me?

“Remember that, woof means woof…”

* About that student loan – Jared Walczak, the vice president of state projects for the Center for State Tax Policy at the think tank, said in a blog post on Thursday that loan forgiveness is generally considered to be equivalent to income and is therefore taxable. Walczak said that the American Rescue Plan, the $1.9 trillion package that President Biden signed into law in March 2021, exempts the forgiveness of student loan debt from 2021 to 2025 from federal income taxes.

* Working for the Ho – Vice President Kamala Harris lost another top staffer this week, as the exodus of her staffers continues. Herbie Ziskend, a senior communications adviser, announced that he is leaving Harris’ side. Working for the Ho has been characterized by many as being soul-destroying. Characterized as being a bullying malevolent harpy, Harris’ approval rating nationwide remains in the 10% range.

* Mergers and Acquisitions – Amazon has closed its $8.5 billion acquisition of MGM, the companies said Thursday.


For Riverrider


The Cutest Kittens have the Sharpest Claws



I don’t know how to describe it but this is exactly what paleontologists are supposed to look like.

And this is what they dream about:


Climate Change

Europe during the last glacial maximum.




The Beauty of an Electric Car


Poor old brain-dead Brandon


Barack’s old Buddy Mike


  1. Germans beastialitists are protesting to eliminate the country’s animal protection law – which forbids having any sexual relations between humans and animals.

    That gave me the worst case of, “what planet is this and how did I get here?” that I’ve had in months.

  2. While we get a fair number of women at the range, and some are even easy on the eyes, few look as good as the one pictured above.

        • I was at the Colorado River once – on a friend’s speed boat – there were several of us dressed for heat and river in the boat. All of a sudden there was a huge pop. A lady in the group started screaming.

          The insulator portion of a sparkplug blew, projecting itself into her t-shirt over a bikini top. Somebody poured an adult beverage on her to cool her down. It was one of those sorts of days. Not exactly hot brass, but the same result.

  3. Grew up on a farm. Between the domestic livestock and the wild critter running around I got to see them in their natural states. There is NO way I would ever consider them as a potential sex partner, and don’t ask me to try and ‘understand’ the warped thinking that leads to it.

  4. Ice Age: I think we should thank everyone with an internal combustion engine of any sort for delaying onset of the next ice age. We really are due for one if history is any indication. If it wasn’t so dry I would go burn my brush pile to release even more CO2.

  5. “God bless you please, Mr. Robinson.”

    Pull up the lyrics to Mrs. Robinson either on-line or out of your memory, if any, and be prepared to giggle just a little.

  6. The knife in the shoe? Comes from an episode of the rather excellent tv show “Chuck.” Can’t make shows like that anymore, dangit.

    As to Iron Mike in the last photo? Yikes. Fallen world, fallen world.

  7. Ok folks , Big Mike can’t be real . There must have been people who new her/him when. I’ve seen the videos of Mike dancing and his package is swinging around . That has to be faked , doesn’t it,,doesn’t it. ?
    I mean , don’t the Obama girls have birth certificates. How could a lie this monstrous be kept a secret . What’s the saying .? 3 people can keep a secret , as long as two of them are dead.

  8. There’s a lot going on here but I liked this:

    “When is it too late for the elites to apologize?”



  9. I’m in a moral quandary here.
    Is it ever too late to apologize?
    Maybe in the sense that some men harden their hearts beyond repentance.
    Or the missile has left the silo.

    • Define “too late”.
      As the V for Vendetta clip I cited above suggests, it’s never MEANINGLESS to apologize [1]. But it certainly can be too late to undo something. For some things, even immediately is too late, in the sense of “you can’t unfire an arrow” or “some things once said, can never be un-said.” Forgiveness is certainly possible [2], even desirable, but certain kinds of trust cannot ever be restored.

      I’d note that an apology and asking to be forgiven are two separate things. And a wise person sincerely doing the first thing would be wise to leave the second thing out of it. The following lyrics are from a Benny Andersson song:
      Se på mig, Jag är kvinnan du tog i famn
      Ta min hand, Snälla förlåt mig i kärlekens namn

      “Look at me, I’m the woman you held
      Take my hand, Please forgive me in the name of love”
      Bad move, IMNSHO. The narrator (who apparently cheated on her man) isn’t saying she’s sorry. She’s saying “give me your forgiveness”. That’s a demand. The last thing she should be doing in that situation is demanding anything from the person she wronged.

      Actually, that’s the second-to-last thing. The worst thing is an insincere apology. “I’m sorry if I unintentionally hurt you. But …” That’s worse. It’s said that everything before the word “but” is just so much mouth-noise. Also, “if”? IF?!!! (Not that this is from personal experience or anything 😉

      [1] The important thing in the V/Delia Surridge scene is that she apologizes AFTER she knows she will soon die, albeit painlessly. She has no possible ulterior motive at this point. Her apology comes from a place of genuine contrition.

      [2] Forgiveness may be good for the wrong-doer, but I think it is more important for the person who was wronged. Forgiving the wrong-doer is the chance to put down the burdens of pain and resentment.

  10. Has the world always been this strange of hs Al Gore’s invention made the strangeness more visible?

    • That’s a very good question.

      You have a lot to thank Al for in addition to inventing the Internet so the insanity is visible. Remember that he saved the planet and us all from extinction. He said that the Polar Caps would be melted by 2012 and it’s because of that warning that they didn’t.

  11. Nice shoe. Seems sort of awkward on the draw, but at least it’s pretty inconspicuous.

    I always wanted one of those strip-mining machines. Keep the neighbors honest.


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