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Sometimes they just don’t. 

The donkeys thought that they’d bring President Trump down and his polling is higher than it has ever been. The Party of Pelosi humiliated itself in Iowa with the vote counting disaster. The Butt Guy came out of Iowa, apparently in the lead with The Old Communist right behind – neither of which had been scripted. And we know that the donkeys like to follow a script. President Trump will be acquitted by the US Senate later today with some Democrats breaking ranks to vote for acquittal too. That’s not the script either.

The House Leadership came across as puerile scolds, warning that President Trump will give Alaska to the Russians if he’s not removed from office. Jerry Nadler looks like a misshapen dwarf who waddles around and Adam (Shifty) Schiff looks even weirder. They whined about the Senate not calling witnesses, which was meant to make the Senate look bad but only raised questions about why the Democrats didn’t do that in the House.

It’s humor of a rare sort.

And what could be more ironic than having Hillary Clinton’s people design the vote counting app for Iowa, that failed. You know that they wanted to blame the Russians but even THEY couldn’t bring themselves to do that. 

More on the SHADOW APP

Here’s what I’ve found out:

• Tara McGowan is the CEO of Acronym. She’s a Pete (Butt Guy) Buttigieg supporter, worked for Obama, and is married to Michael Halle, a strategist for the Butt Guy.
• Michael Halle ran Hillary Clinton’s 2016 battleground-state strategy and has many personal connections to the Democratic establishment
Acronym invested in Shadow Inc.
• Gerard Niemira (Shadow CEO), Krista Davis (Shadow CTO), James Hickey (Shadow COO), Ahna Rao (Shadow Product Manager) are all former Hillary for America staff.
Shadow Inc. developed an app that was used at the Iowa Caucus. It was going to be used at the Nevada Caucus, but the NV Democratic Party has since announced it won’t be using the app.
• The Iowa Democratic Party, Nevada Democratic Party, and Pete For America all gave money to Shadow Inc.

• Buttigieg, Biden, and Gillibrand all bought software from Shadow Inc.
• Greta Carnes, the former Senior Director of Organizing at Acronym is now a National Organizing Director at Pete for America. She’s from South Bend, Indiana.
• Shadow Inc. follows Democratic Majority for Israel, which launched attack ads against Bernie Sanders.

23 thoughts on “Going to Plan

  1. What a bunch of childish imbeciles…teetering over the abyss and further mashing the accelerator thinking they can fly.

    Works for me.

    This afternoon will be the Dem's death-nell…McConnel needs to rip up the so-called Impeachment Articles.

  2. The "app" the Demonrats are using to CONTROL caucus results is just the tip of the iceberg. You can bet the farm they have invested FAR more time, money and effort into corrupting, subverting and controlling as many of the voting machines that are used in actual elections as they possibly can. Trump might win in November by 20 million actual vote and STILL lose due to the rampant cheating the left ALWAYS engages in.

  3. Yes, the donkeys need to put the hammer down around deadman's curve to feel the meaning of cause and effect.

  4. I'm sure that Bloomberg's billions are being invested in politically correct voting machines as we write.

  5. Trying to do a little research on this to find out who Acronym and Shadow are, and the amount of finger pointing between them implies something is there.

    Whether it's incompetence or criminal intent is impossible to determine. Of course, it could be both.


  6. I heard that Robbie Mook also had his hands on this Iow ap that didn't work. Recall that Robbie was allegedly the smartest guy in the room, but it turns out that room was full of special needs folk. Much like being the tallest midget, or the skinniest sumo wrestler.

  7. Babylon Bee isn't fake news, so… what can I say? Bloomberg may think that $1.7 billion for a vote is cheap.

  8. All of this stupidity on the Dems part has to figure in prominently next election. Nancy's hissy fit at the SOTU, the Russian hoax that fizzled, the impeachment fiasco, the Dems have absolutely nothing that Americans want anymore. Like leadership, they score a zero, hard to run on that.

    Do we have the makings of a landslide GOP win in November the likes of which has never been seen? One can only hope.

  9. Mook would tell you that he's DEFINITELY the smartest guy in the room. I wonder how it would be – to be that smart – as smart as Hillary or Bloomie or Mook?

  10. The Democrats can promise a socialist take-over of healthcare and the energy sector – an end to cows under the Green New Deal and the promise of building massive hive cities where everyone would be under more effective surveillance by the state.

    None of it appeals to me.

    It's like taxing me to provide gender reassignment surgery for the confused. My un-woke reaction is to ask why they can't fund their own surgery, or take out a loan and pay off their new penis or vagina over time the way one might for some other commodity? The argument that "they can't afford it" could also apply to the airplane that I want to buy but can't quite afford. Should the taxpayers buy me a new airplane, pay for the fuel, insurance, depreciation and other costs? Bloomie could afford it. Maybe he'll pay for every tranny to have new plumbing AND will buy me a nice new Beechcraft King Air 350ER – and pay for all associated costs? But if he's going to do that, maybe I'll widen my vision and order a new Gulfstream G700…

  11. And yet again, today brings another win to 45 and abject failure to the Dems. Getting to the point of bizarre and beyond.

    The awesome vote counting "app" was particularly genius. Doesn't Soros own the company that makes our voting machines?

  12. I'm not sure who makes the vote counting machines. It would be a great investment for a billionaire/political manipulator like Soros.

    President Trump is not tired of winning.

  13. Speaking of Soros.

    I had posted these facts earlier but removed them as I had no accessible corresponding evidence with which to back up my claim. Now I do. Soros and Shillary's friends are hip deep in this Iowa debacle as is to be expected.

    My hypothesis is that Bernie won largely and they need time to massage the results to make butt guy look better. I hope they really screw Bernie so that all his followers hate the DNC so much they stay home or vote PDJT. Anyway, on to the facts.


    btw: Love your points of view.
    Do you Q? No response necessary on the last due to controversy and opsec.

  14. NPR has Bernie with more votes, and Pete with a higher percent…


    I love it when the press accidentally tells the truth.

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