Time to Reignite Weiner?

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Former US Congressman Anthony Weiner, husband to Huma Abadin, former aid to and top advisor to candidate Hillary Clinton (possibly being cuckolded by Hillary), was fired/resigned from his job at a powerful New York based public relations firm after two months. There is no doubt that MWW hired Weiner in the hope that he’d bring all of Hillary Clinton’s business to the firm. To be clear, Hillary Clinton needs PR – lots of PR. She came across as a clown on Jimmy Fallon, trying to be warm and grandmotherly as she mocked Donald Trump. 

(more here) Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner is out of work again after just two months on the job at the powerhouse public-relations firm MWW.

Congressman Weiner (also formerly known as Carlos Danger) is starting his own public relations firm and if he can land the Clinton account, that cash landfall will keep him going even after Hillary goes to the Martha Stewart memorial cell to wait out her sentence. But there may be another way forward for Weiner.

It was here on Virtual Mirage that you first read about the suggestion that Congressman Weiner team up with former Attorney General Eric Holder to form a presidential dream team of Weiner/Holder and run in 2012. Others followed in the wake of our serious suggestion that that multi-racial team would be perfect for the Democratic Party, political correctness on steroids. A sex pervert and a man who lied to congress (over and over again) constitute a dream team in light of the strong potential that the Justice Department will indict Hillary Clinton for a pantheon of crimes.

Since Anthony Weiner is out of a job and wife Huma may soon be, it might be time to reignite the replacement for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party’s race to their national convention in 2016.

DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz would make an amazing Secretary of State in the Weiner-Holder Regime. The speculation of a dream team cabinet is endless. 

22 thoughts on “Time to Reignite Weiner?

  1. Yes, what Americans need right now is Anthony Wiener's input. And Huma's. Both are desperately needed to get the word out on all things Democrat.

    Obama is constantly complaining that their word is just not getting out. Carlos Danger and Huma will fix that. We need to hear from them.


  2. That's how I see it. And we ignore taking Weiner's advice at our peril. He and Huma are really America's first couple.

  3. My sense is that I could land a big, important job (with a salary to match) if I got out ahead of this thing and showed Weiner/Holder what I could do. Who knows but what I could tap into that BIG Clinton Foundation cash? I'm sure that Huma could charm a few million out of the old reptile who loves her so dearly.

  4. They are a dynamic duo. The name Carlos Danger should appeal to the Hispanic lobby. Weiner MIGHT even be able to pass himself off as a Mexican in the same way that Rachael Dolezal passed herself off as being black.

  5. America has had its first Muslim president. Don't you think that it's time that it had its first New York Jew? Time to set things straight, I'd say. How is that stirring it?

  6. They're both such poster children for the mainstream Democratic Party that they would be emblematic of the Glory that is America.

  7. I don't know but what we could ALWAYS stand to hear MORE steam calliopes playing in the background when Dem's speak this political season…and more cowbell.

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