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During my lifetime, I’ve been called upon to offer my medical opinion even though I am not a doctor.  In one case I (with others assisting), successfully removed a hot appendix from a lieutenant junior grade when there wasn’t anyone else to do it and CASEVAC was weathered in. He lived. Even with that sort of CV going for me, people have challenged my medical diagnosis that President Joseph Robinet Biden is suffering from severe dementia. I have not officially offered my neurological services to do a brain transplant with a chicken to boost Slow Joe’s IQ. (a hen, not a rooster, we don’t want crowing) But at this point, I need to step in and make it official here on the blog.  I’ll do Camela too and will do it as a public service, free of charge. Pelosi? Sure, I’ll operate on her as well. I’ll accept a fine single malt to help steady my hand, but we won’t use the good stuff to sterilize them.

The next question that I know you’re anxious to ask is whether or not I’d wear a mask? No. But I’ll bring my own knives. They call it practicing medicine for a reason.


US Navy Follies

The DDG 1000 class has three ships planned:  Zumwalt (Zoomie), Michael Monsoor, and Lyndon B. Johnson. Only the lead ship has been delivered to the Navy. I knew the actual Michael Monsoor, not the ship, good man. I didn’t know Zumwalt or LBJ and don’t know that I would have care to have met either one of them, but I digress.

They are troubled ships. Originally, 32 ships were planned, with $9.6 billion research and development costs spread across the class. As costs overran estimates, the quantity was reduced to 24, then to 7, and finally to 3, significantly increasing the cost per ship to $4.24 billion ($7.5 billion including R&D costs).

The Zumwalt has been undergoing sea trials since 2015. You’d think that in any rational world, it would have completed them by now. But no. Not yet.

I learned yesterday that Bath Iron Works/General Dynamics is still planning to build and sell the Lyndon B. Johnson (third in the class) to the navy. Why on Earth would the navy want that floating turd? It was designed for SHORE BOMBARDMENT…really? Shore bombardment, in 2021 and beyond – a battleship destroyer… Why are the US Taxpayers throwing good money after bad?

Then again, maybe our focus is on gender in what is legally a genderless society. And if that doesn’t make any sense at all, welcome to 2021 in America.


What will it look like in 2030?


Kidney/Bladder Deaths for Women and Men

I wonder if these stats will change in the US now that we don’t officially recognize that gender exists as a matter of executive order?

Is this a reflection of diabetic deaths or is something else going on? Turkey and the Balkans look grim.


The Next Pandemic?

You know that we need another pandemic. The first one has petered out and we can’t let that stand.


The languages spoken by at least 1% of a state’s population in the USA.


Here’s an Odd One

Exclusive economic zone of St Pierre et Miquelon (France) within the EEZ of Canada.


  1. Oh, geez….the DDG-X ships. Another huge failure of Naval Management, like the LCS. “Shore Bombardment” to me means something like the Iowa. And at a million bucks a pop, I don’t think the Zoomies will be doing much of it. Have they even built any rounds that work?

    And WTH kind of language is “Afro-Asiatic”? That like Egyptian or something?

    I had may Polish-speaking friends back in Illinois. At one time Chicago had the largest number of Poles outside of Warsaw.

    • No, they haven’t built any rounds — at over a million a pop. Might be better firing gold bricks — cheaper.

      They’re talking about replacing the guns with AA lasers. Right. What a bargain. Go back to firing gold bricks.

  2. Do the new ships come with special “berths” for the pregnant gals or males pretending to be gals?

    Another item to show us the end is near for America…the announcement from Biden that the military was designing body armor and flight suits for pregnant women. Geez.

    • It wouldn’t be progressive if there wasn’t a special “goat locker” for trannies. Leave the chiefs alone.

  3. I offer my services to assist in the brain transplants above. I’ll even provide the chicken. 1 chicken should be enough to provide significant improvement to all 3

    • You can only hope that they’d survive the surgery. I would pay good money to see Pelosi scratching in the yard for bugs and slugs.

  4. Perhaps those destroyers should only be named after presidents who’ve done the most damage to their country. The Zumwalt and the Monsoor could be renamed the Obama and the Biden. The LBJ is fine as is.
    Would you require assistance with your surgery? I’ve taken a first aid course through the range and could man the CAT in case of excessive bleeding.

    • Cranium surgery on Glorious Leader china joe and California governor-aunt.
      Pray tell, where does one place the tourniquet?
      Just below the chin seems convenient, but may cause ‘complications’…

        • We could make it a blogging event, invitation only to the operating theater for people who visit this blog? I’ll supply snacks and soft drinks.

          • Dark Web stuff there, altho with current trends of perversion being “okay”, the powers that be might not ban you on Facebook or Twitter for offensive content, just don’t mention Trump or the election fraud.

  5. Shore bombardment, eh? I’d say it was for domestic use, only the coastal cites are mostly blue hives. The people who current USGOV want bombarded live far from the coasts in flyover country.

    Da UP speaks Finno-Ugric, eh?

    On medical stats. A medical epidemiology conference that I used to attend (and present work at) has gone all woke. Yet they cannot reconcile the “sex is a construct” and “race is a construct” side of wokeness with their own work. In fewer than five years that conference has gone from legit work on sex and race differences in disease distribution (strictly speaking incidence and prevalence), risk factors, and outcomes into “disparity research”. Everything is now bitching about unequal outcomes in disease. “Uterine cancer deaths disproportionately impact women” and stuff like that. The demographics of the attendees has changed drastically as well. It’s now much more … colorful.

    • I thought that all of the people of color were killed by the plague. That’s the opinion that most would arrive at after watching CNN.

  6. I can offer my OR experience and training. It is over 25 years ago, I am sure instruments haven’t changed that much… techniques, medical equipment, genders I have no idea, but we can wing it. I have on good faith that a chicken brain is too large for transplant in any of the three patients you presented. I suggest a simple CNS from a roly poly (sow-bug), a land based crustaceans…

    • What about spider brains? When you think about it, there wouldn’t be much difference between the existing brains and the transplants.

  7. On the DDG’s, do they have a Phased Array Radar on all four side of the superstructure? I would think it would have some blind spots if not. Not a lot of antennas on it, some other type of antennas like on military aircraft?

  8. On the kidney/bladder death rate for European and Middle East Countries, not enough info on diabetic involvement, which is a contributing factor. I surmise with slim data and the countries with the highest death rate, I would hazard an educated guess more hygiene and sanitary conditions reflect those numbers and possible sub-standard care and medical expertise contribute to an increase in the death rate. I am sure death rates for all other procedures and conditions are as high, or higher.

    • People throw out this data without much else. It’s DATA, believe it. Often there are factors that one can’t mention — like screwing sheep and goats can mess up your reproductive system…

      • That is where gonorrhea came from…. and I myself refrain from intercourse with barn yard animals. Like I said, hygiene…

  9. A Battleship/Destroyer?!? Obviously crewed by transsexuals and pregnant wymxn. They can bombard the enemy shore with diversity leaflets.

    In the meanwhile, as you note and my eldest scorns, they’re awarding ribbons for “defending the Capitol.” Against what? Voting?

    What a scam. We live in a world of lies.

  10. Languages – had to laugh when I read the story of some Child Protective Services types tried to question a couple of preschool kids, based on a rumor that they might be abused.
    Turns out dad was a HUGE Star Trek fan and the children only spoke Klingon, so there was a failure to communicate.

  11. The Zumwalts are big hulls. If they take all the useless stuff off, and replace with something worthwhile, they could be good AAW / ASuW assets. As for why finish the other two… I think we already paid the money.

    I’m surprised that there aren’t still 10,000 Italian speakers in RI, and less surprised that there aren’t still 10,000 French speakers.

    As for the kidney problems in SE Europe… I blame all the antifreeze in the bathtub booze.

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