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Hurricane After Action Report

SiGraybeard has an excellent summary. HERE

Unfortunately the Democrats are using it as a stump for global warming/cooling/change, which it is not. There has been no significant change in the number of hurricanes going back to when they were first recorded. That does not stop them. They promise that hurricanes will stop if you fork over X tens or hundreds of $ trillions (the estimate varies on the person speaking). While you’re at it, surrender your firearms, because they’re a bad mojo for hurricanes.
Dorian was a wicked powerful hurricane and The Bahamas were not spared. When you look at what happened, the death toll will be much higher than is currently reported. I expect that there will be people missing that will never be accounted for just because of the extreme flooding and damage. Bodies could be blown hundreds of miles out to sea by a 185 mph sustained wind with gusting to 200 mph. I have no idea what the people who live on The Bahamas will do. Rebuilding will take years and billions.
Hurricanes such as Dorian also rip up underwater habitats. They eat coral and small fish. I recall diving at St. Lucia about three years after s powerful hurricane struck the area. It was like a subsea desert. Some of the coral was starting to come back, but it wasn’t anything that you’d enjoy diving in. So The Bahamas will have that to contend with as well. It will come back, but it will look and feel differently than it did before because they’re essentially starting from scratch.
Slow Joe Biden
We’re months from the first Democrat state primary and the pundits are going wild on who will face President Trump in 2020. Joe Biden isn’t taking a moderate stance, but a more moderate stance than his competitors. He favors single shot firearms…possibly a shotgun that you’d shoot into the air to ward off burglars. Thanks Joe. 
The Democrats would like to repeal the ENTIRE Bill of Rights, not just the Second Amendment, but they’d be content if only criminals owned firearms. Of course doing what they’d like – repeal the Electoral College, confiscate firearms, etc. would lead to revolution, but they don’t care. Maybe a revolution would shake things up? It’s not anything that you’d want, but how many of the liberals would be left standing?
As to Biden, his health may or may not hold, his faculties may or may not hold, but after a tough campaign for the Democrat ticket, what shape will he be in to take on The Donald? Democrats in the know, worry about that. Because running a communist who wants to take everything that the nation has and redistribute it to other communists doesn’t play well. And it won’t play well in Congress outside of the few insane districts where poor people would love to loot others who have accumulated wealth. 
I think that Biden will crash at some point and you’ll have a different Donkey leading their party. 

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  1. What ever happened to Howard Schultz? He's a moderately sane commie pinko, one who's met a payroll or two and knows a thing or two about commerce. Maybe he'll make a comeback and we'll be faced with a choice of a kinda-Republican billionaire or a kinda-Democrat billionaire.

    Or maybe Michael Bloomberg? He used to be a Republican, right, somebody we conservatives can embrace should he buy his way into the White House. Or Mark Cuban, there's some presidential material for you….

  2. The current crop of Dems are horrific. Any one of them winning would spell disaster for the Republic.

  3. Sadly Joe is likely the "best" candidate the donkeys have to offer and if nominated I see them putting up someone far worse in the VP slot. In the event that he's incapacitated in some way, we could wind up with President Harris. That's something I don't like to think about.

  4. I'm with WSF on Michelle but perhaps she's too busy getting Barack to measure curtains for the new seaside mansion?

  5. Agree on Michelle as the 'saviour' of the party… sigh… Re Bahamas, maybe they could get the drug lords to kick in to rebuild them, since that's been a MAJOR drug gateway to the US for over 40 years. And it's funny how they think the US 'owes' them help. They're a sovereign nation. We don't owe them anything other than out of the goodness of our hearts. Re the body count, realistically probably north of 200, but you're right, we'll never know. And the tourism industry will be zero for at least a couple of years. Can we say Haiti redux???

  6. As for the Bahamas… meh. Maybe don't decide to live in a wood-frame building on a sand bar at 5 feet above sea level in Hurricane Alley, next time. Seriously, what percentage of Atlantic hurricanes pass within 100 miles of the Bahamas, 75?

    Honestly, I have zero sympathy for Americans who build flimsy houses in places prone to natural disasters, either.

    We know how to build structures that can laugh off hurricanes on the beach, they just cost beaucoup dollars. Talking the talk if you can't walk the walk is rarely a good idea.

    OTOH, we were apparently putting Blackhawks down on Abaco Wednesday, and Grand Bahama the next day… kudos to those folks, I'm amazed there's a helo on Earth that can lift their balls, even as a sling load.


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