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The Sun

Astronomers have just released the highest-resolution image of the sun. Taken by the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope in Maui, it gives us an unprecedented view of our nearest star and brings us closer to solving several long-standing mysteries.

The new image demonstrates the telescope’s potential power. It shows off a surface that’s divided up into discrete, Texas-size cells, like cracked sections in the desert soil. You can see plasma oozing off the surface, rising high into the solar atmosphere before sinking back into darker lanes.

There is a lot about the Sun that we don’t know. Maybe more exploration will explain to scientists why the global warming hoax isn’t working? In any event, all warming essentially comes from the sun or volcanism from Earth’s interior. The small amount of human-caused activity is insignificant. Pollution is another matter and must be dealt with separately.

The Mooch?

For all of you Obama conspiracy theorists, corrupt, creepy, old, Slow Joe Biden has reached out to Michelle Obama to run as his vice president. Naturally the plan would be for Slow Joe to die in office and Barack would return as first metrosexual at the side of his masculine wife – now president. I don’t know if Joe can beat Bernie. But wait – stop the presses – Team Hillary is also angling for a vice presidential bid, keeping in mind that Creepy Joe might not last a month.

Tulsi vs Hillary

On the advice of counsel, Hillary Clinton has refused to accept service of Tulsi Gabbard’s lawsuit. Apparently Hillary doesn’t think that accusing everyone who ticks her off of being a Russian spy should be ‘wrong’. Then again, she may just be buying a little time until Tulsi is drowned in the Hawaiian surf? Accidents happen, right? Tulsi is getting a little big for her britches these days. It’s become a staple of Democrat politics.

Your Happy Thursday News

Because sometimes the glass if half full:

18 thoughts on “Thursday News

  1. Wow! I wasn't aware refusal of service when served in a lawsuit was a legal viable option. Must be one of those " more equal than the rest of us" special privileges us Hoi Polloi don't get.

  2. It's not. If attempts have been made and are unsuccessful, they can nail it to her door, mail it to her, and publish it publically and it will be deemed "served" by the court.

  3. Shillary is a private citizen. The Secret Service is to protect her life, not act as her staff. Heads should roll.

  4. Your post today started with a very bright entry and then descended into darkness.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  5. That's weird, I just read a blog post claiming that Hillary is a DARPA created android. Tulsi must beware the killer 'droid.

  6. Tulsi can handle herself, at least that's what she tells herself lately. And rumor has it those were Vince Foster's last thoughts as well.

  7. I think we should explore the surface of the sun more.
    Send Schiff, Shumer, Pelosi, Butigieg, et al.

  8. The Secret Service is shielding Hillary. Somebody should hand the subpoena to the SS and they should substitute serve the witch.

  9. I never thought that would be what the Sun would look like – a bunch of chunks the size of Texas floating in the nuclear glow.

  10. It can't happen soon enough, though I'd be in favor of just finishing them here on Earth would save a lot of time and expense.

  11. Re: flying monkeys – she appears to be able to maintain a good bender indefinitely. That might delay Monkey Launch.


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