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The American people are going to receive a lesson in spending “other people’s money” with ObamaCare as their premiums and deductibles soar.  Maybe that’s a good thing. The best lessons are the ones that are learned hard. In Chicago, the Obama homeland, insurance plans with the least expensive monthly premiums, touted by state and federal officials as proof that the new law will keep costs low for consumers, have deductibles as high as $6,350 for individuals and $12,700 for families. (source IBD
The Jabber Jocks in the mainstream media have gleefully predicted the end of the Republican Party because of the shut-down. It may go like that, or ObamaCare may be the pivot on which the public wakes from it’s Obama induced coma. 
Will people remember the shut down when it’s time to vote again in a year? Unlikely. Americans have a very short memory, which is why they returned Obama to the White House a second time.

The Federal Government needs to shrink to roughly half its present size by leaving to the states the matters best controlled locally — but it’s not going in that direction. Most of Washington DC never met a ‘program’ that they didn’t like. It all comes down to buying votes.

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  1. I hate to see the entire country, and it's underlying constitution wrecked. But it's happening whether old style folks like us want it or not. There are too many parasites who vote, and too many politicians who know they are elected by taking money from the producers and using it to buy the votes of the parasites. Look at Mitch McConnell's two billion dollar dam in his home state sound to you? That's the problem we face, and I hope I'm wrong but I see nothing to stop this train but total destruction when it runs off the track.

    Sigh. Time to make another scotch and soda.

  2. Me too, and it may not go that far. Stopping the horror in the 2014 elections would limit the damage. Otherwise, I may end up going to American doctors practicing in Free Mexico for treatment.

  3. I admit that it's difficult to stay off the grid these days but even today it's possible in some "free states" – though you always end up paying property tax to the local county.

  4. Buying votes IS the bottom line, to hell with the future, as long as 'they' remain in power now… sigh

  5. …and there are the pay offs to keep people in power. Dams that must be built to offset the power lost from the coal plants that the government shut down, etc.

  6. Doctor's will leave "plans" and try to just serve customers – and they will clamp down on that. Patients who seek out these doctors will lose the security of plans they once had.

    This is what you get when you lose the battle of language, "Health Insurance" now means "Health Care"…

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