Linas Pauling said that if you are to have a ‘good idea’ you need to have LOTS of ideas.

Because I’m just a big hearted lunk, I came up with the idea of a Monday Market that could be a regular feature on Virtual Mirage if you, dear readers, are interested in participating.

If you’re Fredd and want to increase the sales of your Aunt Sally’s cookbook or if you’re NFO (famous author), Juliette selling Boot JuJu, if you’re a cottonpickinfingerlickinchickenplucker or whomever and want to advertise your warez here, I’ll devote a blog post to this blog’s readers, free of charge.

I know that nothing is free, fair or forever, but this is about as close as you’re likely to get in this life. To make the grade, simply send an e-mail to larry.lambert(at) and put Monday Market in the subject line.

What I need is (1) A Title; (2) One or two paragraphs describing your product; (3) a URL linking the product or service.

If you’re a hooker in Waxahachie, Texas, wishing that you had another set of legs so that you could open in Austin, this isn’t the place for you. No lonely hearts ads, or want-ads. This isn’t the Recycler.

If you are Mike_C in Boston and want to offer a discount on open heart surgery, that’s cool. If your cat (Adrienne or Cube) had a litter of kittens and you want to find good homes for them, reconsider.

I will not take it upon myself to advertise without an e-mail outlining what it is you have to sell. If you have a friend who wants to sell something, that’s ok too. Maybe they’ll become a regular contributor on the blog?

In the event that you want me to test or try some product and endorse it (or trash it) on the blog, you can send it to the White Wolf Mine and I’ll give it a try. Do not send feminine hygiene products or the like. It’s a waste of time and postage. E-mail me and let me know what you’re thinking. If you have 1,000 Krugerrand and want to know how difficult it is for me to convert the gold to cash and spend the money, I can do that too…tests like that. I’ll send you back a report, scrawled on a bar napkin, from a seedy location in Carson City with lipstick kiss marks from Bambi and Leather.

If anyone is interested in doing this, it will begin NEXT Monday, June 15.



Meanwhile, grandsons, intent on fishing, have arrived at the White Wolf Mine. You know how grandkids are.


  1. “Scrawled on a bar napkin, from a seedy location in Carson City with lipstick kiss marks from Bambi and Leather.” I would gladly pay you to have a memento of that import from you LL…

  2. I myself would enjoy that. May I ask if you, yourself would be selling your books on this forum? I so much despise Amazon that I just will not buy from them. So many new authors and no way to read them until they start showing up in the 25 cent barrel at a used book store…

    • I hadn’t planned on selling anything, Cederq. I could buy books from Create Space and mail them out, I guess? We’ll see how many people want to do it.

    • Its a vehicle for independent authors to publish their work, and it’s connected to Amazon.

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