I Cannot Tell a Lie

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Parson Mason Weems wrote a biography of George Washington shortly after Washington’s death in which he showcased the story from George Washington’s youth wherein the young Washington chopped down a cherry tree that he apparently shouldn’t have. When confronted with the event, Washington said, “I cannot tell a lie, I did it.”  
Fast forward to the present where President Barack Obama has become notorious for the myriad of bald faced lies that he’s told the American people in order to get elected (twice – face it, a bit more than half of all American voters are incredibly gullible). Nixon lied and ended up being forced from office. Obama lies – all of the time – and the press lionizes him. 
Many Americans thought that we wouldn’t see a president worse than Jimmy Carter in our lifetimes. And despite our fondest wishes not to see a con man return to the Oval Office, we have one for another three years. This one has vowed to rule without the need for consulting Congress and outside of the law. Gone are the days of the Nixon era where that would have resulted in impeachment. Maybe it’s because this president is of mixed race? I don’t know where American’s tolerance for this behavior springs from.

Not content with an incompetent con man in the White House, the mainstream media is pushing hard for another antagonistic egomaniac, and fervent liar to take Obama’s Place.

Hillary Clinton blamed a video that nobody anywhere apparently saw on the attack on Benghazi – she lied. Then she sent Susan Rice to every Sunday talk show to lie to the American people.

Will assuming the Presidency of the United States suddenly make Hillary Clinton competent and truthful? I doubt it.

Maybe if Obama (and Clinton, his heir apparent according to the mainstream media) takes control of the newsroom (Fox News) there won’t be any lies that make it out to the public. That could end their lying problem.

11 thoughts on “I Cannot Tell a Lie

  1. There is a reason they call her Killary. If the Democrats on Washington think that the alligator will not eat them, they are dead wrong.

  2. Watching the news media promote the Dem candidates for the next presidential election is like watching pond scum rise to the surface. A lot can happen in two years, but we can't discount Hillary's sex appeal (so to speak) among low information voters.

  3. She can promise to give each woman in America $100K that she'll take from men… low information voters would cast that vote in a heartbeat if Obama bought their vote with a cheap cell phone.

  4. I think one of their first moves would be to scrap the navy because it's an instrument of imperialism…

  5. And his weird little press secretary. That greasy bastard would say literally anything with his smirk.

  6. The job title: Community Organizer – The only job he had before he became a professional politician, is every bit as slimy as Democrat.

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