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Bullet Points:

** One brand of at-home COVID-19 test is being recalled amid a warning from the Food and Drug Administration that the test could lead to a bacterial infection.

SD Biosensor, Inc. Pilot COVID-19 At-Home Tests, distributed by Roche Diagnostics should be thrown out, according to a new release on the FDA’s website, which lists 44 affected lot numbers.

The FDA reported that about 500,000 tests were distributed to CVS Health. Another 16,000 tests were distributed to Amazon. The FDA said it is not clear how many units were sold.

** A primer on Roman Helmets

** Via New York Post: Democratic White House contender Robert Kennedy Jr. blames the CIA for the Nov. 22, 1963, assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy — proclaiming it “beyond a reasonable doubt.”  Kennedy made the bombshell accusation about a murder that’s sparked many conspiracy theories during an interview Sunday with John Catsimatidis on WABC 770 AM’s “Cats Roundtable.” (more from PJ Media)

** First close-up look at the Vietnamese VCM-01 anti-ship cruise missile.

Seen here are the missile’s launch tubes and rocket casings being manufactured at Factory Z189. The missile’s internal radar, sensors, & other electronic components are produced separately by the Viettel Military Industry and Telecoms Group.

The VCM-01 is a continuation of the KCT-15 missile project, itself based upon the Russian Kh-35. Some aspects differ from the original Russian missile – for starters, Vietnam is negotiating with South Korea for the technology transfer of SSE-750K turbojet engines normally used in the Korean SSM-700K Haeseong missile.



Is a Blended Wing design the future?



  1. Article I, § 6 of the Constitution of the State of Michigan provides that “every person has a right to keep and bear arms for the defense of himself and the state.”
    It doesn’t even MENTION a militia.

  2. Blended wing. It will catch on if airlines can transport more people for the same cost or the same number of people for less cost. Especially if it can use the same infrastructure.
    The only time I fly anymore is on cross country (WA to GA or WA to FL). I drive everywhere else I travel. It is also pretty cost efficient when you count the cost of the flight and the rental car. It does cost some additional time but not as much as most people would think. I loathe going through TSA checkpoints and the useless wait in the airport so will do quite a bit to avoid the whole process.

    Interesting video on the evolution of Roman helmets, thanks.

  3. RFK Jr.’s statement puts a target on his head, certainly on the heels of Bribe-Em keeping the documents under wraps indefinitely. Why might that be Joe? These people will stop at nothing to not be forced to admit what those of us paying attention already know. I believe Steven Hunter’s theory of “the how” in The Third Bullet is more probable than any I’ve read.

    Covid Crap- The home tests are notoriously inaccurate and now – surprise! – causing harm. Just wait until the FDA decides enough time has passed when they declare The Not-A-Vax is also harmful. It’s like a Grisham novel.

  4. The whole blended wing concept is ‘possible’, but has a host of issues that will have to be worked out. Two major ones are ‘off axis’ seating, e.g. not directly facing forward (unless they end up with a lot of dead space), and being further from the center axis for roll rate, which would mean those furthest outboard would get more ‘G’ forces depending on steepness of turns, etc. Also, takeoff angles would be up to 20 degrees, vice the 3-5 degrees today (scare the crap out of everybody).

    • “The aircraft will launch in 2030 with … the internal volume to accommodate zero-carbon emissions hydrogen.”

    • So long as it reduces the number of idiots flying, then so much the better. It would definitely keep my mother-in-law grounded if those were the only type of plane available. Fortunately for me, her flying days are probably past, anyway.

  5. Bigger problem with blended wing body (BWB) is pressure containment. It’s so easy to build a cylinder with rounded ends that can be pressurized for fuel, people or cargo. Not so easy to pressurize and contain an unusual shape such as a BWB. That’s why the X-33 didn’t go far. It was a real pain to build non-cylindrical pressurized fuel tanks.
    Wandering Neurons

    • I think you’ve nailed it. With the blended body design every frame is unique, along with the problem of pressurising it.

  6. Concept art (last image) looks like an airborne penguin. This will not end well. Enny fule no pengwens caint fly.

  7. I remember the days, just, when flying was easy, fun and even vaguely glamorous. Then it all went to hell.

    Getting a bus in the ’80s from London Victoria to Cheltenham or Monmouth is about on par. Hideous. But who knows, maybe they’ll work out Blended Wing tech and everything will be better.


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