22 thoughts on “Thoughts for Super Tuesday

  1. As dick Morris pointed out, the South Carolina primary is the first election of any kind he has won on his own, except Delaware, his home state (population 900,000).

  2. Biden is well. And it shows that the Democrats can support a corrupt, creepy, senile old guy who doesn't really know what day it is or where he is. Funny – and a little sad.

    Bloomie's Billions don't seem to be buying him all that much.

  3. I wonder what percentage of Bernie Bros are Antifa, cause it looks like The Bern is about to get burned by his own party again.
    I look forward to when the serpents begin fanging each other.

    Yes, I am a man of simple pleasures.

    Dan H

  4. Of course they support Biden. Should he happen to win, he is easily controllable, and it will be easy to be rid of him and install his VP in his place.

  5. Maybe Bloomie can hire a body double who has a personality. Or possibly a robot with a manly voice who can speak for him? There are a number of options considering the amount that he could spend on his surrogate. Maybe just hire an actor to represent him. Clint Eastwood could do the job. He's a Bloomie bro.

  6. Good move. The bros are calling the primary "rigged" and of course it is. That's why the Butt Guy and Amy Who? dropped out to clear the way for senile old Joe.

  7. I predict that the bros will come out swinging at the convention as the mainstream donkeys try to cut Bernie out once again.

  8. LindaG: Do you think he will be stupid enough to make HRF his vp?

    Paul L. Quandt

  9. Maybe Bloomie can meet someone with multiple personalities, and insist that he donate one to Bloomie?

  10. Anything is better than just being the Original Bloomberg. I mean, he'd be better swapping personalities with Beto – a transplant. They both are bound and determined to disarm America.

  11. Maybe he could have just bought the island and declared himself King with that money.

    "From now on, everyone gets clean underwear. Underwear will be worn on the outside so everyone can see how clean it is!"

  12. Pizza is always good for what ails you and a pizza and beer will mellow you out from the blood pressure spike listening to all the hoopla.

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