Not Feeling the Bern?

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Is the nomination being stolen from Bernie yet again? The conspiracy theories abound as the DNC moves the chess pieces around the board. Bloomberg is said to be considering dropping out to open the lane for corrupt, old, senile, creepy, Slow Joe – who expects to die in office if we take him at his word.

15 thoughts on “Not Feeling the Bern?

  1. I don’t really think Biden is going to die anytime soon but I’ve got to wonder what happens if he is the nominee and he has to get out there and hustle day in and day out. He will be far out of his comfort zone and his speeches will make even less sense than they do now. I think it will be too obvious to ignore.

  2. Seems like he'd found a way to be stoned all the time w/o the expense of buying drugs. You'd think that would have made him more popular in California.


  3. Mini Mike experienced that money can't buy you everything. But according to some reporters he has more money to spend and friends who like to use his money. I guess his ego tell him to continue given the shame he will feel in cocktail parties if Trump win.

  4. You'd think Beto would have been a natural to support Bernie.
    But he did not.
    That proves there's a fix in.
    In other news,
    Is Tulsi dense? What makes her stay in?

  5. Bandmeeting – Biden was talking about dropping dead while in office, but now that he won Texas, I think that the tempo will increase and his senility will become more evident. Kle – being stoned all of the time would play well in California, where he needs to win the bro's over to his side.

  6. I know, how can you show your face at parties when you let President Trump walk all over you. The New York billionaires will all be laughing at Bloomie. He can drop out now and let the shame overwhelm him or keep pushing for the big win at a brokered convention. Maybe swap his delegates for a vice presidential slot?

  7. Tulsi now has one delegate. I think that she'd hoped to have pulled in enough to push for a VEEP job, but that just hasn't happened. And she didn't have enough wind beneath her wings to get the same buy-out that the Butt Guy and Amy Who? pulled in from the DNC. She has allegedly lost a lot of her support in Hawaii for not being a big enough communist. Oh, she's left – far left, but not quite a communist.

    Should she take the contributor job at Fox News? Should she try and get re-elected in Hawaii with a Democrat Party at odds with her? Nobody owes her anything. It's a tough position for a politician to be in.

    Somebody paid off Beto (the Gun Czar), but nobody paid off poor Tulsi.

  8. Stupid Tuesday: Hey!, here in Colorado Sanders won!…FREE Rec-Med & "Safe" Injections sites for all! Can't wait, more of the mind-numbed out there driving around, not "staying in their lane" (the latest catch-phrase by hipsters).

    In the meantime a Denver [sorry excuse of a human] Councilwoman – after being taken to task by anyone with half a brain – is NOW saying…get this…SHE's the victim! This, after she cheered on a tweet of "spreading the COVID19" throughout a Trump rally. She's demanding guns to protect her.

    The Californification of Colorado is now complete (Thanks to the Dem-controlled Statehouse I'm waiting for the rolling blackouts after they legislated Colorado is to go 80% wind/solar electric production by 2030. Idiots.)

    But look!, the party fo diversity is now down to two old white guys. Hahah. Seems "Where am I?" Biden made "great strides" after last week he was toast. Nah, no DNC fix there. Got to hand it to the Lefty grifter's and thieves, they sure are experts at making cheating look legit.

    A pox on all of them ("poxing" borrowed from Fredd…royalty check is in the mail.)

  9. The only thing holding the Democrats together is hating President Trump.

  10. WSF- Succinct exactness…altho not much a platform going into an election, but hey, apparently works for their deranged base.

  11. Now that Bloomberg is out (but his billions aren't), it looks as if it will all be rigged against Bernie and the Dems will run the person that they really want in charge as Biden's VP.

  12. My take as well.

    They'll work to rig the election for Biden only to have him step down a few weeks later for the Veep. Hey, maybe Pelosi will be his running mate. Gettin' weirder by the minute.

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