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The Way-Back Machine (6 years ago)

Some of you with short memories, may have forgotten the ObamaNation. You may have moved on to winning and you forgot those dark days when the government weaponized the IRS against patriots.

You may have forgotten the Tea Party demonstrations when Americans gathered peacefully together to protest – took time off work and showed up clean, neatly dressed, and distressed. The left said that it was fake because nobody bussed the protesters in, paid them, and provided them with signs and a box lunch.
It’s easy to ‘move on’ and accept low unemployment, tax cuts and talk of peace on the Korean Peninsula as the new normal. Back in the days of ObamaNation, the Defense Dept and the CIA were tasked with stopping global warming and a substantial bit of your tax money was focused on the hoax. 
That’s back when the First Lady (different than the one now) was on a charge to make all school lunch unpalatable. You recall her don’t you. She’s the one who says that she will always be THE First Lady – some say that she wants to be POTUS.
You recall the years when your house lost 1/2 of its value. (Blame the RINOS and the Dems)
Those were the days when national focus was put on which bathroom you should use.
It’s better now. Those days are in the rear view mirror. But it never hurts to be reminded.

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24 thoughts on “Thoughts for a Saturday

  1. So not politically correct! Years of (P)regressive effort simply wasted on you. What is to be done?

  2. The only thing dumber than Maxine or Nancy are the idiots who keep voting them in office.

  3. x2. Sometimes that thought leads me to despair for our country, and then to think of ways to contract the voting franchise appropriately.

  4. It seems that a sub room temperature IQ is no bar to holding office in a certain party. By the way, congressman, Guam won't be tipping over very soon.

  5. Ah, yes. The days of "Navy corpseman" and NASA's mission of 'Muslim outreach', and on, and on… We do need to be reminded now and again. And anyone who suggests with a straight face doing that again, needs to be burned to the ground on the spot.

    I saw a remark recently that Maxine Waters is dumber than her James Brown wig.

  6. That's Congressman Johnson (D-GA) and his constituency is dumber than he is – in case anyone asks. The concern that Guam would capsize is one for the record books. It makes you want to bring back literacy tests before allowing people to vote.

  7. I'll use the James Brown wig line… Maxine is dumber than a bag of hammers and Nancy is dumber than a box of rocks. Which is worse?

    Barack did love the Mohammedans. And we have to ride up to our space station on Russian vehicles because NASA was too busy making the camel drivers feel good about themselves.

  8. Might not be a bad idea. Of course some want to lower the voting age to 16 because a high school kid has the experience that a 67 year old, like me, lacks.

  9. Never forget! It wasn't humorous at the time, but it's nice to be able to laugh at it now as it is a thing of the past. Good riddance.

  10. Pelosi said that the children (only those that the left has brainwashed) should lead us.

  11. Good riddance to bad garbage. I hope that Barack can spend more time – or all of his time in Africa now as he continues to embrace his black half.

  12. Those idiots live in the San Francisco area, and Nancy calls them loyal constituents. The rest of the nation calls them bums, winos, losers and if we are feeling charitable, hobos. They all piss in the street and don't bother to wipe their asses when they crap on cop cars.

    Red Nancy thinks of them as the normal people. The rest of us know better.

  13. Seems like every time a Democrat guy wins the presidency, his ball-n-chain seems to think she knows how to run things.

    Imagine Moochelle in the Oval Office calling the shots, sporting her latest gunny sack and lecturing us on how America sucks. Wouldn't that be great?

  14. It would be progressive. You have to say that about it. Exceptionally progressive. Barack could be the First Man.

    So long as you continue to pay all that you have in taxes, they'd let you keep your house – but you'd have to move an illegal alien family in with you to show how with the program you are.

  15. What powerful infographics!

    And Michelle, as The First Lady Forever.

    Now I feel sick.

    Good thing those rainbow riding bathroom goons are in the rear view mirror.

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