A Point of Clarification (if you please)?

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Spartacus and friend conspire
Christine Blasey Ford, the alleged victim of Brett Kavanaugh from high school in 1982 (but she doesn’t recall the year clearly) just happens to be a radical leftist/communist college professor in California, who donates regularly to the Democrat Party and Democrat causes. She is a vocal Hillary supporter and she claims that the women’s march “didn’t go far enough”.
She remained silent for 35 years while Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate and went through background investigation after background investigation.
But it’s not a set up?

15 thoughts on “A Point of Clarification (if you please)?

  1. Arrogance squared.

    As a registered Democrat I've sent two emails to Colorado's senior senator asking one question. "Are there any adults left in the Democrat Party?"

    By the by, I didn't vote for Senator Go Along Get Along, an East Coast rich kid who was sent West to make something of himself.

  2. If Mr. Kavanaugh is not confirmed… Well, my optimism for the country can't get much lower, I guess.

  3. No worries; this scuzzy tactic didn't work to derail Clarence Thomas, and it won't derail Brett Kavanaugh's chances, either.

  4. By not voting for the candidate you were presented by The Party, some would consider you a traitor.

    But in a party that prides itself on treachery, they might run you as a candidate.

  5. I was shocked by the news. And I was shocked that I myself found myself shocked. (A comma belongs in that sentence, but i was too shocked to place it.)

  6. That might be fun! Free cheese for everyone, take every bribe offered, and generate #MeToo fodder. I'd fit right in.

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