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A Non-sequential Fictional Short

Everyone speaks of the old empire with fondness, but were you there?

Remember that the winner writes the books and paints himself and his excesses in the most positive way possible. Behavior once thought to have been irrational is justified as logical and even kind, given the imperatives involved in those good old days.

Witness, if you will, your princess in mourning. Christ-ina is said to have wept actual pearls when the casualty figures were published. So much loss of life and national treasure expended on what traitors to the realm called folly. We know she, who ascended to become our empress, donned her mourning robes and drank only bitter dregs during those dark and troubled years.

Her sister, Morgana, a figurehead of the revolution, a pretender to the throne who lived through the struggle for power in pomp and splendor, ignored the poverty of the people even as she gave herself over to augmentations that left her little more than a cybernetic organism, captive to artificial intelligence that whispered abominations into her ears.

Of course, her blood, royal in its essence, remained sacred to us, but we could not justify that her life continues because it is written that you shall not suffer a witch to live. What is natural about artificial intelligence? An artificial life form that infects a body is much like the engineered food that they took into themselves, which made them beasts and justified their extermination with the most profound of malice and prejudice possible.

We had our oracle to guide us through those difficult days of privation and struggle. The Oracle, a demigod of military and political talent, charismatic and shrewd, calculated and deliberate, maintained a calm demeanor, though he was known to enter into rages when pushed too far. He was a forgiving man, readily granting amnesty to every one of the enemy’s factions who deserted to their cause or surrendered to him.

Our Oracle, while anxious not to appear as a tyrant or a king, was not above using dark methods to further his ends, arranging the assassinations of certain critics of his as well as rigging elections to ensure a favorable outcome for himself. Thus, he was revealed not as a god but merely a man, a lion in winter perhaps, whose achievements were tainted by his methods.

Were those methods expedient, and by that, I mean merely a convenient means to an end? If so, are they justified when viewed through a historical lens without the fog of civil war to obscure them>

While an accurate picture of the old Oracle is presented, his early career, during which he showed himself to be a capable commander and a brilliant administrator, is deliberately ignored. He succeeded where at least two others had failed in largely ridding the old Republic of pirates and doubled its territorial claims.

It’s enticing to view ruins and to project our present circumstances and prejudices on those who lived in those cities during their glory years.


Grand Forks (a historical view)

After the massive excavation required for the 15 Launch Control Facilities of the Grand Forks Minuteman field was complete, steel plate was welded, rebar was laid, and concrete was poured to form the two heavily reinforced capsules – the larger one in the distance being the Launch Control Center, with the Launch Control Equipment Building in the foreground.

With everything underground now in place – it was time to backfill. Below, a sheep foot roller compacts the soil around the capsules. More soil would be brought in to bring everything back to an even grade (above the top of the elevator shaft) for a “house” to be built – the Launch Control Support Building.

After construction slowed during the winter of 1964-1965, Oscar-Zero was backfilled during the Spring. By the end of August 1965, construction was essentially complete at 130 of the 150 Launch Facilities (silos) and 12 of the 15 Launch Control Facilities. The first Minuteman II was installed at a silo in Golf flight on August 5, 1965, less than 17 months after construction in the Grand Forks field began.


What Gunnery Sergeants Actually Do


Bullet Points:

** How do you deal with student debt? You take out a loan, and you pay it back with interest. I realize that it sounds complicated to many woke college grads. Pedo Joe Biden is trying to buy votes by illegally using other people’s money to pay off student debt. It makes me feel all warm inside.

** Hungry Quasar (h/t Claudio) For the supermassive black hole’s size, the researchers propose two possible estimates: one at 17 billion solar masses, and the other at 19 billion solar masses. That’s not the most massive one known, but there are only about a dozen thought to be larger. (For comparison, the one at the center of the Milky Way is “only” about 4 million solar masses.) The data is best fit by a moderate spin, with us viewing it from about 45 degrees off the pole of the black hole. The accretion disk would be roughly seven light-years across. Meaning, if the system were centered on our Sun, several nearby stars would be within the disk.

The light that we see from this incredibly massive quasar/black hole is old, meaning that it traveled a long time to reach us. Nobody knows what it looks like “now” though “now” is an interesting concept in a universe where time is relative. Good article!


Identify the Aircraft



Identify the Armor




Do you want to take a stab at the vehicle in bg as well?

53 thoughts on “Hysterical Historical

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. North American A-5 Vigilante

    Identify the Armor:
    2. BMP-3
    3. TBD
    4. T-90 with (perhaps) a BTR-82 in rear

      1. I get to see an RA-5 every day going to and returning from work, along with a number of other fine historic aircraft (foreign and domestic) near my building. Once in the building, I see nothing but simulators.
        And nobody commented on the Gunny?

          1. R. Lee Ermey reviewing his performance in Full Metal Jacket. RIP Gunny Ermey, you are missed.

          2. He was originally hired to be the technical advisor, but being the gung ho jarhead that he was, he marched into the directors meeting dressed as the DI he used to be and proceeded to do his routine. They were suitably impressed and the rest is history.

  2. Student loans – if the part of the brain that handles long term risk/benefit analysis does not fully mature until around age 25, why are adult college advisors allowed to peddle loan programs to 18 year old kids?

    1. Why are colleges allowed to provide a substandard service at extortionary prices and have absolutely no liability, oversight or skin in the game?

        1. X2 to all of the above. Wall Street is in bed with the Fed, we are nothing but commodities to all of them, and they got good at using students naivete to “credit default swap” then entrap the unsuspecting who thought these were low cost loans for a good purpose. Instead Colleges got rich, and so did the bankers etc. Had a full report on this (first person account) bookmarked from moons ago but can’t find it.

      1. I have some small experience working in concert with the education industry to obtain grants (a big part of the business). I’ve also watched them milk loan money from literally brain-damaged people who will NEVER EVER be able to obtain jobs to pay off half a million in loans (major in liberal arts). The education business certainly has a mercenary side, which is also an ugly side.

        I had an informant/agent under my control who attended a university. I asked him how he could attend university given that he was functionally illiterate in his native language and also illiterate in English beyond some basics. He said, “No problem.” As it turned out, he was right, and I attended his graduation from a SoCal university first with his bachelor’s degree and then with his master’s degree without ever attending a class. No-show student. The professors kept those like him on the books to puff their numbers in classes with few students to keep the class in the catalog so they could keep teaching. His ethnicity led to contacts in the system where this happened. He later received a PhD from a diploma mill so he was Doctor XXXXX. I agree that the PhD was dodgy but I was there at his graduation, cheering him on with the BS and MS. We do these things for our agents. Part of the job.

        1. I met JohnD from Norway, who posts here sometimes in connection with drone aircraft that I worked on while working on other projects circa 2014-15. That led to me working with JohnD on a project at the University of North Texas (Denton), and I visited LSP when I was in town. It went well initially and then turned sour when a full professor and department head was found to be embezzling money from the program. Did he go to prison? The school wouldn’t want the scandal. I think he quietly resigned and found another prestigious school to teach at. He may have lost some tenure – but maybe it transferred with him within the University system in Texas.

          1. I worked with a well-known and respected professor and even spoke at Interpol programs and events in the People’s Republic of China at the same time that he did. He was a smart guy and a good professor. Likeable, solid knowledge, etc. We were sitting somewhere on the planet and he told me that he passed every student who took a class from him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnNSnJbjdws

            Yeah, I don’t want any of them dissatisfied with a grade coming back to hurt me.


          2. “ another prestigious school”
            Heh. Good one.

            Re your “Passing Professor”: my father and his colleagues (electrical engineering at Major Midwestern University) used to say sarcastically, “if it’s brown, send it along”. On account of all their suffering and victimhood, you see 😪.

            I just remembered his story about a football player in his class (football was HUGE at MMU) who was getting National press attention for being a negro straight-A scholar AND top collegiate player. The guy earned a B (not bad for a guy with basically a full time+ job playing at MMU), which grade my dad gave him. The player sicced the press (including Sports Illustrated back when it mattered) on my dad. He was getting phone calls about “do you want your name in SI as the man who ruined Player X’s record?” Dad went nuts on them and threatened (bullshit) legal action. But it went away eventually.

          3. I had an upper-division labor relations/arbitration course taught by an older Chinese lady. It was a night course, and I walked her to her car each night after class. I would have done it anyway, irrespective because that’s what a gentleman does. Yes, I received an A, but I would have earned it without walking her to her car.

    2. I keep asking myself, if the offer comes up to forgive the last dregs before I pay it off…

      Should I stand on solid principle, and pay entirely for my own mistakes?
      Or would I be a fool to turn down the offer and hobble my marriage compared to everyone on the gravy train?

      For all the use-cases I could spin, really it’ll come down to which choice will let me meet my eyes in the mirror in the morning.

      1. Ah, the eternal question.

        To die, to sleep,
        To sleep, perchance to Dream; aye, there’s the rub,
        For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come,
        When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
        Must give us pause. There’s the respect
        That makes Calamity of so long life:

          1. -“Alas, Yoric. I knew him well, Horatio. A fellow of infinite jest. He bore me upon his back a thousand times!”

  3. thank you for taking me back 58 years to GFAFB (’66-’68)- or as we used to say, “It aint Grand, but it sure forks.”
    silver lining – the middle of the North American flyway: just purchase a duck stamp – from teal to mallards n’ canvasbacks, all grain-fed (Canadian grain), no fishy flesh.
    as an added benefits the intrepid Nimrods can go hunting snowshoes in January, February for the crockpot
    I’d seriously like to think ill of our Socialist-Progressive pResident for converting our once-honored/honorable Republic into a “Socialist Paradise”, but all I can see is a wooden puppet with cables attached and I just can’t make out the marionettist(s); such a monstrosity is (de)risible.
    feeling of gratitude: is there a further and more malign purpose to the notion of “da gubbmint” paying off students’ loans?

    1. Follow the money. The cables lead to the money — Soros (whose name spelled backward is still Soros), Wall Street, Black Rock, Vanguard, and the military-industrial folks. Recall, if you will, that some years ago, when Pedo Joe was vice president, I mentioned here on VM that some of my work that involved specific Mexican corruption and the cartels ended up on the president’s National Intelligence Daily. Barack notoriously didn’t read the report, but Biden did. Consumers such as Obama and Biden, as well as others in the loop, have the opportunity to mark their interest in various reporting, and it makes its way back down the chain. Biden had high interest and wrote the question, “How is that different from how we do it here?” Make of that as you will. I could be making all this up, but at this point, there’s nothing I could do to make Pedo Joe look worse than he does.

      To close the loop, the requirement was passed down asking for even more detailed information on corruption in the Mexican government and in their relationship with the drug cartels and with laundering that the Cuinis were doing (for Jalisco New Generation Cartel or CJNG, formerly known as Los Mata Zetas).

  4. Missile silos
    In my part of the country, I drive by them almost daily. In our area they are controlled from Warren AFB in Cheyenne. I don’t envy the Air Force personnel that maintain and provide security. When I’m stuck behind their HUMMVs doing 50 mph down Hwy 71, I reflect on the many shitty jobs that need to be done in the service.

    A word of caution. Don’t try to enter one of the sites! You will soon learn FOFA when a Blackhawk comes at you like Apocalypse Now.

    Not far from my abode is a somewhat historical place called Missile Park. During WWII it was a German POW Camp. Some of the buildings were moved to Garden City and became the VFW Club.
    It then became an Atlas Missile site. That infrastructure remains with occasional tours offered. The rest is a weedy campground/picnic area mainly used by the homeless.

    1. I’m surprised that more people don’t test the “Lethal Force Authorized” on places like missile silos and Area 51, 52, etc. There are a lot of suicides-by-cop where somebody lacks the courage to pull the trigger themselves, drink Drain-O, an auto-erotic hanging, or whatever. It might be that the public lack the confidence that the Air Police will double-tap two to the noggin. Who wants to be gutshot and die in agony over the next two weeks or shit into a colostomy back while doing federal time?

      1. On display at Dugway is an older Surburban with several bullet holes. Stories vary.

        Several years ago, a rockhound fanatic would take me along, mainly to be her pack mule. We were in an area near Pawnee Buttes and perhaps 1/4 mile from a silo when a four door Air Force pickup pulled up. A puffed-up 1st LT backed by three Airmen jumped out and attempted to interrogate us. That didn’t go well for him. Said friend was a county correctional officer. The LT didn’t appreciate me pointing out his rank insignia was upside down. Other than the LT, a good time was had by all.

        1. Mustang first lieutenants are typically more of a challenge. The fact that 1LT had been posted to Dugway proving grounds as an indication of his career potential must have been pointed out.

          That whole ball of wax has already been included in the upcoming novel, Hungry Ghosts, WSF. It would be great if you’d stop reading my mind and posting spoilers on the blog…

      2. I think you may have a point LL, being handicapped by a debilitating but non-lethal wound for the rest of your life take the polish off of the whole “victim” experience.

        Anybody who spent time in the service has interesting lieutenant stories of one sort or another.

        1. The ring-knockers are never rifted and while all are not useless, the protected class make the most odious REMFs

          1. “One is not required to remember the names of lieutenants after the Armistice is signed” Stephen Becker.

            I remember one in particular, though, who if he called me tonight after all these decades and said SGT WWW, we’ve been called up to go invade Mongolia, all I’d ask would be “My car or yours. Sir.”

            But it was only just the one……

  5. So I had a VA appointment today… They (Doctor’s & Nurses/staff) are the kinds of people to f*** a person in the ass (multiple times) and not even have the g-damn common courtesy to give you a reach around!


    1. I’ll beat LL to it…You need to identify as a Mexican Asylum Seeker, they treat Illegals to 5-Star hotels, Debit cards, and free airfare to a city of your choice.

      Really sorry to hear this Hogs…seriously backwards priorities treating our retired military VA patients with such disregard. Trump gave an hour-long speech last night at the NRB Convention last night in Nashville (3 hour weather delay caused him to land late but he spoke fresh and forceful at 11PM eastern…unreal). This one I watched…and at one point he spoke on his commitment to our Military, both active and retired, in stark contrast to the disrespect The Clown Crew employ as if you guys were that piece of TP stuck to the bottom of their shoe. Special place in Hell for those people.

  6. Some of my brothers I served with have already had benefits cut. Bassackwards! Getting tired of this active/retired military “Bizarro World” episode of Pedo and the Hoe. Ready for Trump/Scott 2024. Go back to killing bad guys and breaking their stuff instead of Abu-VA torture sites. End of rant. Paul M-
    maybe I’ll grow a dirty Sanchez, hit the tanning beds at the gym and brush up on my espanol. Haha!

    1. After the Long Beach (CA) VA, I have given the Veteran’s Administration a hard pass. They put the PRACTICING in the practice of medicine and screwed up a few friends. I dodged the screwed up part, but it was a butcher shop. I heard they improved and that’s good. Still, no.

      1. Actually yes they have gotten better LL. Trump cleaned house and things were vastly improving. Community care appointments are the best thing that hasn’t been undone yet. However under the new regime I’ve noticed a sharp decline. Especially the last nine months or so. Good staff gone and skaters are back sharpening their skates. Pump and dump.

        1. AAVA is essentially University of Michigan Medical Center, East (by about 1km). Staff physicians are UM faculty and the residents are UMichigan residents. I’ve heard it’s one of the top five VA hospitals in the country. (That may be like being the tallest dwarf, but still ….)

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