I hope that you have a splendid weekend. This is Open Forum Friday so feel free to let it all out. I’ve included a few memes for reference.


The Difference


Soldiers of Hope

Join the Peace Force now!


RIP Norm McDonald


There is a Reason for the Rule


With Halloween coming up…

Boeing announces a new model for those more ample witches.



Identify the Mystery Aircraft

This didn’t transform into a Pave Nail. There weren’t sewer pipe operators assigned to them.


  1. Thank you for the great memes.
    I have shamelessly stolen all of them.
    Does that make me a politician now?

    The mystery plane is a Grumman OV-1D MOHAWK of Vietnam War fame.

  2. It’s a MOHAWK!!!!

    As to the rest of it, the world would be a better place if all our real domestic terrorists and their supporters would all have ridden the wire, sat on Old Sparky, fried, been electocuted. Maybe wire them all to the new Capital barrier fence and hook it up to some main-line voltage.

    • Beans, I don’t know if you’ve heard but France has recalled its ambassador to the US after a blowup over a new pact between the US, Great Britain, and Australia that deliberately excluded them. It resulted in the cancelation of multi-billion dollar contracts for Australia to build and purchase French diesel submarines for its defense.

      Of course SECSTATE (Blinky) Blinken is a moron, but dumping on the French like that at a time when they have been deploying naval assets to the Pacific to counter China is exceptionally bad form.

      At the meeting where the announcement had been made, Creepy Joe couldn’t remember what Aussie PM Scott Morrison’s name was, so you know that he didn’t have anything to do with the agreement other than standing there and making a fool of himself while filling his Depends…as usual.

      • I heard. I also heard that France’s plans to build 12 nuke subs for Australia, which was supposed to be for X huge number of Australian Dollars and be done by 2033 was rising in cost quicker than a US weapons program and being moved ever farther away, the last date of completion was somewhere in the 2055s.

        It was a clear breach of contract on France’s part. Australia just invoked the bail-out cause and US defense contractors got involved.

        It is about the only good thing that Biden’s admin has done.

        And, really, does getting involved in a pact with post-revolutionary France ever been a good thing for the US? France has too much of a history of stabbing it’s own allies in the back. French troops? Oui! French leaders and politicos? Non!

        As to the stepping on the diplomatic crank, well, it is the Xiden Administration. Dumbasses. Dumbasses all.

  3. The Boeing twin engine broom is behind schedule and over budget due to software problems.

    Sarcasm alert.
    The mild protest in 1983 in the capitol building and the mostly non violent protest by far left protestors when President Trump was inaugurated that cause millions in damage were perfectly understandable and not nearly as egregious as the violent riot by far right extremists on Jan 6. That would include the members of the FBI that were egging everything along.

    • The FBI created the situation in large degree. There were some older males, one of whom, Tom Caldwell I knew from my Naval service. Caldwell, aging, angry, feeling betrayed was egged on by the FBI to act out. I read the FBI 302’s (reports) and the indictment. The FBI could have put a plug in it well before January 6, but they poured gasoline on it. Caldwell was a dupe (not much different than when he’d been in the Navy) and got his ass burned.

      Yes, the software. Always the software.

  4. Nuke subs for Australia is putting all the right panties in a bunch. Got some interesting implications for the future too, given the reserves of uranium in the dirt, and how geologically stable the place is.

    Unfortunately, it appears state governments here are going to be more or less mandating the vax by hook or crook. Looks like the argument is going to be similar to what Biden announced re: health and safety, then claim the government isn’t mandating it, it’s private enterprise.
    One of the most militant unions in my state just bent over completely, against the wishes of it’s members. I’m more or less resigned to being unemployed and unemployable in the nearish future.

    On the plus side, I’m sure a lot of lawyers are going to make a killing.

    We appear to be in a situation akin to what I’m told the Soviet union was, where the constitution had all sorts of guarantees, but could be suspended in an emergency. Then there was always an emergency.

    To me at least, it looks like governments around the western world are increasingly losing whatever legitimacy they had. With China flexing their muscles, the USA administration destroying the credibility of the US government, we may be headed to very interesting times.

  5. Norm McDonald was a very funny guy. Too bad he left us so early.

    Wonder if they have a software feature to “demask” people?

    Broom, Mk2, Mod1

    The aircraft was easy. It’s a Grumman OV-1 Mohawk, one of the neatest looking little airplanes ever. Even though it was past my model building years, I built one just because it looked cool.

    And whilst in “Deep Ponder” mode the other day, it ocurred to me that it was 50 years ago this month I went away to College. I was not prepared. It was a spectacular failure. We’re talking EPIC crash-and-burn-to-cinders failure. I didn’t really want to go away to a 4-year College, but I had a scholarship, and it was expected. I would have done far better in a Tech or Trade School, as I’m infinitely more a Hands-On Engineer than a Blackboard-and-Desk type. Or, if I would have enlisted, I might have gone out as an E6 or maybe an E7. My failure mode in College most likely would have resulted in my washing out at a Service Academy, but I think I could have hacked it as an enlisted man.

    One of these days I should do a post about my career. Some of you might find it amusing…..

    • You’re one of the brightest people I’ve ever met and I’ve met quite a few. Don’t depreciate what you are or what you’ve accomplished. I’m not a bad student, but sitting in class all day has always been difficult for me. Sit down, shut up, and be prepared to barf back what I’ve taught you. Never worked well for me. Despite the fact that I’ve worked for the government for most of my life, I worked alone much of that time, which is strange. Not many rules except be successful and deliver the goods. That was never a problem and I was recognized for what I did. But mostly alone or onesies and twosies.

      • Oh, I don’t think I’m deprecating myself. College was a mistake for me, as I wasn’t properly prepared. I never went to a “Guidance Counselor” at the community college, and I took too many of one type of class, and not enough basic classes, as I thought I had enough, and wanted to concentrate on my major when I went away. BIG mistake! I also shouldn’t have gone to that particular College, as they weren’t acredited to bestow a BSEE. They had a BSEET program (Electronics Engineering Technology), and it while we used a lot of the same books, and the teachers were good, once I found out that it wasn’t considered a real Engineering degree outside of Illinois, it kind took the wind out of my sails. As good as I was in Math and Physics, I got creamed by being at least a year behind what they were teaching in the classes I was taking.

        Eventually I went back to the Community College during my Fermilab Days, and picked up enough Math and Physics to get me much further along in my career than I would have gone without them.

        And I always excelled in Field Work, fixing things on the spot, and coming up with better ways to do things, learning new things every day.

        Been a fun ride….

        • I dropped out of U of M College of Engineering due to lack of money and testing far ahead of my peers, skipping freshman classes. I got lost. I faced the draft. I joined the Air Force. Learned Microwave Communications and as a sergeant, I learned management and leadership.
          Then Skilled Trades, and then engineering. Designing and implementing and continuous improvement.
          I’ve worked with many an automation engineer with a double E who wonder why they bothered.
          Like you, I hate the desk.
          Washing my hands frequently.

          • My last job in Illinois was as an Industrial Controls/Field Service Engineer. I loved it. Traveled all over the USA and the world for 5 years, and wound up cross-trained on about every type of industrial/manufacturing equipment ever made. Printing presses two blocks long to marshmellow making machinery. Oscar Meyer factories making rivers of hot dogs to tire plants making specialized tires. Worked on the latest state-of-the-art Programmable Controllers to 100 year old ladder logic relay/switch/dashpot slate panels to run ancient equipment. Tubes-to-transistors-to-IC’s, twisted pair to fiber optic.

            And always washing my hands, and taking showers.

    • I should imagine it would be more interesting than amusing but whatever, I should also imagine we’d be all ears.

  6. All sadly true. Oh, and Washington was a slave owner which for todays idiot savants (not) means thats offensive white privilege therefore erased from history. Only the Kenyan Messiah is allowed, even Mr MAGU is second to him.

    Aspens are changing…God’s handiwork clears the mind and boosts the Spirit.

    • It’s raining here at the mine again today. I’ve heard that there is snow further north on your turf or in the mountains near you. It rained all summer. A remarkably long monsoon for Arizona. Maybe it portends a heavy snowfall this winter?

      You and DR/MRSPAULM hang in there. The snow feels cleansing. Meanwhile, Black Jesus and his idiot sidekick are doing their best to wreck the place.

      • I’m thinking you got more rain than us. Dry today but raining up in Pinedale, which means it’ll show up in a couple of days.

        Aspens are changing quicker than normal, Riverside, WY, crisp both mornings, elk moving around in the higher ground.

  7. With all the bad spawn Xiden and fools are spewing, I’m using my senior citizen status to not react to each and every outrage. My BP is at risk. Better to listen to you younger, are probably wiser, analysts.

  8. I understood the Army does not fly any attack fixed wing craft, that was the Air Farces bailiwick. The Army only flew observation and small cargo/transport aircraft.

  9. Of course, I would think the Air Farce should transfer all the A-10 inventory over to the Army, we sure appreciated them over in Kosovo… and this coming from an high ranking Air Farce ossifer’s brat.

  10. I like all these memes but the bomb shot struck home the most. Well, at least Nicki Minaj is speaking out against the Left, if not the ahem GOP.

  11. For those facing the ‘jab or job’ decision forced upon them, here are some resources:


    AFLDS.org (America’s Front Line Doctors)

    This is a sample letter produced by attorney Robert Barnes.

  12. The Planes Of Fame aviation museum in Chino, CA has a Mohawk. It is currently under restoration or was the last I saw it circa 2018. It was then that I happened to run into a pilot who had flown that exact aircraft in SEA. It was a very interesting 30 minute conversation. One of those where you shut up and listen after getting him to start talking.

    Side note: what baffles and somewhat annoys me is here is a guy who lived and breathed it and is willing to talk about it, yet for that entire time not one other person bothered to even listen in let alone express interest. On the grounds of a museum nonetheless!

    • That’s a shame. I used to go out to the Planes of Fame museum and help a bit. Mostly helping clean things up, but WoW….all the neat stuff I used to see!

      And the people there were fabulous. Have a question? Joe over there will answer it, and if he can’t, go see Ken.

      Amazing place.

  13. social distancing, b/c rev1 got started by nine guys having a brew at the tavern and bitching about stuff, then decided to do something about it. nine men. think about that.

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