Is today’s gathering a Set-Up?

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The Doctor Spoke

He’s my nephew, and he’s a doctor in Maine. I don’t see him often enough. Maybe I should go there on vacation this coming summer. I had thoughts of going this year but woke people and the plague kept me out. I’ve also had health issues of my own. Moving on…

Dr. XXXX MD called. His father died many years ago, and so I’m a surrogate of sorts. That’s as much background as you need.

We had a long discussion on the phone today about the plague, plague testing,  vaxing, and all that and there is no substantial disagreement between us.  The vax creates some spectacular health failures in some people and while reactions can now be predicted to a larger degree, the government idiots demand that everyone have one even though around 100 million Americans (including me) have had the plague, recovered, and are now immune.

The discussion turned to Duke University.

After hundreds of vaccinated students and staff tested positive for COVID-19 at Duke University, the university administration is implementing stricter measures to stop the spread of the virus.

Duke boasts the highest vaccination rate among major North Carolina universities. That notwithstanding, 349 students and 15 employees tested positive for the virus this week. All but eight were fully vaccinated. These cases have arisen in the context of vaccination rates for students standing at 98 percent, and 92 percent for faculty. Students are also tested weekly and those who are unvaccinated are required to take a test twice a week.

Clearly, vaccinations have limited effectiveness. They all wear compliance masks and no, they don’t work either.  I do get it, a vax means that you’re less likely to develop a life-threatening reaction to the plague.

His children have not had the plague. He said that he’s considering taking them to the homes of children who have the plague so that they can get it and recover with immunity (only just joking a little).

The paranoia and panic surrounding the plague are stupid. Then again, it’s a political plague.



A False Flag Event?

In an exclusive interview with The Federalist on Thursday, former President Donald Trump called for Senate Republicans to fire Mitch McConnell and elect a new leader, unloaded on “radicalized” left-wing Democrats, blasted former President George W. Bush as “one of the worst presidents ever,” and criticized current President Joe Biden’s “grossly incompetent” handling of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Trump also called the planned Sept. 18 rally at the U.S. Capitol a “setup” and said media would use it as an excuse to bash Republicans regardless of its outcome.


Blinky is an Idiot


Do you Recall – this former blogger?

Not exactly missing in action, but gone from blogging for about eight years now. Last I heard, she was moving to Israel.

36 thoughts on “Is today’s gathering a Set-Up?

  1. “Delta gonna kill us all! Unless, of course, we mask up and obey.” Scared people are easier to control.

  2. “Is today’s gathering a set-up?”

    Anyone who goes within 100 miles of DC today needs to be examined for “missing brain desease.”

    “I do get it, a vax means that you’re less likely to develop a life-threatening reaction to the plague.”

    Fake news, LL.

        1. I like that, LL. Let’s blame it on your blog instead of my wandering fingertips. Sort of my stock answer to a complaint – it’s “management.”

      1. We see what we intended, Adrienne, then hit post and see what our sneaky little fingers actually typed. 😉

        Sadly, I do it more and more now. 😐

  3. covid in afghanistan? homeless population? amish? no, b/c they don’t have tv’s. here’s a vid on y/t by a funeral director that claims there has been no increase in deaths over the last 4 years and claims this is backed up by funeral industry association stats. idk, but i still only know one person that died of “complications of covid”. i know several with severe vax side affects and one young man died directly from it. in my country hick math, that adds up to no vax and no to their b/s. i’m seeing many more masks at the store now though, voluntarily. ….blinken et al saying the drone strike that killed 7 kids was a tragic mistake blah blah. no, it wasn’t. it was a wag the dog act to say ” look we got the guy” knowing full well it was just an innocent guy. they never thought they would get caught. now its “oops, my bad, we’ll investigate until you forget about it.” didn’t they throw some troops in prison for killing ACTUAL bad guys a while back? spec4 joe snuffy sees this, and it offends his sense of justice and impacts how he carries out his duties or even what he sees as his duty from here on out. and don’t think the guy driving the drone will hesitate one millisecond to push the red button on americans either.

    1. I know people who had severe – life-threatening – reactions to the plague vax. My mother’s husband died of the plague. He was 90, had COPD and a lot of pre-existing conditions, but the plague finished him. The plague ripped through the Indian reservations (close enough to me) in Arizona. A lot of people were heavily addicted to alcohol & drugs, were severe diabetics, and were obese and they did die of it.

      I still maintain that it was on par with other bad flu years. People die of the flu. It became politicized to the point where it is today.

      1. Went in for the annual poke and prod a while back. I’m sitting in the exam room, masked up like a good little sheep, when the doc comes in with his PA. His mask is in his jacket pocket and hers is pulled down below her chin. I said, if you two perfessnuls ain’t wearing a mask, then I’m not either. Doc rolled his eyes and said, I’ve had it, she’s had it, and you’ve had it. Who are we gonna give it to?

        That’s my position, right there. Screw a bunch of this mask schidt.

    2. Covid is a real thing. I don’t do clinical medicine any more, but plenty of active clinician friends have had entire wards of patients deathly ill from covid. (Not just some guy dying of cancer who happened to test positive, an otherwise healthy person in extremis WITH covid.) That said, the fear and panic are both over-rated and the result of deliberate machinations of very bad people.

      As to no dramatic spike in total deaths, it’s certainly possible, and doesn’t mean covid is fake or not dangerous (to some people). It’s a matter of COMPETING RISKS. Morbidly obese diabetic guy with 80 pack-years smoking history and a Big Mac in each hand gets covid and dies of it in June 2020. Well, he didn’t die of the heart attack or stroke that he would have died of some time in late 2020. So the total death rate didn’t go up.

      But total deaths is a very crude metric. That said, the mis-coding of deaths WITH covid as deaths DUE TO covid is shameful. However, many death certificates are sloppy when it comes to cause of death; this has been going on for ever, well before the covid-associated scams.

      1. I find the lack of trustworthy information really disturbing. Yes, there is a virus, yes it can be serious, but what is the actual lethality? There’s a financial incentive to label everything covid with or without co-morbidities. How many have died of, not with, the virus and how does this differ from an ordinary flu season? Also, why is no one talking about treatment protocols, with or without Ivm or Hql? The whole thing stinks.

        1. Yes, Old Surfer, and that is why the push-back. The lack of decency and honesty regarding the plague is part of the problem. The rules change weekly, the threats to get a shot is a COERCION, not medical advice.

          I am not anti-vax. I’m not anti-Plague vax. If people feel they need it, then they should be able to get it. There ends the politics and the strident rhetoric.

          1. The vast amount of misinformation is disturbing. The lack of accountability, and adverse consequences, to the disinformation peddlers is, to me, maddening.

        2. “what is the actual lethality?”
          No one knows for sure. I don’t believe any case fatality rates (CFR) quoted. The CFR is the percentage of people with disease X (“cases”) who die of X. Because there are literally millions of people who had WuFlu, suffered through it without seeking medical attention, then got better, we will never know the true denominator of how many were sick with WuFlu. That’s genuinely not knowing; ignorance in the non-pejorative sense.

          The numerator is unreliable for a different reason, IMNSHO. The number of people who have “SARS-cov-2” (WuFlu) listed as cause of death on their death certificate is almost certainly exaggerated, and that’s probably because of policy, not genuine ignorance.

          To parallel LL’s final paragraph above. I’m not anti-vaccine. However, I *am* strongly against the various mRNA concoctions for SARS-cov-2 that are being forced on us. The science is dubious, the testing process grossly abbreviated at best, and the public policy poorly thought. The most shameless (and just plain stupid) of politics has driven out “primum non nocere”.

          1. Yes, real of course, its a virus. But no worse than the yearly flu strain, yet hyperventilation all over the place….because, why? Political football.

            Yearly flu causes deaths in anywhere from 50k to 100k usually older people with weaker systems. SARS CoV-2, which is 78% of SARS CoV-1 that no one gave two thoughts to (Obama got lucky, and/or they suppressed it). It’s that Gain of Function 22% that was manipulated into Covid-19.

            CDC death numbers include ‘from’ and ‘with’, so are bogus. Death rate is similar to flu.

            But they did come up with a catchy marketable name that rolls off the evil tongues of the pushers and fear-based. Means to an end.

            Now we have the endless vax crap. Never got a flu shot, won’t get this unknown ingredient, unvetted per standard with no challenge data, manipulated one either.

          2. The CDCs, late last year, said actual COVID-caused deaths were about between 0.6% to 1% of deaths listed as caused by COVID.

            Even then, the numbers are suspicious.

            I am not denying the fact that some people have gotten it and died of it or from it, especially since the medical industry/political industry decided to go anti-Trump and stop using Hydrocloroquine or Ivermectin or any other of the already humongous number of existing drugs that seem to kill COVID quicker than using a naked picture of Hillary or Michelle as a birth control device.

            And the especially horrendous refusal to treat people early when their symptoms are minimal, with strong supportive care and attacking the secondary infections that are the real killers.

            Yes, COVID has killed. Worked very well in Communist China to get rid of all the pensioners that were starting to cost the ChiComs some serious money in pensions and health care. Worked well, too, in New York and Michigan to get rid of old people on the public dole.

            But… where are the stacks of dead intravenous drug users? Or the wastelands of the urban apocalypse full of dead urban outdoorsmen (homeless) or or or…

            How to combat COVID. Use drugs that work on it. Supportive care. Attack the secondaries. Keep the body hydrated. Keep the blood oxygen up. Simple. Attack it early and hard and you don’t most likely end up on a ventilator or dead. Which is all common sense. Which isn’t allowed any more.

  4. AFAICT, all Politics is a Plague.

    Yeah, the D.C. thing today is bullshit theater. Gives the Creatures From the Black Lagoon more excuses to militarize the District, and feel like they’re important.


      1. They ‘arrested’ one guy with a gun. Who was an undercover cop. Doh!

        And most people stayed away. Probably 80% Fed plants and undercovers and narcs.

        All it showed was how scared our ‘betters’ and political masters are of us. They sure got that wall up quickly, didn’t they?

        1. I really have to start reading the most recent blog entry before opening my fat trap here in older entries because our most generous host already reported the one arrest was “Undercover Dude.”

          Dammit. When will I learn? (Answer: Probably never, but it’s what makes me me.)

  5. I’m with Adrienne on today’s gathering. Avoid DC like the plague. I’ve avoided the vax too, which is a deal given family in Canada.

  6. Be interesting to know how many of the people that actually attend the DC rally are instigators on the government payroll.

    1. Good…short of a couple of buses showing up loaded with fake Patriots (i.e. BLM/Antifa dressed up as patriots for Halloween), unloading and creating “a stir”…gives the fake media, Fake Administration, Fake Resident, no where to go. Win, win.

  7. The virus is the excuse. The vex is the weapon. And it is perfect- kill them with the vex and the remdisivar (sp?) and the vents, blame it on on covid, and set up a new round of jabs.
    Note the virulent attacks on ivermectin- and then consider the nearly unbelievable success of it in India.

    IMO, we are in the midst of a sort of “combined arms” attack on the USA, and western civilization.
    Covid shutdowns and depopulation.
    Wholesale immigration encouraged and completely unvetted, from places that have no concept of a constitutional republic.
    Destruction of the money by massive printing and incomprehensible debt loads.
    Wrecking our military with wokism.
    Trashing any allies we have left with wanton abandon.
    Now they are swinging the national security deck guns around to bear on what seems to be any American remaining who disagrees with the above points.
    Seat belts will not suffice. Time for the five point racing harness, Nomex suit, and good helmet.

  8. Drafted both medical and religious exemptions responses for DrMrsPaulM’s employer, who is demanding she inject something into her otherwise hvery healthy and SARS CoV-2 Immune body (had it, got over it, life moves on). Included a “Preemptory Note” explaining anything stated therein was HIPAA/EEOC/Nuremberg Code Confidential, and that she knows the science because that’s what they pay her to know. Concluded that any breach thereof would be tantamount to a federal offense.

    This idiocy has gone so far down the pike it is doubtful anything short of total disobedience by anyone with half a working brain stem won’t stop the hyperventilating control freaks. But me thinks they have another agenda not fully revealed…like kill America’s middle class economic engine.

      1. Good call, that would be the natural progression for O’Reilly’s series, which are all well researched by Dugard.

  9. I think my Doctor would agree with your nephew. She’s knows I’m not vaxxed, and don’t want to be, and she doesn’t push it. And as soon as she comes in the exam room to see me, she takes her mask off. She hates wearing them, and says they really don’t do anything.

    Yep, the whole rally in DC smells of a set-up.

    The young lady in the last picture is Opus, I believe. I met her the first time I met you and Old_NFO at PF Chang’s in OC.

  10. Wife’s doc is pushing the jab on her and me because we have some comorbidities.

    We are quietly refusing. Because we know that proper care during the building infection stage with proper meds is the way to go. Especially since several of the known side effects are ones that will hit the wife hard if she gets jabbed.

    So, nope. As I told her, they can try to force us to get jabbed. They can come to the door and try to force us, at which time I’ll shoot her and go down with a death guard. She agrees with me, by the way, and, no, not joking. Not at all.

    Right now she’d have a better chance of surviving me shooting her than what the medical profession would do to her if they got her into a hospital again (last 4 times she’d be dead if I hadn’t stopped them, no, not kidding.)

    Ain’t gonna get jabbed. And no more seasonal flu shots either. No more forcing bad solutions on good people.

    Bah, need more humor. Gloomy times are amongst us.

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