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Systemic Failure

BRM posted this (link) dealing with the effect of law enforcement refusing to deal with crimes committed – in this case by a military age male sand person – by certain classifications and demographics.

You should read his article. It deals with an event in Sweden where a 14 year old girl was raped and because the assailant was a member of a protected minority, no action was taken. It’s happened in other European countries over the last few years – countless examples. In this case, the family of the victim lured the taxi driver to a remote location and hung him by the neck until he was dead.

Now, the Swedish police have swung into action against the vigilantes.

While nobody (BRM or I) sugggests that people take the law into their own hands when there is no law, there is a limit to what populations will tolerate.

The execution of the military age sand person was sloppy. I won’t comment on tradecraft here on this blog but it is mentioned in the referenced article.


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  1. Swedish Girl, who was in her 20’s at the time, living in Copenhagen, was stalked by a Kossovar taxi driver. This “poor refugee” would not only “randomly appear” as she went about her day, but also made himself known by pounding on her door at odd hours. The authorities declined to do anything about it. Fortunately, having grown up near Malmö, she was well aware of the predatory tendencies of certain groups.

    Oh. And did I mention the probable attempted car-jacking PKG experienced recently in Austin, Texas?

    “The world’s in a bad way, my man
    And bound to be worse before it mends”

    —Robinson Jeffers “The Stars Go Over the Lonely Ocean”

    1. You need to train PKG to use a firearm.

      What the heck was she doing in Austin? The San Francisco of the South.

        1. Ah.

          I have been dragged along on more than one trip in my lifetime as “security” and have confronted people with bad intent. They usually leave it at that. But we can’t be everywhere, Mike_C.

      1. Lot of natives refer to the austin as “Little Moscow on the Colorado”

  2. Re the systemic failure, that IS beginning to happen here too. And friend of mine, her hubby, and both kids hit deer the same week down in GA. The Insurance company sent a rep out to ‘disprove’ the claims, and HE hit a deer 1/4 mile from their house! Needless to say, all four claims were approved…LOL

    1. Did they get to keep the good deer meat?

      Knew a chap who kept a full kit for dressing deer and other critters in his car, along with a cooler. He’d recover meat from other people, and stop by a convenience store and ice it down on the way into work. Get more ice during lunchtime and do final breakdown at home in the evening.

      He also kept plastic bags and 50lbs of salt so he could salt the hide if it was in good shape.

      Never had the chance to do so, but I knew the basics (snag the backstrap, get the front and hind quarters.)

  3. You didn’t ask to “Name That Aircraft”. But…

    Fairey Barracuda Mk II

    The thing that threw me was the radar antennas on the wings. I at first thought it to be a night fighter.

  4. How to solve a problem. Skidmore, Missouri in 1981: Shoot, shovel and shut up, except without the shovel in Ken McElroy’s case. Two shooters and several dozen witnesses left him DRT and that, was that.

    Quoting a highway patrolman: “Those were fathers and grandfathers on the street in Skidmore that day,” he said. “Ordinary, hardworking people. They did what they did because we didn’t do our job. Then they went home and kept their mouths shut and kept them closed all these years.”

  5. I think it was during the 60’s ‘Criminals Are Victims Of Society’ phase. Read about Iowa turning loose a bunch of poor, misunderstood types. Then a neighborhood caught a burglar in the act and, instead of turning him over to police, took him to a bluff and threw him off. Might have cooled the jets of the lib crowd, as I didn’t read much about Iowa letting criminals off the hook after that.

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