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Following the Saudi-led (Saudi nationals with tacit encouragement from senior Saudi officials) attack on the World Trade Center, Ashli Babbitt asked her mother to sign a waiver so that she could join the Air Force at age 17. After she graduated from high school in 2003, she joined and served eight overseas tours including Afghanistan.

On 9/11/21, George W. Bush, her former commander in chief, compared her to a 9/11 terrorist, even though she had been unarmed and had been assassinated by a Capitol Police Officer.

Why are you reading this?  Just wear your mask indoors at home and watch CNN. Go get two boosters to your plague vax.



Annual Homicides @ 300+


Global Heat Distribution

The ocean circulation system is one of the elements of the natural environment that most affects our life. An important function of marine currents is thermohaline circulation, which allows heat to be redistributed on the planet.

This impacts the weather far more than whether or not I have a BBQ on Sunday.


Minimum Wage

US minimum wage by state in 2021, and increase/no increase from the previous year.


Credit Ratings

Credit rating across the US and the EU. “Credit Rating” means the likelihood of a particular state or country to pay back its debts. The better the rating, the safer the place is to invest. (2020 data)


Western Sahara

Tensions are rising again in Western Sahara. An opportunity for the US to nation-build?


Europe is home to 4 of the 10 largest economies in the world, but what about the smallest fish in the big European pond? The grand prize for the smallest economy in Europe goes to the small archipelago of the Åland Islands just south of Finland’s coast.


Map of institutions of higher learning on the eve of the American Revolution, March 1776.


Tame Your Mane

The price to tame your mane can vary drastically depending on where you live.  In the US and England, a haircut costs between $60-70 on average. But in Denmark, the most expensive country, that number jumps up to nearly $80 for a trim. And in Argentina, the cheapest country for a haircut, a new hairdo only costs just over $5.

Then there are the Men


Identify the aircraft,  being escorted by a MiG 21



    • You mean, you don’t?

      I think that may be what the trendy salons charge. I don’t move in those circles, Don, so I can’t say. The standard rate here for a man in a salon is $15-20. Barbershops are a little cheaper but with tips, you’re still close to $15.

      • When I was a kid a haircut ran about $1. I seem to recall that the 15 second buzz cut special I received at Ft. Leonard Wood set me back 60¢. These days I give the woman who cuts mine $20. She’d do it for less but I started paying that when she was a single mom and times were hard for her. Things are better now fortunately, but I still pay $20 since she is a friend and she does just as good a job as the fashionable folks who charge $200 on Air Force 1.

  1. I was lucky when we first got here to find a husband and wife barber shop five minutes away. Recently they retired and moved to Florida. Drat (but yay for them). They sold the shop, and I gave the new outfit a try. Nopity-nope. Got lucky again and found this place 15 minutes down the road–

  2. Have to disqualify myself on this one as I had to Google it but that is one very interesting aircraft. Thank you for posting these. Keeps me on my toes!! 😁👍🏻

  3. I bought a set of clippers 20 years ago and do it myself. I suppose it shows but i’m still ok with the results
    It’s not the $, I don’t mind paying a barber + tips.
    What finally won me over to self-haircuts (lost most of my hair 20 years ago too which helps) was the time saved. Even with a barbershop just outside my neighborhood, it was going to cost an hour to go down, wait for 1-5 guys in front of me in line, get the haircut and go home.
    I couldn’t resist the convenience of getting it done in 5 minutes once every week or two.

    • After surgery this spring I lost some hair on top and I wondered whether it would all go and I could go the Tom from East Tennessee route. It did grow back but not as thick.

    • I had a barber around the corner I could and did walk to.
      I’d call and he’d call back when a chair was available.
      He closed his shop and rented a chair in Ann Arbor.
      I was willing to pay him $10 for the conversation and convenience.
      But after, I just did what he did, Wahl #2 top and sides.
      And tomorrow, I’ll do it again.

  4. Barbers.
    Eugene, Oregon.
    Kay and Shannon.
    Don’s Barber Shop on West 11th next to Fred Meyer super-store.
    (There is no ‘Don’; owner Kay thought a barber-shop needs a manly name.)

    • A barber shop does need a manly name. Can you get a proper shave there? That’s really the question when it comes to a barber shop for me. A lot of shops can cut hair, but shaves are rare these days.

    • YES!

      The Soviets experimented with a lot of designs, trying to find the sweet spot. I don’t think that they ever did. They’re still flying the old Tu-95 turboprops as a mainstay.

          • It was the beginning of the end for that design bureau. It freaked us out a bit at first as the Soviets claimed numbers and performance that were pure disinformation. Yeah, it sucked and it sucked badly.

  5. I have been cutting my own hair nearly 10 years now. Even considering the cost of burnt out or broken clipper replacement (which I have now done twice), I’m ahead of the game cost-wise, versus paying someone else.
    My wife hasn’t had a haircut in 10 years, only occasionally trimming split ends herself (I like her long hair, and she humors me).
    We’ve saved hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in hair stylist fees over the last decade…

  6. Since I have retired I don’t get my hair cut on the base I worked at anymore and finding a barber is difficult. May have to resort to just cutting it myself.

    I had not heard of thermohalene circulation before, very interesting, I learn something here everyday.

    • The more you study how the world works, the more you understand the gift that is the world. The climate is always changing, CO2 is not a greenhouse gas and the elites that are working to control us in this way do not have our best interests at heart.

  7. I am of the thinking of Kermit and Tom of East Tenn. I have but a fringe around the baseline of the skull and I cut my own hair to an 1/8th inch. I am not paying a barber $14 bucks for 3 minutes of their time and the cost to drive and wait. I am too sexy for my head….

  8. Last time I paid for a haircut was in 1977. My GF talked me into going to her mother who was a stylist working in a salon nearby.
    Cost me 16 bucks (yikes!) and it looked sorta…fluffy.
    After that I went back to cutting my own hair. Had some trouble at the back so I put it in a ponytail and just trim around the ears.
    About that time I got tired of shaving, grew a full beard which I trim myself with scissors and comb.

    Since then, hair and beard have turned what I like to think is a distinguished silver…

      • My Old Man used to make some spare change by giving haircuts to the other Marines in his barracks.
        When I was a kid he did mine- a buzz cut. On occasion he’d do the neighbor kids too. I got a flat top every once in a while, and one notable summer, a Mohawk!
        Later, he sent me to his barber.
        And if it wasn’t short enough he sent me back.

        RIP, Dad.

  9. I’ve been going to the same barber for over 20 years. $15 for a haircut, beard/stache trim.
    Unfortunately he just retired and closed shop I’m going to have to find a new place, sadness.
    But if I can’t find the same service at the same price I guess I’ll do it myself (or get used to long hair again).

  10. MrsPaulM cuts my hair the way I like it, she learned in high school to earn extra money. Once in a blue moon she gets hers done or I’ll trim it…easy keeper. Plus, long blonde hair in a cowboy hat….wow. then again, we’re not Mr. Hair Newsome, thank God.

    • @Paul – We found a decent Mexican restaurant here. And it’s just a few blocks away. It’s the “Cancun”, and is on Shields at Stuart. Give ’em a try if you get to that area. And they make Chicken Mole the way I like it….not too sweet, not too bitter/burnt.

  11. Heh. My barber is a bit of a cross between a curmudgeon and a misogynist. Old skool to the max. A “beauty salon” moved in next door staffed by a crew of very attractive ladies. He noticed guys go into their place instead of his, and one day wandered in to introduce himself and made them an offer. Something along the lines of, he would teach them how to cut hair if they would teach him how to do lap dances. Hilarity ensued. True story.

  12. Oh, goodness….where to start?

    Bush the Younger finally showed his true stripes. Makes me wonder if the films of him being told the World Trade Center had just been hit show him pondering what to do, -OR- “They went ahead and did it”….

    The homicide stats don’t surprise me. I’ve lived in some of those cities, and visited others.

    I’m surprised the lefties haven’t started screaming about “Global Ocean Change”. Probably beyond their comprehension.

    When I started working in 1966, then minimum wage was $1.75. My last job in Illinois paid $10.04 in 1979.

    Haven’t had a “proper” haircut since we moved here, 4 years ago this month. I have SLW do the minimum, and do my own beard. Prior to moving here, I got it cut once a month, on the Iowa, when a local Navy Vet would set up shop in the ship’s barbershop, and offer haircuts, any way you wanted, for $20. He and his crew promptly donated that money to the ship, and it was VERY popular. Since all proceeds went to the ship, I ususally kicked in $40. So I can truthfully say I’ve had my hair cut **in the same chair used by Bush the Elder**, onboard a US Navy Battleship.

    And SLW says they did an outstanding job!

    The aircraft is a Myasishchev M-50, aka “Bounder”. They only built one, and then built the M-52 with the engines it was supposed to have, and they only built one of those.

    I always thought some of the Russian aircraft were quite striking in appearance. Some looked really cool, and others were “what were they thinking?” aircraft.

  13. Myasishchev M-50 Bounder I didn’t identify it but it strikes me as one evil looking airplane.

    I pay $10 for a haircut plus, being a big spender, tip $1. One man shop, Iranian immigrant, and open on Monday.

  14. Randy’s Barbershop on Antelope Street in Red Bluff (if he hasn’t retired).
    Learned his trade outside the gates of Camp Pendleton.
    He has a subscription and old issues of Leatherneck available for your perusal.
    Best flat top you will ever have.
    Ask for the Doug Bauman Special.
    Randy will ask in return, “Winter or summer”?
    Oh, and don’t be distracted by the well-endowed female second chair cutter.

  15. My barber cuts my hair for $16, but I give him $20. Takes about ten minutes with a buzzer every other week.

    I could do it myself, but I don;t want to miss stuff in the back and look even dumber than usual. Besides, electric hair clippers are weirdly hard to maintain.


    • I’ve been wearing my hair high and tight my whole life. I don’t plan to change. It’s difficult to get it even close to right on my own.

  16. The problem in North Calif (maybe the whole state) is that some female politician decided to do her good deed and direct that schools be set up to teach the Vietnamese how to cut hair, back when we got inundated with the boat brigade. They are good in high tech, but not cutting Caucasian hair. What seems to have happened is they priced out the low cost hair cutters, and the only good ones remaining were the high end cutters. Occasionally I would find a good one, but they would soon disappear, never to be found again. Four decades of this bull. Said the hell with it, bought my own clippers. Wish I could find a flowbee, but they disappeared.

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