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They hung men and women.



Bullet Points:

** I received a notice that one of my annuities announced a 2% cost of living increase in May this year. If I took the monthly 2%, and applied it to fuel, it would not get me to Vegas to put the next month’s 2% allotment on MAGA. I don’t bet on black (or green). I appreciate the COLA because it’s better than a jab in the butt with a sharp stick. At the same time, it’s a very pale effort to keep up with the actual increase in the cost of living. Having other gainful employment to pick up the slack is useful and removes the specter of penury.

** There was a time when I thought I had Irish ancestry. Then I went on a genealogy kick and discovered that my mother’s family were English pirates and that her grandfather changed his name (to an Irish surname) to avoid the law. There were a lot of urban family legends that turned out to be some weird fantasy. I found birth and death records that ended the debate. The pirate legacy (discussed on this blog previously) allows me to genuinely celebrate things like Pirate Day and talk like a Pirate Day without any cultural appropriation. British Admiralty Court in the early 1600s sentenced my ancestors to the jibbet. Yes, it explains a great deal.

Other ancestors (Paternal side) stood on the quarterdecks of British warships, so in a sense, I have some DNA presence in both worlds.

** People don’t abandon the people that they love. They abandon the people they are using.

** My nephew graduates from dental school in Maine in May. He texted me that Bernie Sanders was speaking at his graduation ceremony but that he wasn’t planning to ‘feel the Bern.’ For a multi-millionaire commie who has never done an honest day’s work in his life, he’s a sour, bitter little man. Lapping at the government trough (eating other men’s bread) was, to him, a type of tribute owed based on some metric that only he could fathom. The irony of the “champion of the working man” is ironic. I doubt he’d know which end of a hammer or sickle to hold.

** Ancient Babylonians developed base 60 mathematics, which led to sixty seconds in a minute and 360 degrees in a circle. Strangely enough, ancient space aliens used base 60 as well because of 60 suckers per tentacle.

** If you can afford to piss away thousands on drunken orgies, practicing the Kama Sutra during Spring Break, you can afford to pay back your student loans.

** Kamala is a heartbeat away. She’s just as clear as Pedo Joe in defining the national trajectory.

** Why should the US want to make its supply chains dependent on China? Let me remind you, dear readers, that you may not think that the United States is at war with China, but China absolutely considers that they are at war with the United States and its allies. Ask the Japanese, who are building up for war – seriously. The Aussies aren’t happy with the US at the moment because we’ve announced that we’re only building one attack submarine next year. Don’t blame me, Australia. If it was up to me, we’d have a ‘big beautiful fleet.’


During Ramadan

Are all Muslims space aliens? No. The larger question is whether all space aliens are Muslims. Can the question be answered during Ramadan when they’re feasting? A fictional short (coming soon) may shed light on the question.




“The Meek shall Inherit the Earth”

What does that mean? Jordan Peterson breaks it down, and that is the sermonette.


Not my Mummy

His DNA has been sequenced again in 2023 – interesting. The video repeats itself, but if you hang in there, you’ll have information from the 2023 analysis. A lot of it sounds like bullshit. Make of it what you will.


Nobody would expect anything to change.



Identify the Aircraft



Identify the Tank



Parting Shot

41 thoughts on “The Wearin-o-the-Green

    1. In US service that would be called a Stuart Recce (for reconnaissance.) But the Brits called any tank with the turret removed and turned into an armoured transport a ‘Kangaroo.’

  1. Re- not building new subs.

    I have a couple of young second cousins and two friends who’s children are current submariners in Australian Navy. To say that they are extremely annoyed is an understatement.

    Personally I would rather that we built more in Australia but between the government and unions an unlikely outcome.

    Previous government sold off most of the technology years ago.

    1. I don’t understand the problem and why USGOV can’t build the number of submarines it pledged to build. Maybe there is a problem with space in naval yards to do that? There is a severe lack of yard space because USGOV cut back on it and now it’s being used to service (and SLEP) the aging boats that require it. Yes, it’s a mess.

      1. Yes, we build them very slowly, pushing the deadlines back decades, because the nation needs the money to prop up the ruling party, feed the swamp and promote DEI.

  2. Ancient Babylonians developed base 60 mathematics, which led to sixty seconds in a minute and 360 degrees in a circle. Strangely enough, ancient space aliens used base 60 as well because of 60 suckers per tentacle.

    At last! A rational explanation for that! I figured somebody had six fingers on each hand, but then we’d have 10 months instead of 12. But that’s still centered on multiples of 6.

    The only problem with a base 60 is that if everything has its own word from 1 to 60, that sure is a butt load of words for a kid to learn.

      1. It’s worse than that.
        At least with base 16 we use A through F as characters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F.
        Use could do that up to base 35.
        What characters would you use after that that would make sense as sequential value holders?

  3. St. Patrick’s Day.
    My sister will tell you she is Irish 365 days a year. Our Irish ancestors were Presbyterians. Worse, they were Presbyterians heretics according to other Presbyterians who were always fighting Catholics and Anglicans. Civil and social disobedience is in our DNA it seems.
    Often said, the Irish won’t fight for anything but will always fight against anything.

  4. There’s a fair amount of the Celt in my bloodline. Mostly Scot though there’s a fair amount of Irish as well. I don’t know if there are any pirates in the ancestry though that wouldn’t surprise me. I do know there were some rebels there, both against the crown and Cromwell as well.

  5. Last year I read about the British selling the Irish to the West Indies as slaves before the African’s showed up on the marketplace… I wasn’t able to find much more on that, have you (or anyone) heard anything about that?

    1. It’s well documented. I’ll post something. They died quickly. The Africans had immunity to many tropical diseases — DNA based resistance.

      1. Well documented … FOR NOW. But it’ll get scrubbed where possible, and memory-holed otherwise. Irish have no place in the victimhood hierarchy. Other than at the absolute bottom as a “generic white” that is.

        Congratulations, yeh bogtrotters. You’re finally considered completely equal to the Sassenach in the eyes of the authorities.

          1. One of my several step-mothers was Irish. Every time I ran into a POC with an Irish surname, I commented, “Black Irish.” She never appreciated the humor and never warmed up to me. Oh well.

    2. Both Cromwell and Charles II sent many prisoners to the West Indies to be sold as slaves.

      “Captain Blood” is an excellent movie that deals with this issue.

      1. The Irish and Scottish slaves were also sent to the colonies. Yes, a majority went to the Caribbean, but a healthy number went straight to the East Coast.

        Those who don’t read history only look at external signs of slavery; however, there are plenty of slave descendants who don’t stand out in the same manner. I’m waiting for my reparation bucks, but I’m not holding my breath.

  6. Today I am “green with envy”…couldn’t resist. Actually, it’s a High Kings Radio day (Pandora)…gotta get into the spirit…like this (have told it before but worth repeating):

    A Englishman, Frenchman, and Irishman walks into the local pub, all three ask for a whisky. Bartender sets them up, Englishman sees a fly in his glass, simply picks it out and downs the drink. The Frenchman sees a fly in his glass, yells “Mon Dieu! I cannot drink this beverage fowled by a fly! Give me another IN A CLEAN GLASS!”. The Irishman looks in his drink, also sees a fly, he reaches in and plucks it out, holding it up he screams, “SPIT IT OUT! SPIT IT OUT!”.

  7. I claim Irish descent. My great-grandfather after whom I am named was 100% Irish, as his parents emigrated from Ireland. His older brother was born there. I have some Celt from Scotland also, the Logans (but not the roadhouse variety). And today is the anniversary of my wife and I becoming formally engaged to get married. We will celebrate with corned beef and cabbage. I know the full story on that. It is an Americans of Irish descent invention, since corned beef brisket was cheaper than back bacon.

    Erin go Bragh! St. Padrig was an engineer (some of you will get that).

  8. BTW, how did the map-maker get all that information? Last name? …’cause no one asked me. (albeit I’m a somewhat diluted Scots-Irish)

  9. I’ve got both Irish and Scots blood. Big whoop.

    And at least one ancestor on my dad’s side that was piratical. Again, big whoop.

    Ancestry should not matter much at all. What should matter is what one has done, does and will do.

  10. Years ago, I would have recommended (as I did on my first day of class) volunteering for the U.S. Armed Services on graduation; now I’m not that certain.

  11. Otzi, aka. The Iceman (not the one in Top Gun), aka. Frozen Fritz- First thought…kid you not…Keith Richards, “Dad!?”
    Interesting summation video. First half, sure. Maybe he’s 5300 years dead, maybe not…Carbon Dating is notoriously inaccuate (Shroud of Turin?) Second half of the video is a bit of a stretch, altho forensics and DNA have advanced so much that between DNA and video capture nearly everywhere you have to be some level of stupid to try and commit crimes. The DNA analysis IS fascinating, but is it outcome based or truly following the leads where they go? Science guys tend to sway the results to fit their “theory”.
    The latter part of the video is just typical stupid, governments and their science pals arguing semantics; “That’s our patch of high mountain dirt!”….”He’s ours!…No, he’s ours!… Oh wait, no to you both, he’s ours!” Pretty funny how the archeology/science eggheads started fighting over this dead dude and his EDC gear.

  12. “Everyone’s Irish on St Patrick’s Day. Except the Scots. They remain Scottish”
    A day for a wearing of the orange and having a bit of Laphroaig.

    The metric system is a joke. Based on prime numbers 2 and 5 (and the French and people that can only think in multiples of 10) whereas the Babylonian/Sumerian system is based on prime numbers 2, 3, and 5. Better resolution as well: 100 degrees between freezing and boiling vs 212 degrees? 39 mm or 1 mil? The Industrial Revolution was built upon the Imperial system. Things went to hell when everything started converting to metric. Not that I win any arguments.

    1. Not my observations, but I can’t remember where I saw this.

      Zero degrees:
      — Celsius: kinda cold
      — Fahrenheit: unpleasantly cold
      — Kelvin (not degrees, absolute): dead

      100 degrees:
      — Celsius: dead
      — Fahrenheit: unpleasantly hot
      — Kelvin: dead

      Resolution is not an issue if you’re allowed decimal places (though I take your point), but Fahrenheit is a more “human centric” system, and therefore preferable for daily use.

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