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“They lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn.


What don’t you understand?



Meme of the Day


Bullet Points:

** Jellyfish have survived without brains for 165 million years. It explains Pedo Joe’s journey through politics without ambiguity.

** The cashier said, “Strip down facing me!” By the time I realized that she meant the debit card, it was too late.

** You Navy and Air Force types, read this and tell me your thoughts. A C-130 as a TACMO replacement? Sort of a TACMO replacement?

** Dinner out with your family once looked like this. I realize that you’re going to call me out for being part of the patriarchy…

** An interesting podcast/article on autonomous vehicles. This is particularly significant for the elderly. So, the nation’s elderly population is quickly expanding. The number of Americans 85 and up will be over 12 million over the next decade. As most people recognize, driving typically becomes riskier and, in many cases, impossible for elderly people because their reaction time goes down, and they have eyesight problems. Yet, many older Americans live in suburban areas where vehicles are the only practical form of transportation, and this is true in a city like Los Angeles, where getting around without a car is difficult. So how might these AVs alleviate this problem, and what potential do they have to improve elderly people’s quality of life?

** Jordan Peterson on how to keep protesters from showing up at your events – insightful?

** All scientists agree when you censor those who don’t.

** Moms and Dads are paying for 25% of Millenial’s housing in one form or another.

** Living and thriving in the clown world—the world of 2024 that we all share—is a challenge that is not getting any easier. In May, I’m taking a 10-day work-related trip across the Rust Belt from Missouri to New York. At the same time, I’m testing my clown world thesis and will be blogging about life in rental cars and motels, eating at greasy spoons. Stay tuned for the series.

To me, the clown world is ordinary people doing ordinary things and trying to cope with the pie-in-the-face that society throws at them. I don’t promise to make sense of any of it.

Ok, I’m flying first class from Phoenix to KC and then back from Buffalo, so I’m not roughing it any more than I usually do these days. Disabuse yourself of the notion that I’ll stay in flop houses or eat at McDonald’s. I’m not rolling around in the mud and the blood and the beer at local bars. It’s a business trip with some blogging observations. Tickets booked.

** In Washington State – The official title of HB 1589, proposed and passed by majority Democrats in Olympia, is… “Supporting Washington’s clean energy economy and transitioning to a clean, affordable, and reliable energy future.” I know that doesn’t SOUND like a ban on natural gas, but here’s what the bill will do unless Governor Inslee vetoes it: Puget Sound Energy, the largest monopoly utility in WA, would be allowed to submit a plan to STOP providing natural gas service and place the expense for converting homes from natural gas to all-electric ON HOMEOWNERS.

PSE’s plan would go to the three Utilities and Transportation Commission members, all appointed by the governor, who hates natural gas so much that he’s started calling it “methane gas.” Does anyone think the UTC will say no? And there’s your ban on natural gas. Other utilities would likely follow because of how the Democrats’ cap-and-trade law targets companies with any connection to fossil fuels.

** Can Voyager 1 be saved? (h/t Claudio)


From PaulM

PaulM sent this to me yesterday. I have no idea who compiles these statistics. Still, as to the US, I’d like a county-by-county map to validate the population of people better (because womyn have penises, too these days) who not only shove their wanks into vending machines but get them stuck to the extent that they need assistance extracting them. I have no experience with this, but I expect that there would be actual coin-op vac-u-jack machines in places like Vegas, San Francisco, Atlantic City, Austin, and Miami. Do those machines malfunction, leaving their customers attached?


Identify the Aircraft




The aircraft served in small numbers with one Squadron between 1936 and 1939.


Yes, it’s an American aircraft


Identify the Vehicle



Parting Shot


54 thoughts on “THEY LIE

        1. Winner! (I may borrow that…’cause most that have known me all my life would say the same about me.)

  1. Fishing meme

    My last long fishing trip with my father and some of his friends in the early 1980’s had me picking up 10 cartons of beer and a case (12 by 750ml / 26oz ) of Bundaberg Rum from the army wet mess.

    None of them were as big as your photo but 14 plus hours a day of standing in the sun surf fishing on an island was thirsty work.

    1. “Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” ~Henry David Thoreau

  2. Vending machine shenanigans… be reported per capita……go Hungary!
    50.6/million, for the win….

    1. You’ll note that India came in for the win with 35 million incidents. The US didn’t even get honorable mention with 2000. I don’t compile the states or make the maps. I look to PaulM for that.

    2. PS – of the 2,629 cases in America, how many rescues were performed on red-dot Indians? There is a lot of information missing. I turn to PaulM for clarification.

      1. I found it odd this was so rampant, and the “poster” thought we were #1…maybe missing the “million” under India.
        A joke? Maybe. But still…if you thought you had weird proclivities I’m here to tell you, not even close if this is what people do in their spare time, altho Stupid Young Males might have something to do with it, especially after too many 3.2 beers.

        1. And of those numbers how many were just the tip? Needs to be broken down into more specific “solid” numbers. Such as shaft, tip, coin purse, chubbed, half chubbed and of course the full on cock and balls? Was Big Mike one of the stats? Need clarification Mr. Paul M.


          1. I thought that “penetration however slight is equal to the complete act”. However, your point is taken. I’d pay real US Currency for a photo of Big Mike balls-deep in a vending machine.

          2. Okay, just what I didn’t need this morning, THAT visual. Thanks a lot!
            I do take SOME responsibility, wasn’t the least bit ignorant when sending that to you, figured someone would take the ball and run off with it..proving we’re still all 8th grade boys inside. But hey, humility starts in the locker room.

    1. I feel like Cassandra – given the gift of prophecy and the curse that nobody will believe me.

      Thanks for dredging that up from the VM archives.

      Yes, democracy (worse still, a republic) can be so drole for the elites who drone on and on about defending it. They say, “Here, we have this demented old pedophile who will sign anything we put in front of him, why not him?” This is directed to the great unwashed who don’t understand the need to pillage the public trough to keep the swampers happy.

      I mean, how are you supposed to win elections if you can’t buy votes – or just rig the machines?

      1. A friend in Kansas City has been raving about SLAP Barbecue (Squeals Like A Pig) for years. I’ve been to Jack Stack and it’s good but haven’t made the work schedule fit getting to SLAP, yet.

        For artery clogging hamburgers in the best Eat What You Want and Die Like A Man tradition, there is Tay’s Burger Shack at 1019 Armour Road, North Kansas City, easy access off I-29, exit 6. It’s a shack and they have burgers. Get some.

  3. Road trip: If you have time in Buffalo go see the Little Rock. It’s a Talos CLG, very cool . I would suggest
    Claudio go meet you there, but his 120 hour workweek and family probably preclude. Hope the fun / useful
    parts of the trip outweigh the others.

    Peterson’s solution is brilliant.

    I did not know that so many people find vending machines sexually enticing. rate/population would be better;
    it seems to be most common in the Former British Empire. Possibly because the FBE mostly consists of places
    where people have enough money for there to be vending machines.

    I really like that Panhard SPAA.

    – Kle.

  4. Certainly hope your travels don’t include one particular US airline and the US plane manufacturer that have been in the news lately.

    1. Is United running a get rid of Boeing operation, scare the population from flying operation, or is United maintenance pencil whipping required inspections and maintenance?

      1. They’re all in bed with the DEI issue. But sometimes there’s no choice but to fly. It MIGHT lead to more interesting blogging – (an up-side?)

        1. I’ve made the executive decision to not fly with any airline that has parts falling off their planes, either when on the ground or in flight. (I’ll be here all day if anyone needs more travel tips.)

          Odd that with the FAA and NTSb we are EVEN HAVING THIS CONVERSATION. Geez! Tell ya, life is really terrific with the amateurs, poseurs, and lunatics running things. Murph’s Law: If it works, DON’T FIX IT! (But they are government, so like an HOA, can’t help themselves to fixing things that aren’t broken. To which I ask: How’s that measles thing going in Chicago?…coming to a city near you.)

          1. Yeah, as EdB points out… it’s difficult to get to Asia or Europe afoot or in your Tesla. And there aren’t many ships like the Titanic anymore.

          2. Walking is good for you, altho, yeah, that overseas thing is a little sticky, have yet to perfect the whole walking on water thing…call me Peter. Guessing this will be a “soft rule” if need be, however will choose my carrier more carefully going forward.

  5. We had a few men and women come into ER with things stuck into and unto their perspective genitalia, but I have never heard or saw a vending machine. Would they bring that vending machine and the perspective clown in a ambulance? Or would a fire truck more appropriate? I worked as a behavioral therapist as well as a psych nurse and at 66 years old I am still amazed at what people do/say/aspire too. I look at a vending machine and all I want is the candy or the pop, I don’t want a one night stand or have to buy it breakfast in the morning or call it a cab…

      1. Then buy a danged vinyl surrogate if you can’t control yerself when walking by soda or candy machine…no “danger, danger Will Robinson” in that (for those who lust after such things). Maybe that’s one reason old pay phones were set higher on the wall? (see, always thinkin’) Heck, iffn yer Amazon Prime said surrogate will show up in short order, maybe even that day if yer in the suburbs. Otherwise – PROTIP TO FOLLOW – moving mechanisms and delicate body parts when placed in close contact usually don’t portend a…uhh…let’s just say…happy ending.
        Curious if there’s correlation to a rise in ER “addadictome’s”…maybe Mike_C could shed some light on stats?

        1. I am disturbed that you think I’d know anything about putting it where it doesn’t belong. 🙁
          That said, one of my best friends from residency was because we: a) were both amused by rectal foreign bodies, b) as Internal Medicine guys we chased some dweeb of a psychiatrist out of our turf (interservice rivalry) because of it.

          Sorry, I’m way out of the loop on what goes on in ERs. But to persons who find amusement in stories of guys (it’s usually dudes) violating DDSS (don’t do stupid sh … er stuff), I recommend the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology. I haven’t read it in over a dozen years, but it used to have articles and case reports about people who’d done themselves in whilst practicing autoerotic asphyxiation, light bulbs stuck in colons, etc.

          Dweeb story: So my co-intern N and I were in the “6c” Medicine team room (where the residents and students keep their stuff and do paperwork). One of us was looking something up and happened across a case report about some guy in Hong Kong who put a live eel up his own butt, ostensibly to “relieve constipation”. The eel bit through HK Guy’s colon before expiring. The guy had to have a diverting colostomy. This was a) awful, b) hilarious, c) probably karmic justice (#eellivesmatter). So N and I are laughing our heads off when this uptight fussbudget of a faculty psychiatrist comes into OUR team room with his residents and students. They sit at our table and start discussing something or other. N and I are still snickering about the rectal eel. Fussbudget turns to us and says frostily, “What’s amusing you, gentlemen? Would you care to share it with the class?” On top of the fact that this psych guy was condescending to us in OUR space, he was also a short little bald dude with a ridiculous bristlebrush mustache. Now a guy can’t help being short or bald, so it’s not fair to trash him for that, but he was also puffing himself up to look bigger and scarier (oh that lizard brain buried under the conscious mind slips out under stress) which was plain comical. N and I started laughing harder. We looked at each other and shrugged. I gasped out, “This. We’re laughing at this,” gesturing to N. N had a printout of the article, which he handed to Dr Fussbudget. Fussbudget read the front page, stood up abruptly, and said to his puzzled team, “We’re leaving. Now.” A small triumph, but intern year is bad enough that you need to learn to appreciate the little stuff.

          1. Ok, epic play…again. You need to write The Stories, like that one Flight Attendant used to on a blog outlining all the crazy people would do while in the air.
            The “addadictomy/me” data request was, of course, sarcastic, and the term became legend after Ms. Bobbit decided to… know the rest. (still cringeworthy) We had two super popular local morning radio jocks, really funny. They either came up with the term or certainly got some serious mileage out of it.
            No aspersions cast, but still begs the question, Why anyone would do this is beyond the realm of all rationale? Then again, and maybe his correlates to LL’s ‘age at death’ map and the SE USA stats…but watch enough detective shows and you start to realize how many are born who would assault a vending machine, which, honestly, isn’t a good narrative to the human race surviving. Maybe this stat is telling us “the end is near”.

  6. Vending Machine – Would have thought the oriental numbers would have been the highest knowing (not personally) their general “proclivity” towards the odd in the sex department. But hey, whatever floats yer boat. That said, no more public vending machine goodies for m. Nope. Not happening…especially if I ever find myself in India.
    Peterson is spot on. Good one (like the meme “Millennial Anti-Theft” tire cover, showing a stick shift pattern.)
    Failure to Launch is not a slogan, or a way of life, sheesh. Was 15, mom walked into the closet radio shack, school just let out two days prior, looks me straight in the eye and says “Time to get a job” (my paper route got axed when the Bucks County Courier Times decided paperboys were no longer needed). Went on as a laborer on a construction site only to become the Site Supe’s “helper”. (see Peterson’s YT Channel for further advice).
    Parting Shot: “And I STILL FIT INTO my High School shorts!” Got to hand it to them, those Suthun’ boys do own it with a certain “don’t care” attitude…because grillin’ and cheap beer MATTER to livin’ large.)

    1. >Would have thought the oriental numbers
      Okay. So I read this paper about “traumatic penile injuries due to household appliance” some time ago. Seems that this vacuum cleaner company put an auxilliary fan four inches from the front end (“just the tip”) of the hose. This was supposed to provide more uniform suction or something. The ERs noticed an uptick in men presenting with lacerations to the glans (tip) of the penis. They tended to be very cagey about just HOW they got this curious injury. Finally someone said that he’d just gotten out of the shower, and (for some fricking reason) decided to do some light vacuuming whilst butt nekkid. The phone rang (or something), and distracted, he lowered his arm holding the vacuum hose. His flaccid schlong being of a size to make horses green with envy, the dastardly and preverted (sic) vacuum snarfed up his unit like absolutely-not-Jennifer-Lawrence on Harvey Weinstein, and, well, there you have it, doc.

      My first thought was: a) terrible engineering decision, but the company was lucky that no guy was willing to admit in court what happened, so they prolly wouldn’t get sued; b) hilarious mental picture of some guy who’d been having “relations” with that same model vacuum for months (but escaped injury because under four inches) reading the article and shrinking (as if he needed that) in shame. I think you can generalize from this sad vacuum tale as to why Oriental stats are not necessarily as might be expected.

      PS, for the record: “I did not have sexual relations with that machine Ms Robotsky.”

  7. Quite a plateful here today…..

    The C-130 is an amazing aircraft, a testament to the Good Design Practices used during it’s production. I’m not entirely comfortable with using it as a TACAMO aircraft. Seems like a step backwards, but what do I know….

    Never went to a “Mr. Steak”, but sat through dinners like that many times growing up. Usually went to a place called “Spotty’s” because my Dad knew Spotty, and we save the Big Dinners for either “Al’s Steakhouse) (a favorite place for the Chicago ‘Family’), or “D’Amicos 214”.

    Having lived there, I’d say the Rust Belt started at Gary, IN, and ran east along the shores of the Great Lakes, but there are other places that took it in the shorts, too.

    I’d much rather have a gas-fired furnace, than an all-electric house; as a friend said, “You’ll Freeze, Starve, and Go Blind When The Power Is Off”….not to mention the expense. These watermelons are systemically destroying the USA…..

    1. Checking my birth certificate – so what you’re saying Ed, is that they are not that old. Oh, maybe they’ve mellowed slightly but they’re still lean, mean, fighting machines and sexual tyranosaurs.

    1. If you dump the Alternate Command Post function and keep just the TACAMO role, a modern C-130 should be fine. The trailing wire antenna was tested on a C-130. The C-130 props allow slower speed, maneuverability, and “pull” you can’t get from a jet engine. Helps the antenna operate better.
      Don’t ask, I know nothing. Even my work lanyard say “Deny Everything”, courtesy of The Spy Museum in DC

      1. The article suggests that they’re going to dump the Alternate Command Post – possibly fly both with the TACMO operating independently.

        1. And that is also a stupid decision. They’ve been joint forever, even when the ‘equipment’ was much bigger…sigh… WN, the trailing wire was ‘adopted’ from the original on th C-130…sigh

  8. Puget Power. The 18 years I depended on them for natural gas was irritating. Damn high prices and piss poor service. All electricity? With the environazis having dams removed to help the salmon where will the hydro power come from.

  9. Of course they lie. Theodore Dalrymple: “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

    1. Man, when I was in college in the early 70’s, we used to mock someone as violating Political Correctness as if we were in a soviet state.
      And now, here we are.

      1. The current president whose daughter’s dairy says he showered with her couldn’t have happened without decades of cooperation by “conservatives”. There are no conservatives, there are only commies and libertarians. The appearance of there being a centrist middle ground is an illusion, because it takes decades of commie positive feedback to go from Marx to Lenin to Stalin.

  10. It’s not a beer belly, it’s a fuel tank for a fishin’ machine

    No, sorry, you’ve been mislead. You should have a body which can do a kata with a Viking sword, or an M16.

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