Hillary’s Long March

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The coronation of Hillary Clinton is of prime concern to the Democratic Party’s handlers and mandarins. They made the decision to hide her until she can become the Party/Political Labor Union’s nominee. The mainstream media, which serves the Democratic National Committee, is acquiescent in this.

The question is whether or not this will better prepare her for what she will face in the ordeal of running for President as a candidate.  Will the thick glasses that she wore after her organic brain injury in 2012 return along with the lank, unwashed hair that we became familiar with, or will the coifed efforts of the staff continue as she personally deteriorates? 

There is monumental pressure which comes with not knowing when or if the FBI will refer her case to the US Attorney, thus derailing all of the plotting and skulduggery. How does that impact her daily life?
Then there is Bill, endless philandering, and her preference for female sexual company. Would an opponent mention that in response to her attacks? Can she survive the repost? The media will shield her to the extent possible, but even they may find that they have some limits – brought on by the hated, unrelenting and highly watched FOX News cable cycle.
I wonder whether or not Donald Trump will excuse her from the lectern in debates, or whether she will have to content herself with dumping into her ‘depends’? 

8 thoughts on “Hillary’s Long March

  1. Pure speculation. She dies after being nominated. not so far fetched given her age and health issues. The Lightbringer "postpones" the election until another candidate can be selected. He and the rest of the (P)regressives are arrogant enough to believe they can do it.

  2. Lest we all forget, Hillary has never been elected to a political office in an environment where there was organized opposition. Her only elected office was as NY senator. Her GOP opposition was almost non-existent.

    How exactly is the most polarizing political figure since Richard Nixon in his scandal ridden second term going to fare in the general election coming up? With a ton of opposition consisting of independent and Republican folk, who see her as a corrupt, lying crone? With big, meaty cankles? Looks count in politics, don't ever forget that. Just ask Sweaty Richard Nixon in his debate against smooth, polished JFK.

    I gotta think her chances are not so good.

    And Richard Nixon never, EVER had as much baggage as 'Cankles.' I smell a GOP landslide, even if we nominate Gomer Pyle.

  3. She cannot stand up under mass scrutiny. I believe she would explode under dire questioning… which okay with me but a mess for the cleanup crew. Like Obama without his prompter, she cannot handle the real media's questions. As for her health… we can only hope it goes South. That would leave her 'lick-sister' lover's floundering, too.

  4. As unlikely as an indictment seems at this point, I would stand and applaud the FBI if they hauled her out of the Democrat convention. I'd even watch television again to see that happen.

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