The University of California System Loses

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It’s tough to think of a more imperfect choice to lead the University of California system than (now former) Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. However, in California’s convoluted and twisted world where up is down in an Alice in Wonderland sense of reality — Napolitano will fit right in.
Big Mama Napolitano will make three quarters of a million dollars a year–to do what? What is Napolitano qualified to do? She isn’t a respected academic or distinguished public servant. Many view her as a species of drone who mindlessly enforced Barack Obama’s absurd policies. And the bankrupt State of California is giving her $750,000 in taxpayer money to provide advice and direction. Maybe that kind of money will motivate the endemically lazy Napolitano?
Some have suggested that this is part of a cultural take-over by the left, but let me put those fears to rest. ‘The Left’ functionally took over the UC System a long time ago. California’s reputation as the land of fruits and nuts was cemented into the UC’s firmly well before the Obama Presidency.
Let’s review some of the Napolitano highlights: 
  • 2009 Ft. Hood massacre by turn-coat Major Nidal Hasan. 14 people died as Hasan cried, “Allah u Akbar!” Napolitano’s finding: Workplace violence only. No hint of Islamic radicalism or terrorism…
  • DHS turned its focus under Napolitano from Islamic radicals to “right-wing extremists” and diverted its resources in that direction while the Boston Bombers blew up the marathon finish line.
  • She led TSA to new lows.
And sadly, there is nothing positive to report about Napolitano’s contribution to the nation. Janet Napolitano personifies the term, “political hack”. 
But at least she’s gone from federal service.

12 thoughts on “The University of California System Loses

  1. I can't help but wonder what the straw was that broke that camel's back. She's been carrying Barack's water for what, 4+ years now. Something put her over the edge.

  2. Over the edge, or under the bus.

    Sad to think that the place where I and my children got our college degrees is a housing unit for Obama's rejects.

  3. She will continue to be a left wing hack, except that she will now be affecting how your children are educated… and I'm betting the GLBT or how ever than acronym is used are happy as hell…

  4. I didn't mention (above) that part of her appointment surely has to do with the fact that she's a fat old lesbian. Clearly not a minority in many parts of the Golden State. She's a main streamer.

  5. The State of California seems destined to shoot it's self in the foot at every opportunity.

  6. I would have suggested that Napolitano remain on the East Coast — possibly in New York, where her talents would be better appreciated.

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