Proud, Progressive Hollywood

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Yes, they are all Obama supporters and they’re waiting for Hillary to make her run to be Commander-in-Chief so that they can throw money at her too.

Meanwhile, in Fly-Over Country

There is a subliminal message that the collectivists are sending to you. Maybe it’s not in black and white but it’s there all the same. There is nothing in this world that can’t be taken away from you and there’s nothing you have that won’t be taken away if you don’t have the balls to protect it. Every day the Atlas Shrugged scenario plays itself out more fully.

8 thoughts on “Proud, Progressive Hollywood

  1. It looks like Atlas Shrugged has turned out to be a clear winner in the prophecy department. However, 1984 still predicted a lot of our modern problems, including "newspeak."

  2. It's time to look for a compound in a "free state". If Hillary is elected, that may not be enough.

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