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  1. The older I get the more I understand my father’s wisdom…your “thought” was one of them. Then again, he was part of the 20% and taught us “kids” to be as well.

    1. My grandfather raised me until his passing when I was thirteen years old. He was that role model for me. (sic transit gloria Mundi)

      I don’t know that I will ever fill his shoes. Of course, the world we live in is different in a lot of ways, but the basics remain the same.

      1. These were serious men who “just took care of business”. No whiners there.

        Same here on the “never can fill his shoes” sentiment, but I manage to assuage any falling short by convincing myself that I at least thought of it…means I’m still striving.

        1. Life is a journey, CAMPERFIXER. The end is a six foot drop and a mouth full of dirt, so we have to do while we can.

  2. Doing what works for me is trying to do what God desires and commands. That’ no easy task (at least for an old reprobate like me.) I quit worrying about “other people” 40 or more years ago, LL.

  3. Yeah. Somewhere, we stopped teaching kids self-reliance both externally and emotionally, and it’s really messed up the world.


    1. Even in the Boy Scouts – back when the organization existed – back before they allowed homosexual scoutmasters. When I became council commissioner over a very large council with 33,000 boys, I tried to implement more self-reliance types of activities and was continually nixed. I found it frustrating.

  4. My Mother’s parents both passed away before I was born, and my father’s father passed when I was about 5 years old, so I never got to know them.

    Having a grandson of my own now, I realize how important grandparents are. I just hope he remembers me after I’m gone…..

    1. This whole quarantine and virus situation pains me because I can’t see the grandkids.

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