China Uprising

There’s a general news blackout among MSM outlets in the US but it’s covered in India.  Note that India quotes the Daily Mail.

China Lockdown News Today: Amid massive protests across China against Xi Jinpings disastrous zero-Covid policy, several military tanks were on Tuesday seen on the streets as Chinese officials ramp up their crackdown against demonstrators. Videos shared on social media showed a steady stream of tanks trundling through the eastern city of Xuzhou on Monday night, Daily Mail reported.

I’m sitting back and watching China’s meltdown in real time. There is a lot of public dissatisfaction in China and based on sources of my own, attacks on the People’s Armed Police led to citizens arming themselves for their own defense. Cool.


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Bullet Points:

* Another Delay – The regime’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it would not reopen a key U.S. oil refinery in the Virgin Islands, despite a coming national shortage in diesel fuel that could prove catastrophic to the country.

* Jack Ryan, Season 3 (trailer) – “If this is my last flight, at least it won’t be in coach.” –  December 21. It will give you something to watch over your Christmas break. It’s safe to vilify Russians, and not any ordinary Russians, but rogue Russians. It would be interesting to see Jack Ryan take on the Communist Chinese but that’s not politically correct since the Communist Chinese have such a large stake in American telecom giants.

* I had a back channel chat with Mike_C, who’s thinking of changing jobs. A job change for him apparently requires a plague vax even though respected peer-reviewed studies show that they don’t stop infection or transmission. I’m not criticizing Mike_C because we all do what we do to make a living and sometimes that means succumbing to this. I had the single-poke J&J vax two-plus years ago so I could board an airplane for work.  So I get it. But it’s all so absurd.

* The Rolling Ponzi – I get a lot of questions about how long the rolling Ponzi scheme that is USGOV will continue. My reply for the historical record is that I don’t have a clue. The US is expanding foreign military bases at an astonishing rate, though with a trillion to play with in a military budget, they can do quite a bit. The “black” intelligence budget is another thing. The deterioration of Russia and the internal strife in China continue to strengthen America’s hand despite the end of democracy and legitimate voting in the US (and likely Canada). Unrestricted illegal immigration as a matter of national policy and the rise of the American Secret Police will all have unintended consequences. The crypto Ponzis aren’t doing well at all (either). So how long? As I said, don’t ask me because I don’t know.  As with all of you, I want to be sitting in a chair when the music stops.

* Despite what I wrote a couple of days ago about China being more likely to take on Russia in a contest to control the territory east of the Urals, it doesn’t mean that I think that they wrote off Nationalist China in Taiwan. The Other China is squarely in China’s crosshairs, with increased flights into Nationalist China’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) and conducting island seizure exercises. I simply feel that they feel that once the internal dissent is crushed, a move into Russia would fit closer with their goals at this point than expending that strength on Taiwan. Taiwan will wait. Russia is weak NOW.

* When I pronounce Qatar as “Gutter”, it’s because I mean “gutter”. I’ve had mixed results dealing with those folks. Many have a strange affinity for Iranian mullahs.


It’s time for another teaser for MikeW’s memoirs


© MGW 2021 – All Rights Reserved

Once again, about mid-morning on another hot, humid, Delta day, Nga, the team (Khan, Minh, Dung, and Suong), and I flew into the Can Tho airfield from the Bien Hoa Air Base.  On this occasion, we were aboard a seemingly newish, or at least a freshly refurbished, South Vietnamese Air Force C-47.  We were the only passengers.  After our exiting the aircraft, together with our gear, Nga and I went to flight operations, located under the control tower, where, as pre-arranged, we collected the keys to two International Harvester Scouts, which we found parked in the carpark at the rear of the building.  Unlike the ones we had used on our previous visit, the condition of these two vehicles left something to be desired.  They were full of fuel so, as long as they ran and kept running, and got us to and from where we wanted to go, they would serve their purpose.  Leaving the airfield, the team drove into town, to the same safe house we had used on our previous visit.

Shortly after we arrived at the safe house two members of the local Military Security Service (MSS) unit arrived.  They proceeded to give us an in-depth briefing, as opposed to the sketchy briefing we had received prior to leaving Saigon, on our mission.  On this occasion, it was to snatch the long-term, hardcore, VC village chief from a village some five kilometers from Can Tho, and return with him to Saigon where he would be interrogated.  This village chief, despite occupying what might be thought of as a low-level position was, in fact, a well-connected member of the Viet Cong hierarchy, having been one of the original stay-behind Viet Minh cadre, when the country was partitioned in 1954.  He was so confident of his untouchability that he slept every night in his own house and did not post guards.  On most nights the only occupants of his house were himself and his wife.  Occasionally, if he and his associates had been engaged in a drinking bout during the evening, there might be up to four additional males sleeping on the premises.  The MSS agents provided us with detailed maps of the village and its surroundings, as well as recent photographs of the target and his associates, his house, together with a floor plan which, they maintained, was up to date, and photos of the other houses in the village occupied by the target’s associates.  They had also arranged for a helicopter to be made available to us, to conduct a visual reconnaissance of the area, that afternoon.

That afternoon the six of us returned to the Can Tho airfield.  There we found a UH-1 helicopter, complete with crew, awaiting us.  After briefing the pilots as to what we wanted we took off.  Flying in such a way that it would not be obvious, to anyone on the ground, that we were interested in the target village, we had an excellent look over the village, the surrounding area, and a number of possible approaches.  We then returned to Can Tho and to the safe house.

Using the maps and photographs provided by our MSS colleagues, together with our own observations during our aerial reconnaissance, we decided that we could drive to within a kilometer of the village, cache our two vehicles in the grounds of an overgrown, abandoned temple, and then make our way across several dry rice paddies, into the village.  The village chief’s house, unlike most, was not in the center of the village, being somewhat closer to the direction from which we intended to approach.  We also decided that, rather than staying an extra day in Can Tho, we would conduct our operation that night.  For our purposes, we decided that we would all carry suppressed weapons, the team carrying their usual suppressed Swedish K submachine guns, and me carrying my usual suppressed Sterling submachine gun.  Likewise, we would all carry suppressed .22LR Colt Woodsman self-loading pistols.  The choice of edged weapons was left up to each individual.  Nga and I also carried our personal saps, with which we were wont to render our targets unconscious when necessary.

We decided that, on our arrival at the chief’s house, Nga and I would enter first.  Should the target and his wife be alone in their bedroom we would render them both unconscious.  Khan and Dung would then enter the house and assist Nga and me in tying them up, gagging them, and placing hoods over their heads.  The four of us would then exit the house, with the target, leaving the wife behind.  If, however, the wife caused a problem at any stage then she would be despatched forthwith.  Should Nga and I, on our entrance, find additional people in the house we would advise the other four of which room, or rooms, they were in, the four would then enter and, using their suppressed weapons, despatch them, whilst Nga and I took care of the target and his wife.  In this scenario, because of the increased chances of discovery, the wife would be despatched whilst we took down the target.  This being a solidly Viet Cong village, should we be discovered at any time, it would be a case of shooting until either we ran out of ammunition or ran out of targets, whichever came first, whilst retreating to our vehicles.

Shortly after midnight, the team left our safe house.  Nga, Suong, and I were in one vehicle, and Khan, Minh, and Dung were in the other.  Once clear of Can Tho we were able to drive without lights.  Although there was no moon, once away from the urban light pollution, it was possible to see reasonably clearly with the starlight alone.  Reaching the overgrown, abandoned temple we parked the vehicles.  Sitting within the ruins we listened for any unusual sounds.  All was quiet, with the only sounds being the usual rural nocturnal ones.  There was the sound of an occasional dog barking from a number of points across the rice paddies.  After sitting, listening, and observing, for about thirty minutes, we moved out, in a staggered file, widely spaced, across the dry, stubbled, rice paddies.  Surprisingly, there was still only the occasional dog bark, as we closed on, and entered, the village.  After entering the village, moving quietly, and using the shadows, we came to the target’s house.  The house, along with those surrounding it, was in darkness and there was no sign of movement either within or without.

As with most rural houses the door was unlocked.  Nga and I slid silently inside.  After waiting a minute or so for our eyes to adjust to the deeper darkness inside the house (I always found that scrunching them closed made this process quicker) we moved through the main room towards what were the two bedrooms.  Luckily, there was no chance of the floorboards squeaking as the floor was bare concrete.  The sounds of drunken snoring emanated from both bedrooms.  I motioned to Nga, whilst keeping my eyes, and the muzzle of my Sterling aimed towards the two bedroom doors, and she slid backward to bring the others into the house.  Raising one finger, I indicated they should give Nga and me one minute to enter the target’s bedroom before they entered the second bedroom to despatch the occupants.  Nga and I moved to the targets bedroom door and slowly eased it open.  The target was asleep, lying on his back, with his wife beside him, lying on her side, with her back to the door.  I eased up slowly alongside her, my suppressed Colt Woodsman in my hand, whilst Nga eased up alongside the target her sap in her hand.

I eased the muzzle of my pistol into the target’s wife’s ear and slowly squeezed the trigger.  As I did so Nga brought her sap down hard on the side of the target’s head.  With the target unconscious, and his wife dead, Nga and I became aware of muffled noises from the second bedroom as we rapidly handcuffed and gagged the target and pulled a hood over his head.  Suong stuck her head in the door and announced that four males had been despatched.  She also added that they had acquired four AK-47s, together with a number of spare magazines, and two briefcases stuffed with documents.  As all was still quiet, we decided to conduct a quick search of the premises, albeit this not being in the original plan.  This search turned up another AK-47, along with several spare magazines, together with two further briefcases full of documents.  By this time the target was starting to stir.  We woke him up further by pouring a bucket of water over his head.  Suong and Minh left the house first.  After giving the all-clear Dung and Khan exited the house with the prisoner, closely followed by Nga and me.  Dragging the prisoner with us, and carrying the captured weapons and briefcases. we recrossed the open rice paddies and, after a quick reconnaissance to ensure that the temple was clear, we entered.  Placing the prisoner into the rear seat of the vehicle driven by Nga and me, with Suong guarding him, we split the captured weapons and briefcases between the two vehicles.  We all then returned to the safe house in Can Tho.

The following morning we contacted the local MSS unit and advised them of the success of the mission.  They undertook to arrange to have us, along with the prisoner, picked up from the airfield and returned to Saigon.  Shortly after speaking to them, they called back.  A South Vietnamese Air Force C-47 would be available to carry us back, leaving Can Tho at 12.00 hours.  After a leisurely, late breakfast, during which the blindfolded prisoner refused to eat or drink, we tidied up and closed out the safe house and then traveled to the Can Tho airfield.

After parking the Scouts in the car park, at the rear of the control tower, Nga and I returned the keys, as pre-arranged, to flight operations.  We then sat in the shade, as far away from the other arriving and departing passengers and flight crews as we could get, whilst we awaited our flight.  We did get the occasional strange look though.  I suppose it is not every day that you see five Vietnamese, three females and two males, and a Caucasian male, all in tiger stripe fatigues, carrying a varied assortment of weaponry, together with an obviously Vietnamese male in black peasant clothes, handcuffed and hooded, awaiting a flight at your local airport.

As promised, right on time, the South Vietnamese Air Force C-47 was available, we boarded and had an uneventful flight back to the Bien Hoa Air Base.  After the post-mission debriefing, and completion of the after-mission reports, a ten-day standdown followed, after which we entered another pre/post-mission training cycle at Ho Ngoc Tao.


  1. You and other who study China and have been there, done business there, are my window. Never the American Mainstream Maggots (h/t BZ). Most of us running in the common herd see China as a large monolithic entity. That must wrong. They don’t even have a common language. With the history of warlords it stand s to reason power plays are going on regionally. What are the odds China will fracture into regions again as has been their history?

    • China is held together by the People’s Liberation Army. If the army wasn’t there to kill anyone who broke away, the country would balkanize tomorrow, literally. Shanghai and Guangzhou could do fine on their own without Big China there to strip them of wealth. But the PLA is there and it calls the shots in a very real sense. It keeps order and it has tanks. At present, the PLA has its hands full crushing dissent. The People’s Armed Police are part of the PLA. They are not part of the Ministry of Public Security (Gōng’ānbù) which is not allowed to have firearms.

        • There is a Chinese mindset involved and it doesn’t translate well. I spoke to a PLA Colonel once who told me that to him, Washington DC and California were the “mysterious East”. The mindset is cultural and it’s instructive to study what the Mongol Khans found when they invaded China. It’s largely the same mindset. If they studied at Harvard or the University of California Irvine (called the University of Chinese Immigrants – UCI), they studied verb and noun in a Chinese bubble, surrounded by Chinese students, speaking Chinese and eating familiar food. They return home with the right sheepskin, but they never stepped out of the bubble.

          There are exceptions. I met a Public Security Bureau colonel, in Changsha, a female, who was dialed in all the way to the top through her family. She actually got it, but she said, it’s rare that they do.

  2. I was fortunate enough to have retired before the jab became the new In Thing. My two oldest sons have both taken them – hope I won’t have to attend their funerals…
    There are some sites that post job openings for businesses that don’t require jabs, but I don’t know if Mike_C would find anything in his profession on them.

  3. The initial COVID vax hoopla was one of the reasons I retired when I did…but just one. I have always believed it should be a personal medical decision. Both of my sons have had the vaccine for work but no boosters.

    Agree with WSF that you are one of my windows to the world as far as China goes. Thank you for the brief glimpses behind the curtain.

  4. “China Meltdown”….could be epic.

    I think the graphic is missing a panel between “Where We Are” and “When It Starts To get Interesting”.

    The Middle East….it’s an interesting place, but my experience is limited to the late 70’s. The professional people I dealt with considered Americans as friends, but most of the lower class people looked at us with such hate in their eyes as I’d never seen.

  5. That group of men vs man with a whip graphic reminds me of a story I heard back in the 70’s-90’s timeframe. A militant atheist speaker had just finished mocking and ridiculing any and all believers and then asked any who still believed to stand up. Two gals stood and started singing “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus”. By the end of the song most of the people in the room were standing and singing as well. He had tried an isolation tactic, and they responded with something that would motivate group participation.

  6. Way beyond thinking of changing jobs. For Reasons. Contract is signed and all that, officially starting Monday. My refusal to get jabbed got escalated (to my surprise) to the top of the company and some alternatives were discussed via back channels, but there were significant potential downsides to all involved. Anyway, I did some additional research and TL;DR is that I got a shot of Novavax (TM) this afternoon. I have my digital certificate proving it. All hail the WEF! Sam Bankman-Fried is the real victim in all this misunderstanding! All problems in the world are due to racism, and to antis and to phobes. There are no pests in China! There are zero rats, mice or other vermin in the workers paradise! You get the idea.

    So Novavax is a non-mRNA formulation that is the closest thing to an actual vaccine. I knuckled under partly because I am concerned that there will be new restrictions on travel, etc for the unjabbed. I am also concerned that Novavax will be pulled from the market, for Reasons. So I got *a* jab (but not Pfizer/Bio-N-Tech nor Moderna). Two interesting things I learned from this exercise. Bear in mind that I have not done clinical medicine in about 10 years now, so I’m a bit out of the loop on the latest clinical developments if they are not in my specific area.

    1. I got an exemption from the vaxx at my current job because I was actively undergoing chemotherapy at the time. (Solid medical reason to NOT get jabbed, even though the oncologist was heavily leaning on me to get jabbed. Can discuss why it made no sense if anyone wants to know.) I’m in remission so the oncologist won’t sign off on a medical exemption now. No problemo I think to myself. I know plenty of practicing MDs, I’ll just get someone to sign an exemption. Nope. Out of 8 people polled (2 by me, the other 6 by one of the two I talked to), ALL were literally afraid of signing an exemption. Several had written exemptions early on. Each of those was told (viva voce, not by email) by a senior admin person, some variation of “Never do that again, or you may lose your hospital privileges.” Turns out that at least some state medical boards are also looking very very closely into MDs who sign exemptions. Rhymes with pitch stunt.

    2. I went to an independent lab to get the Novavax. (Apparently my hospital doesn’t have it.) In the reception/waiting area the clerk verified my appointment, saying “So you’re here for your Novavax covid shot?” (technically a HIPAA violation since everyone hanging around could hear). I replied [smiling], “Yes. Under protest. Nothing against you personally, but all this is about social control and not medicine.” A middle-aged white guy piped up, “Yes. I work at [hospital redacted] and they’ve nearly fired me several times because I won’t take the mRNA shot. I’m here for Novavax too.” The clerks nodded agreement. “It IS bullshit. We’re with you.” Interesting.

    They called me back and a nice LPN gave me the shot. We ended up chatting for almost 20 minutes. She turned out to be anti-mandate as well. She said (from her personal experience, so sample bias, etc) that she saw considerably more problems after mRNA jab than officially reported. I said that I wasn’t even aware that Novavax was available. “I hear that a lot,” she said. “And only a few sites have it. We’re lucky to have some.”
    MC: Pardon my aluminum foil hat, but they seem to be pushing the mRNA jabs heavily.
    LPN: No, that’s my impression too. Novavax has been available since August, but few people know about it.
    (No one I talked with or polled recently were aware that Novavax is available. This is really weird since many of them are practicing physicians. You have to make an effort to find/get Novavax.)

    So the things I learned: 1) Several practicing MDs report that they were threatened (allegedly) with unemployment for writing covid exemption notes. Since these threats (allegedly) were by voice and not letter or email, there is no record of them. This was across multiple hospitals and states. (Again, this is anecdote and the sample size is small. All this proves nothing.)
    2) Novavax (non-mRNA, it’s fragments of the spike protein directly, not mRNA instructions to cause your own cells to make spike protein) is markedly less well distributed than mRNA jab, is not well known, and several quite good practicing MDs in New England were not aware it’s available.

    I don’t know what, if anything, this means. Draw your own conclusions, but personally I find 1) and 2) together a bit concerning.

    PS: I went to a lab because I didn’t want to get jabbed at a CVS or some grocery store. My concern was bad technique and all that comes with it. My LPN got her shot at a grocery store. “I’m the only one here who gives shots. And while I can inject myself, it’s not something I want to do. Bad decision. The person who gave me my shot was clearly inexperienced and very nervous. The sterile technique was bad also. I’ve given a second shot to a lot of people who got their first shot in a drug store and said ‘never again’. [MC: because cellulitis, pain, etc] So they came to our lab.” The LPN had great technique. I barely felt it go in [insert “that’s what she said” joke here] and so far no adversf 3p7gsauhidnf;

  7. At my recent yearly exam and blood draw, so they would continue prescribing the same 3 meds at the same dosage I’ve taken for they past 6+ years, one question the doctor asked was if I had been vaccinated? When I replied that I had natural immunity from my short bout with it two years to the month ago, I got an incredulous look in return. I returned it in kind. I believe when I studied virology, taught through the veterinary school, while in college in the early 80’s, the principles haven’t changed ,I could be wrong?

    • You are not. Basic viral science has not drastically changed other than new and improved treatments, proper vaccines, etc. Didn’t stop the insiders running this Culling Operation from reinventing the wheel, mainly because most of the GP have forgotten their mothers advice to: Get it, get over it, gain natural immunity.

      “Officials” purposely screwed with the entire natural flow WE ALL KNEW, then purposely interfered with ubiquitous treatments that allowed people to die that did not have to, we saw/see doctors operating as if they are brainwashed drones, businesses threatened/ing people with their livelihoods…and now we have people dropping like flies due to “the cure”.

      Every bit of that was due to these Lying Mengele’s unleashing their manufactured Pandora out of its box. Special place in Hell for them..because God sees what they did.

  8. I got the J&J one and done non-mRNA jab two years ago only because the government here wouldn’t let you into grocery stores, malls, banks, etc. without a vax card. They backed down after a few months due to millions of non-vaxxed people complaining. There were a couple of near riots at the local shopping mall here when people demanded to be let in and the poor security guards couldn’t deal with it. Did my research beforehand and the J&J was the least harmful of the bunch. No regrets. I took one for the team and the wife unit is still pureblood. Regardless of the punishments, I would have never taken the mRNA spiked protein shot…never. So many people just believed the lies and lined up like sheep. Now they have spiked proteins in their blood and organs and altered DNA…for life.

    • I’ve been in Chinese “clean rooms” and nothing about them is clean. They are designed to “look clean”. It’s different at FOXCOM in China where Apple computers are manufactured. My point is that contaminants are likely. The term for those products going out the door is “good enough”.

  9. The whole “pandemic/vax” thing is beyond stupid to any rational thinking person, yet the fools behind it are desperate to continue with their thinly veiled masquerade. Anyone with two operating brain cells knows this was/is a bio-weapon generated to control the masses in fear (which does not come from God) while generating (aka printing) billions for the players. Doesn’t matter the mountains of evidence showing this thing as a total psy-op against “We the People” (primarily). Regardless of the curtain being pulled back TPTB continue to push it as if this asinine “thing” is somehow the biggest threat ever to inhabit planet Earth. My private road sign reads: GOA WAY. (extended to those NOT invited to my campfire)

    On a different note, Elon Musk stated that “Yes, Twitter interfered with elections”…plural. He’s been busy digging into “the files” they tried to erase beforehand. While I believe he knows the game better than his opponents, I am praying that God keeps this man safe. It only takes one brave soul thru the wall first to start an ever increasing cascade of pulling down the Dem’s debauchery house of cards, and he has the capacity to get it done.

    • Zelinsky ‘invited’ Musk to Ukraine to explain how he would make peace. I hope the man isn’t gullible enough to get talked into an ‘accident’ on the way over or back. Lord knows we’ve had plenty of false flag ops over there since the beginning of this quagmire.

    • Anything the government forces never bodes well for the recipient and should always be looked upon with maximum suspicion. It’s like fishing, never works out so well for the bait.

      Thank God your son did get proper treatment and is still on this side of the veil. Too close.

  10. The Rolling Ponzi — I get a lot of questions about how long the rolling Ponzi scheme that is USGOV will continue. My reply for the historical record is that I don’t have a clue.

    I copied this data on when Reserve Currency Status has switched in the past from a bar chart in a presentation released from national bankers in 2012:

    US 103 years so far
    Britain 105 years
    France 97 years
    Netherl 79 years
    Spain 108 years
    Portugal 81 years

    start of US is 1920
    mean without US of reserve currency status is 94 years
    predicted end of US reserve currency status is 2014

  11. Nice picture from the Indian press!

    I have always sort of wondered about the PLA’s large commitment to light tanks, now that I see this it’s obvious in retrospect.


    • Yes, they’re all you need in an urban environment where the public doesn’t own weapons that fire .50 BMG and own AP ammo.

  12. Jack Ryan review: Really enjoyed the first 2 seasons. Especially the Swift Boat (? ) operation in season 2. Not a clue about season 3. Another aspect of fiction writing / screenplay that I appreciate is the informative aspect of current / past situations and events. Could Chevron also be possibly resourcing E.V. minerals in ( V ) as season two alluded to? P..S. great thread of personal insights on the new phlebotomy, thanks to each contributor. L.L. and y’all still my first, and on some busy days, only news and mentally healthy info source.

  13. I am blacklisted in Qatar. If I just show up and apply for a Visa when I arrive They will arrest me and eventually deport me. I can make an official request through there embassy and get pre-approved. This is all do to not having an entry Visa and flying into the military base there multiple times. I have no plans of ever going to that part of the world again.

    • That’s what happens when you refer to an old goat as “goofy looking” and it turns to be that special someone to a ranking member of the secret police.

  14. During my time in the sand box (Mid East) I never heard the natives or long term resident/working westerners, ever pronounce Qatar other than “Gutter”. All of the other mouth twisting pronunciations were from visiting westerners or media people.
    On to Jack Ryan…. I’m good as long as Amazon doesn’t throw the series on Freevee (commercials out the wazoo) as they did Bosh. Hanging in till the new season starts on 21 December 022.
    Cletus Valvecore

    • All of the other mouth twisting pronunciations were from visiting westerners or media people

      Haha, good to know. It’s like Beijing. While pinyin is truly F-ed up, Beijing is one of the few things that is actually pronounced as it’s spelled. bei (bay) and jing (with the J sound). But nearly all the news readers say “bay-zhing” for totally unclear reasons.

      In the same vein of stupidity is “Shang-Chi” (Marvel comics and that horrible movie with horrible Simu Liu). Horrible (there is a theme here) Kevin Feige for some reason was going around calling it “Shong Shee” in a way that implied he was in on the correct culturally sensitive pronunciation. What a load of crap. Shang-Chi was made up by some white guy from Indiana called Steve Englehart. Supposedly Englehart was inspired by some stuff from the i-Ching, but frankly, to native Chinese speakers, “Shang-Chi” and “Shong Shee” are both as silly as the names that Japanese anime creators make up for their American and European characters.


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