The Third Joe (Drooling Joe)

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The pro-death Kennedy Family. I’m sure that the Catholics tolerate them because they fill the collection plate. Killing the unborn for fun and profit never did phase the Kennedy Dynasty. You can’t serve God and mammon. A lot of those Kennedys made an early crossing of the finish line. I’m sure that it was a coincidence.

That’s progressive.
And Speaking of Dead Kennedys 
The OLD Agency took the business a lot more seriously. Oswald killed Kennedy. Ruby shot Oswald, and then died of a pulmonary embolism before he could be brought to trial. And Johnson became president. 
Hillary tried the same thing with the infinitely bureaucratic and self-righteous, corrupt, moderately competent FBI with disastrous results as we now see. She picked the wrong people. She should have stuck with her cadre of killers because we know they’re reliable and effective  (and have the corrupt, elite, media to spike the story). You know she’s kicking herself for using the HQ Crew at FBI, who have the wits of a gerbil, the scruples of a pit viper, and produced a Laurel and Hardy style effort to bring down the presidency.

22 thoughts on “The Third Joe (Drooling Joe)

  1. Sometimes, incompetence is a blessing for those outside the incompetent clique, just saying.

  2. Your history is a little off. Ruby was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death. He died of cancer in jail.
    It was said at the time that Ruby's lawyer, Melvin Belli, took a three-year "murder without malice" (Texan for "voluntary manslaughter") case and turned it into a death penalty.

  3. My bad. I was thinking of his re-trial. He was a sentenced prisoner. The medical diagnosis was pulmonary embolism as a result of lung cancer. I don't know what the truth of that is, but will take your word for it.

  4. I have to agree, LL. The Keystone Kops would've executed a better Koup than Komey's Komedy of errors. Sorry, enough "ks" for now.

  5. The Kennedys are ONLY Catlick when it serves their agenda… Re Shillary, you reap what you sow. And sooner or later, she's going to reap that 'harvest'…

  6. It was a species of Chinese fire drill. Executed by people whose faces should be on the cover of "The Peter Principle".

  7. Hillary is one of those truly despicable people. They're more rare than you think. Take a bow for being a cur, Hillary.

  8. None of the majority of Kennedy's and Pelosi should be receiving communion at any Catholic Church. Period. Full stop.

  9. There are a lot of activist priests, many openly homosexual. I'm not sure that there are limits to what they would do – and they're cheered on by clerical leadership who are of the same stripe.

  10. There are a lot of good decent Catholics, they aren't Kennedy's or Pelosi. God will sort them. Learning to trust in his timing is difficult at times.

  11. It seems a bit worse than simply tone deaf to put a Kennedy up to reply to the SOTU. Even the famously leftist Simpsons parody them as corrupt politicians.

  12. I dunno about Ruby specifically, but cancer in general predisposes to a hypercoagulable state, as in more prone to blood clots, and thus for PE. (Smoking and exogenous estrogen are also common causes of predisposition to hypercoaguablity, BTW.)

    I suppose there are good and worthwhile Kennedys around somewhere, but I am disappointed by and disgusted by the ones I have heard of (and that includes the sainted JFK. (A good friend once said "I wish he had not been assassinated, so that we could hate him the way we hate our other presidents!" Heh.)

    As to abortion, I heartily wish that no woman would find herself in a position to want or need an abortion, but I'm not convinced that we'd be better off as a society if all those who'd been aborted were with us now, demographically speaking.

  13. I understand the issues involved with abortion, however, either life is sacred and we do what we can to protect it. Or it's not. There is a slippery slope. As to demographics, that's clearly the case.

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