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I don’t care where you shop for your clothes. I have shopped at Macys in the past but won’t be setting foot in one anymore – and I guarantee you that Macys doesn’t care. They’re trying to prop up their failing business anyway they can and the latest move is their line of Muslim attire. It represents the enslavement of women. 
No, I am not going to wear a vagina hat in protest. I simply won’t patronize Macys.
Non-Muslim women in England are wearing Islamic clothing in support of the subjugation of other women. Read more on LSP’s blog. I find that disturbing, but I’m sure that it’s very progressive and that’s all that matters.

21 thoughts on “Boycot Macys

  1. I can't wrap my head around non-moslem women wearing female subjugating islamic clothing in support of the subjugation of other women. That pretzel "logic" makes my brain hurt.

  2. Oh, yeah – I was just over on the Facecrap page of the Women's March and they're ecstatic over what Macy's is doing.


    I don't shop at Macy's because all they have is a bunch of over priced crap so I don't have to boycott them. Same reason I don't shop at Target.

    But, I also think they're making a yuuuuuuge mistake in their marketing plan and it will bite them in the butt.

  3. Don't believe I've ever bought anything from Macy's. At one time I bought shirts at Nordstrom. My ex shopped there, I listed Nordstrom as a dependent, and the IRS accepted my tax return.

  4. Just a note: my Dad bought my first bicycle at Macy's in NYC and that was about 57 years ago. Neither one of us has spent a penny there since. I guess we are prescient ;)

  5. Muslims are famous for performing clitorectomies on women. Supposedly 70% of the Muslim women in Egypt have been subjected to that as girls. The whole culture is designed to "keep women in their place". And the women in England think that it's cool. Go figure.

  6. I'm sure that the marketing move will be greeted as being non-Islamophobic in places like New York, California, Illinois and New Jersey and in pockets of insanity like Austin, TX and parts of Michigan. The rest of the nation must look at Macys execs as if they're insane.

  7. LindaG, imagine the wonder and delight on Mr. LindaG's face when you walk through the door with your Macy's Burka…

    I'm with you, though. Miracle on 34th Street may be the very best.

  8. The lack of intelligent commonsense thought in the marketing dept of Macy's is astounding. As are any women who think burkas are a good thing.
    I did occasionally shop at Macy's when my kids were little. None of us shop there now, way over priced crap.

  9. It's a sad state of affairs to see how the once mighty English have fallen. I wish I could go and give each one of them a kick in the arse to get them back onto the real world.

  10. Some say that Mohammed was visited by Satan instead of Gabriel and that his followers suffer from the same infestation.

    That'd include the Foreign Office, Linda Sarsour and the Democrats.

    Exorcism? Well done Melania.

  11. Only place I found to stock 20 x 36. I could go in, buy 5 shirts, and be gone inside 30 minutes.

  12. I can absolutely guarantee you about one day of living under sharia would change their minds.

  13. Juliette – it would certainly amaze your friends if you showed up at the pub wearing a burka, but then again, how would they know it's you?

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