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It may be an Idea whose time has come!

If you don’t like the petty rules, just declare independence. I realize that I will still have to pay property tax and income tax, but — an Independent Zone at the White Wolf Mine has an appeal. The problem here is that I’m already in a default autonomous zone. There is no government, no city, no neighbors, no police, sheriff’s 2 hours away with no inclination to show up, etc.  Who would I tell? They neighbors would just say, “me too.” (a new me too movement?)

A New York City Pub did the same sort of thing. …more here

The World Health Organization wants government to manage any gathering of people …more here.  So much for “freedom of assembly” — unless they’re rioting. Would the Great Reset exempt me from their crap if I was an Independent Zone? Or do I have to accept illegal aliens to appeal to them fully, because that’s not going to happen.

The White Wolf Mine Arizona Semi-Autonomous Zone will need its own security team just to make sure there is monkey business.


In 2021

I expect to see the democrats bring back the practice of murdering Christians, feeding them to lions, etc. It’s a logical step after glorifying the murder of unborn babies.


Too Easy? Name the Aircraft


The Democrat Olive Branch


Improvised in Yugoslavia

I’ve never been fond of Yugo’s, but this time, it could work.



An American commando nicknamed “Justine” instructs French maquis in the operation of the Marlin submachine gun, French Alps. June-July 1944.


Employment Boom

Vista Outdoor’s purchase of Remington’s ammunition assets from a bankruptcy auction in October was welcome news to employees at Remington’s ammunition plant in Lonoke, Arkansas

Vista owns Federal and other ammunition brands and a portfolio of other outdoor brands. …more here

Nobody knows when the ammunition supply will stabilize, but when you consider the boom in sales during the ObamaNation, I can’t see it happening anytime soon.


    • Ah, the Republic F-84 Thunderjet.

      The ones shown are the F model, with swept wings. Which took so long to design and make work that the straight-winged G model came before it.

      A very good plane. Very forgiving. Typical Republic design. Not flashy like the Sea Fury/Sabre Jet planes.

      The G and F were the first single-seat plane designed to carry and deliver nuclear bombs via the bomb-loft or bomb-toss method. Fly to target, go verticalish, release bomb, let it fly up, arc, fall, go boom at the correct altitude. Meanwhile, bank and peel out in a power dive to GTFO of the area.

      My dad flew F-84Gs in Korea, from Taegu air base right after the shooting stopped. He loved the Thunderjet. Said it was fun to fly, easy, carried a hell of a lot of exterior ordnance, and just a good rugged jet (vs the F-86 which had a flashy reputation but couldn’t do as much as the F-84s.)

      As to the opening picture, at least real gladiator sports is honest about body contact, unlike basketball or professional soccer. Never have been idiots been so well paid to act so badly when faking injury.

  1. OK, I’ll take one for the security team and say it first–“Nice guns”.

    I was re-watching the “Dogfights” about Korea last night. Very interesting the modifications to the F86 from the A model to the F.

  2. Nice “Security Team” there. Reminds of the “Team Chicks” from some series of novels I read.

    As far as the ESPN-esque graphics for the Gladiator Games….I could see Emirates sponsoring them, but KIA?

    Thought it was an F-84, and then learned it’s an F-84F, of which there were several variants, including the turboprop powered “Thunderscreech”, which had a reputation of making the ground crew nauseous due to the incredible racket it made when running. The prop tips went supersonic, causing shock waves to shake the daylights out of things near by, including people.

    Thanks for the pic of the armored tractor. I’d always wondered how to up-armor one, and now I have some ideas. Looks like a section from a shipping container over the radiator.

  3. I like this post because it features an early but awesome jet, an adorable “roo” and a member of the maquis wearing a Sam Browne, to say nothing of an interesting SMG. All these things are very positive. The ammo shortage isn’t. Shotgun shells are still plentiful though, and might come in handy.

    For skeet, obviously.

        • Have to show my ignorance here, as they’re 99% the same to me.

          The clays came whizzing out of one of two launchers, one on each side. They flew across the front of the shooting bench, and you blasted them.

          It was at the Angeles Crest range where the LAPD practices and trains. I’m sure you know the place.

          • Yes, I’ve shot at Angeles Crest. In skeet, there is a high house and a low house, which is what you described. In trap, they’re coming out in front of you.

  4. For an easy way to tell an F-84 (straight or swept wing) from an F-86, here’s the easy way.

    Body looks like a coke bottle (before the coke bottle rule came about)? F-84. Fat around the nose and slimming down past the cockpit.

    Body like a fish? F-86. Body starts swelling past the cockpit and then starts slimming donw, all in a simple curve.

    There you go. Coke bottle vs Fish Body.

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