New Year’s Follies

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Happy Lunar New Year 
Celebrate as you see fit.  Rock on and then there is this classic: Terrier Style
Some of you lack faith in what you don’t understand. That might (or might not) go double Asian astrology and it’s impact on your life. Because you’re predestined to live a life based on the position of stars when you were born… and some of you were well and truly screwed. Blame Buddha, or Vishnu or whoever. You can also blame Donald Trump as many in the sly, corrupt, wicked, lying mainstream media do. Irrespective of your system of belief, the Earth Dog Year is upon us.
Next Year (2019) will be the year of the pig, which does not bode well for Jews and Mohammedans. But you may be required to eat more rashers of bacon than you usually would.

17 thoughts on “New Year’s Follies

  1. I've just told Blue Patroller that he's "absurd and no one takes you seriously."

    He wagged his preposterously spotted tail in fierce denial.


  2. I was born in the year of the monkey (1944), but I don't eat monkey meat. Now bacon… I can handle that.

  3. Nobody would expect you to be a cannibal and eat monkey meat. I suggest bacon and a waffle this morning.

  4. Given the Chinese ambivalent attitude toward dogs, work animal, pet, and/or food, the year can go several ways. Of course, that is true no matter what animal year it is. Being a monkey in an area overpopulated by Chihuahuas, I worry about death from the ankles down.

  5. In China, protein is food. A Korean with two dogs is a rancher. Asia has a different view of dogs for the most part. And while there are movies produced showing how dogs are NOT eaten in China, that's for Western consumption. Every market I've been to in China includes dogs and cats for eating. In Korea, they prefer the golden retriever. I don't think that there's enough meat on a chihuahua to make them worth ranching.

  6. SCTV. Those were some crazy funny skits back in the day. As for the Year of the Dog, I was just getting used to writing Year of the Rooster on my checks!

  7. The problem with the "conventional" (animals, 12-year cycle) Chinese zodiac (CZ) is that it gives people a good idea of your birth year, since most people don't look 12, 24, etc years younger or older than their chronologic age. The full (animals + elements) CZ for all practical purposes uniquely determines your birth year since it is a 60-year cycle.

    In happy contrast, the Western zodiac basically localizes your birthdate to within one of two months, but says nothing about your age. Since I pay about as much attention to things astrological as I do to the NBA (which is to say that I try to know as little about it as possible), I have only just discovered that Ophiuchus may have been shoehorned (back) into the Western zodiac. If so that would reclassify me as a Capricorn rather than an Aquarius. How this changes my life I have no idea.

    Hmmm. I have eaten (to my knowledge) only 4 of the 12 creatures in the CZ. I lead a sheltered gastronomic life.

  8. At various times I've eaten rat (Sambal Rat in Sulswesi); Capibera, not a member of the holy 12 in the zodiac; snake in Asia and in Arizona; Ox/Water Buffalo in China – and cow almost daily; rabbit; horse; goat, chicken, dog (in Korea) and pig. Normally I confine myself to cow, chicken and pig, but there have been times when to be sociable, I've eaten the above to include scorpions, (small ones in rice) in China and elsewhere to be a sport. Would I now? Hell no. But then, I was young dumb and full of hubris.

  9. No, they like to beat them in a lot the same way as Muslim men beat Muslim women for not being subservient enough. They do have special love interest in camels, sheep and goats, that I can't account for. Many Muslim men just do. I have to wonder if it's a step up from Muslim women?

    In the Egyptian Army one in every 9 man squad is the catamite/designated vessel. Don't ask me to explain that organizational imperative either. I know it to be true, though.

  10. I think I was born under the Fire Dog zodiac sign, but it was sooo long ago only the ancients remember.

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