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Since I live in the general area of the recent terrorism attack and since they built a mosque down the street from my house, I just want to remind people what comes of Barack’s gun control dreams.
(1) Laws are only for the law abiding. 
(2) One or Two armed people at the Christmas party would have changed the calculus of the attack and since it was one of their own who executed the attack, I know he would have thought twice.
(3) An armed society is a polite society.
(4) Free people should not have to ask permission to protect themselves.
— in a land where the good die young, beware the old man.

29 thoughts on “A Pause for the Cause

  1. November was one of the busiest months ever for firearm purchases. I can't wait to see what December will be like. People are getting the message.

  2. I'm sure that Bass Pro Shop (not far from the murder site) sold out on handguns and shotguns by the afternoon of the terrorist attack despite Barack's plea for a firearm-free America.

  3. There is a proposal on the books in a chicago suburb to allow Dick's Sporting Goods to sell handguns. It already sells rifles and shotguns. The local ABC affiliiate ran this story as if this municipality were voting on allowing the eating of babies.

  4. The curs don't understand that arming the honest people is the only thing that will save them from the unbridled violence that they see in Chicago. When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

  5. Its only being reported in a few places – that his brother was US Navy? If the media is so desperate they are touring the jihadi's apartment, why not be all over that? Further, this guy was third generation American – living in California, the land of accommodation. These facts don't answer any questions, but they shatter some stereotypes.

  6. I've heard that his brother served in the Navy. That brother owns a business in the town where I live.

    The stereotypes need to be reconstructed to include the "jihadi next-door" and we need to stop bending over for Muslims. Freedom of religion, yes, special accommodation, no.

    And we need to be energy independent – something Obama has been diligently opposing. In fact, we need to take everything Obama opposed and turn it 180 degrees.

    We need to take the binders off the FBI and law enforcement as well and let them investigate that which needs investigating without all of the completely unnecessary red tape (while remaining within the Constitution).

  7. Where I live, police are not just minutes away. They are perhaps 20 minutes away (a third of an hour, for those of you who attend public school). A scumbag knows that they can't stick around a crime scene in which they create in my neck of the woods for more than 10 minutes, tops, out here.

    Accordingly, people who live out here know this. Criminals and non-criminals alike. I am unaware of any of my neighbors who isn't armed with enough fire power to knock any home invader's dick into the dirt in short order.

    Not much crime out here. Now, head 55 miles directly east of me, and it's more dangerous walking aorund that part of Illinois than in Afghanistan or Iraq. Or Syria. This is the part of Illinois where owning a handgun is illegal. And this is also the area where every scumbag on every corner is packing illegal heat.

  8. This latest terrorist is a brilliant example of how the ideology of the left has failed our communities. Farook seems like a classical modern socialist American. With the added Muslim influence, he turned into a terrorist.

  9. There is a big difference between response times in the city and those in unincorporated county areas. It's not a hard and fast rule, but I'd expect response times in Lasalle Co. IL to be longer than those in the City of Ottawa. I don't know of your specific area, but it's a general rule nationwide.

  10. You have got it right, generally speaking. For the most part, folks in unincorporated county areas don't count on police response times. At all. We've got it covered, LL.

  11. Just in case I'm not on one or more s%^t lists, Muslim gunman. Please report that to AG Lynch.

  12. I believe it's been announced that our military can not receive Christmas Cards if serving in a Mooselimb country per President Obama. I would like to start this latest dark time in our history by pissing off a Mooselimb or two … MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  13. Every year at this time we start signing Christmas cards for our soldiers stationed overseas.

    Last year we signed almost 1500. I'm betting it will be quite a bit more this year….

  14. You know Odie, I'm sure that you could send Quaanza cards to the troops in the field. Maybe that's the solution.

  15. Does the White House still have that phone number to call and denounce people? I denounced Eric Holder back in 2009 and was never paid my rat money for doing so. It took the motivation away. I denounced Al Sharpton a year later and the IRS didn't incarcerate him for tax evasion. One might presume that the AG isn't listening to me.

  16. We'll have no hate speech about Islamic Terrorists on this blog and no rumors about them having sex with pigs either. No idle speculation about the piglets born from such unions becoming imams. I will not countenance it, I tell you.

  17. My wife buys the "left over" cards after Christmas each year, and we bulk-mail them out with all the others the Iowa sends.

    It's not much, but if we can bring a smile, or a moment of peace, to one of our troops, it's all worth it.

  18. Fredd, agree with what your saying about being dangerous, but there aren't any places in IL where it is illegal to own a handgun. Anymore.

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