Do Classified Documents Matter?

Classified Doc Scandal Biden v Trump (VDH) (H/T Claudio) Claudio brought this up in an e-mail and I thought I’d toss my cracker into the soup for all concerned. The problem with a shadow executive branch of government with a cabal calling the shots is that there are competing interests and they are hidden. Sometimes the actual influencer is two or three people back from the cat’s paw on the White House staff. The media is running interference for the Brandon regime – sort of, with cracks in the dike. The vitriol against President Trump is muted. Will old Pedo Joe be forced from office? It means that the cabal would have to deal with Harris, by all accounts a dumb whore. A presidential dumb whore who is a looser cannon than old demented Pedo Joe is problematic at many levels. Before the cabal leading the permanent Washington DC administrative state removes Pedo Joe, they must get rid of the dumb whore. And it’s all so sticky.

(VDH) Trump’s documents did not expose other liabilities of the constantly investigated Trump. The Biden files so far have directed attention to the mysterious tens of millions of dollars in Communist Chinese money that poured into Biden’s think tank at the University of Pennsylvania, the proximity of members of the quid pro quo Biden consortium to these classified papers, and the files’ relevance, if any, to the Biden family’s overseas businesses.

Did Hunter Biden ever consult or view classified documents while living in a home with them? Will there be fingerprint or DNA tests on the documents? If Hunter consulted any of these classified documents, then the Biden presidency is finished.

Trump possessed contested documents as a private citizen. Biden’s files under contention involve the current behavior of the president of the United States. Biden ran for office, was elected, and serves as president with the full knowledge that during all this time he unlawfully possessed classified documents.


Bullet Points:

** February 4, 2023 (NOW) – U.S. military shot down the Chinese spy airship over the Atlantic Ocean after letting it fly over the country for days.

House Homeland Security Chair Green: I Never Got Alerted About Spy Balloon by Biden Administration

** Gateway Pundit – How the CIA engineered the “Russian Collusion” Coup d’État to remove Donald Trump from the presidency.

** How long would the UK’s ammo last in a shooting war with Russia? How many of you say,  “just one day?”

General Sir Richard Barrons, who formerly served as the Joint Forces chief, claimed that spending cuts have depleted the British military to such an extent that, in a hot war with Russia, the UK would run out of ammunition and artillery shells within just one day.









    • How do you end them? How do you end the swamp? There have been other swamps in Rome, Persia, China, and Byzantium. It always ended badly.

      • Then badly. Oh well. Innocuous citizens are getting harmed beyond the pale by 3-letter shops who have gone so far off the “good and decent and Constitutional” rails for political ideological reasons that none of them can’t be saved short of a serious house cleaning. Cancerous tumors need removing or the host dies. The “how” is beyond my low pay grade, but I suspect some former [x] may know.

        Case in point (among hundreds if not thousands): A CapPol scumbag shot and killed an unarmed woman, yet…crickets. This criminal is enjoying island time with a little umbrella in his adult beverage because those on oversight have zero backbone to principles and their oath. Cowards won’t control criminals…the blame you and me for the problem they created.

      • Reserve currency status lasts about 100 years. The swamp will collapse itself using hyperinflation, overspending on bread and circuses, and military adventure losses, just like in Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, France, and Britain. Hyperinflation disrupts the mechanism of tax collection, and without tax collection there is no government. After the collapse, don’t let tax collection restart.

        I think the nobles/peasant thing was only militarily viable because gaining fighting skill was a full-time career. But now with guns that is no longer the case. To date technological growth has always shifted the advantage to the little guy. I think this is from diminishing returns: government gets no more capability from doubling their count of major weapons, but an individual getting just one major weapon is a very big deal.

      • “These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”

    • Paul, you start at the local level — your town and your county. On September 23rd, 2020, three Christians were arrested in Moscow, Idaho, while singing Psalms in the City Hall parking lot. The protest was against the mask or social distance health order which the City Council had just extended. In fact, the City painted circles six feet apart on the parking lot to make it easy for everyone to stand on one while singing to obey the City’s order which exceeded any Idaho laws.

      The big problem was that the City ordinance required the City to specifically restrict constitutional issues in any health orders if the Council deemed that necessary. When the fact that the City didn’t follow their own ordinance showed up in court, the City started tap dancing and dismissed the case in January, 2021. The three individuals arrested filed suit in Idaho’s Federal Court and three days ago, Judge England ruled that the City’s ordinance was clear, that the City should not have arrested the individuals, that the City Prosecutor’s charging decisions were faulty and made it clear that the City violated the Idaho Constitution, Idaho laws and the City ordinance. He told the parties to work out a settlement.

      If you want to change D.C., you have to change your town.

  1. China satellite. Well besides whatever intel it gained from floating over the entire country it also taught China how we will respond to incursions. There is a whole lot of empty in Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Should have shot it down as soon as it was detected.

    British. They may not have ammunition but it does seem like they have a plethora of different uniforms. The Brits I worked with in the 90s must be livid.

    Every time I see that poem I think of the movie Telefon with Charles Bronson. The building blowing up was Paris Gibson High School in Great Falls MT. Worked out well, city got paid to demo and abandoned high school and the movie got a good couple of seconds of explosion. It was fun to watch.

    • Whole lot of empty in Alaska, too. And, shot down only after it had crossed the entire country. The Chinese surely got their money’s worth on this one. When Brandon said “I don’t work for you, Jack” for once he was telling the truth.

      • Ed, “they were watching”, just like the FBI looking over Hunter in his $20k/mo Malibu drug pad. Or in country terrorists.

        “Watching” is the new excuse that avoids responsibility in actually doing the job you get paid to do. But…”Monitoring”…yesterday’s newest term now that people actually paying attention caught onto “watching”.

  2. Thought inspiration by Robert Frost….the weight of duty.
    Back in the day, we were concerned about the Fulda Gap.
    Today, is it the Darien Gap?

  3. So the UK has an ammo gap. We have a Balloon Gap. Fredrick’s Airships are here to help. For only $99 million (plus 10% for you know who) I’ll get you the latest and greatest in high altitude maneuverable surveilance and drone release capable airship with other capabilities.

    So did this Chinese wonder fall in international waters rather than in our territory where all the wreckage could be recovered? Brilliant! And when did Milley call his counterpart in China to, ah, ‘discuss’ what the President was going to do?

    • it’s a balloon, not quite flying at supersonic speeds; please tell my why we didn’t just throw a net over it and capture it undamaged – or was that the purpose in shooting it down?
      I have to argue with VDH’s wording/assumption (Yes! Still!) I have no solid proof that Joe Biden was ever “elected” POTUS; he was installed, I agree, but…

  4. Why are any politicians allowed to take home any classified material at all? Had we taken that paper that had the secret shish kabob recipe sauce, our waning days would be spent in the Disciplinary Barracks at Ft Leavenworth.

  5. Better question: How long would the US’s civilian owned ammo last in a shooting war with Russia? My guess is that civilians have more ammo than the US government.

  6. Back in the early 1980’s when there was a big cost cut for all of the Australian defence force I had more .223 at home than my battalion armoury had on hand.

    Most of our firearms were still 7.62 but we used to have about 100 by m16 for various purposes.

    I had bolt action and Ruger Mini14 for hunting etc.

    More recently one of my medic friends went to Timor peacekeeping with NO rounds for Styr. He had scrounged about 200 by the end of his tour.

    • It’s difficult to conceive of those situations but I don’t doubt you. Being in the military and being asked to provide your own ammunition leads one to wonder what they’d do if they had to fight.

      In the US there are trillions of rounds, all calibers, in private hands and a large number of .50 caliber weapons among them. Because of that unique situation, the frame of reference is that once you left the inner city hellscapes, people can fend for themselves in terms of personal protection. There is likely as much ammo in private hands in the US as there is in ALL of the rest of the world combined.

      • If the US got into a shooting war and was running short on .50, and the government made a national plea for citizens to donate their .50 ammo, would anyone comply?

      • i know a patriot colonel, while deployed to dc post j6, was refused ammo for his men. he drove home that night, recovered 50k rounds of 556 to issue to his men. same man refused pelosi’s orders to load belt fed for civil disturbance, a clear violation of regulations, and locked n loaded on dc police when they tried to disarm some of his men. i doubt he is still in now though. but he still has that 50k rounds, plus. and a whole lot of loyal men.

  7. The days of the UK leading the way are long over. In a major conflict all they are is support. We would be their supplier. Their real issue is something like the Falklands. Do they have any ability to protect their territory?

    • It’s difficult to appreciate the scope of expenditure that takes place in a major shooting war. When you factor in any sort of nuclear exchange the vast damage is so exceptional and the damage to supply and support is so profound that nobody really understands how ANY nation would cope.

  8. Balloons. Geez, doesn’t anyone remember that Imperial Japan practiced balloon warfare against the United States during WWII? High explosive bombs, incendiary bombs and biological packages, all came over the Pacific into the US. Only the crappy quality of late-war production kept them from becoming a huge friggin threat.

    Now, with all the idiotic eco-terrorists and green warriors screwing up the forests of the Western US, and the lack of water because it’s apparently bad to build catch basins for rainfall and snow melt in order to deal with the continued natural cycle of drought to flood to drought that the western US experiences now and has experienced since first recorded histories were recorded, the use of incendiary weapons and biologicals is easier and more potentially dangerous than ever.

    These things (there are stories of more than just this one being spotted) should be downed or captured as soon as they’re spotted. Investigate the payload, and if an attack system, ‘give’ them back, so to speak.

    I’d be more peeved except that we’ve had no closed borders since January 20, 2021. Almost like it was planned, no?

      • We’re a Republic, or we’re supposed to be. No high-falutin Lairds and Laydies around here. We’re all Citizens, equal to any king, queen, emperor, empress, duke or duchess, count or countess, Graf or Grafinna, Czar, potentate, lord, lady, squire, esquire, dictator, dick-tater, whatever.

        So High Executioner Beans is high enough. If someone thinks they are higher than me, well, that’s what chainsaws, sawsalls, axes, chipper-shredders and such are for, you know, to cut them down to my size….

          • “Lord High Executioner” harkens back to a different time and different ethos. Maybe not a better one, but at least not the fake-egalitarian, miscegenated, eternal victimhood (and never for any reason — why why why do they always hate us?) fever dream of the high-IQ lunatics running the post-Christian West.

            High Executioner has disturbing echoes of actual UN titles such as “UN High Commissioner for Refugees” and so forth. Let’s not become like those who go about addressing each other as “Citoyen”, shall we, my lord?

            PS. One can tell that I’ve put myself on the same social level by saying “my lord” rather than mumbling “milord” and tugging my forelock. 😌

          • I’d gladly serve as an actual executioner. I’d pull the switch, push the button, drop the floor, swing the axe, pull the trigger, set the det cord wrapped. around the person’s neck and balls off, or whatever else is needed.

            There is no ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment in executing someone. Leaving them to rot in prison for a lifetime is the cruel and unusual part. Get a death or life without parole sentence? 5 years to appeal and prove there are issues, and then Zaappp, Squirt, Kafloop, Bango, Boom, Splortz, Geflunkaflunkaflunka, Grrrrinnnnndddddddddd, Splat, Chonk, Kablooooey, whatever. Heck, I’d actually conquer my vertigo in order to boot them out of a helo or plane.

  9. As to Britain, they’re forked. Have been for years. Margaret Thatcher was the last good Prime Minister they had. Been downhill since. For a while I was hoping Queen Elizabeth II would have retaken control, but that would have left the nation under complete control of That Idiot Charles. I shudder to think what that would be like.

    • QE2 was a class act, she had a brain and was fearless.

      KC3 is a buffoon and mountebank.

      Britain has a rocky road going forward. They’ve let too many foreigners in and it doesn’t bode well. We’re in a position to go down the same road.

  10. A few years ago, I saw a video of a high ranking CCP general talking about a world war scenario involving China taking over enemy countries. He said it would not be a conventional war with guns, bombs and men. He then went into some detail about using chemical and biological weapons, destroying infrastructure and transportation, using viruses and malware to render military and civilian computers inert, destroy satellites, destroy the energy grids and water supplies and then they would just walk in.

  11. The last screen shot of the partial Frost poem is from the movie Telefon I think. You could easily substitute the Russians with the ChiCom and it seem totally feasible today.

  12. Dave,
    “Think globally. Act locally.”
    Not just a bumper sticker anymore.

    H.E. Beans,
    The problem the Japanese had with their fire-bomb balloons directed at the PNW during WW2 was that they were using wet cell batteries that froze at high altitude.
    This was Top Secret info because if the Japanese switched to a dry cell battery the destruction would have been immense.
    There is no truth to the rumor that said Top Secret documents were stored in a garage somewhere in Delaware that was eventually used to store a Corvette.


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