The Old Chicken Bones

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I’ve been asked to cast the chicken bones (repeatedly) and predict the results of tomorrow’s mid-term election (in detail). 
Here’s my take on things: The Republicans will retain their majority in the House of Representatives and they’ll gain seats in the Senate. 
If they don’t retain their majority in the House, the House of Reps will vote to impeach President Trump before Christmas for some sort of false charge. And if that happens, the Republicans will gain a majority one day and will immediately vote to impeach Spartacus, Poke-a-haunt-us, Crooked Hillary, that old Communist Bernie, Slow Joe Biden or which ever Democrat is in the White House. That’s just the way it’s going these days. 
Voting for Democrats is like giving the children gasoline and matches and hoping for an outcome that is different from the inevitable. The economy will stall, and they’ll blame Trump. A rock will fall from space and they will blame Trump. Hillary will have (more) hemorrhoids and Trump will take credit.

18 thoughts on “The Old Chicken Bones

  1. I hope you're right! The question in my mind he is just how batshit-crazy will the left go if that happens?

  2. Hoping 11/7 to feel the same relief I felt when I knew Shillary wouldn't be my president. No blue wave.

  3. I tend to vote for the candidate I feel will do the least damage in any election without regard to party affiliation. It's reached the point where that's never the donkey. Too many crazy people there.

  4. We had several do-nothing, feel-good, it-already-says-that-so-why-change-it amendments to the Colorado Constitution this year, along with a lot of other "measures" and "propositions".

    I read them all, and voted NO on all of them.

    There was one office where a (D) was running unopposed, so I left that one blank.

    I'm praying that prop 112 fails, along with Walker Stapleton mopping the floor with Jared Polis.

    And since "All Politics Is Local", I read everything I could find on the people running for local and County offices, and voted for those with proven records, like voting to re-elect our County Clerk. Every time I've had to interact with the County Clerk/Recorder's Office, I was impressed with how well run and smoothly operating it is.

  5. how crazy can you gety??
    I predict if the left fails to take the house, we will see several days of gnashing of teeth and wailing at the stars.
    then we will see several months of summer of 1968 riots on steroids in every major blur metropolitan area. the national guard will be very busy this winter.

  6. Either way, it's going to be interesting. And I'm betting we won't know for sure until later in the week, if not longer, because of all the recounts.

  7. The present donkey party lacks any balance or semblance of reason. Even if you find A PERSON in public office who is a donkey and is OK, they will vote with the unhinged party if they want a political future.

  8. Yes, there will be a lot of angst and they'll be recounting everything. There will also be a witch hunt for Russians.

  9. Polls close later tonight. We'll know by 11PM or so if we are in for two years of hell if Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Gerald Nadler and Adam Schiff get their fingers on those House gavels…

    Or, the Dow Jones shoots up 500 points if the GOP holds onto those House gavels.

  10. The donkeys don't care about the DJI or prosperity. It's all about buying votes from the ignorant public, and from the greedy.

  11. What I found scary is how close on Wednesday am the GOP came from losing what I thought should've been an easy win. The dems are still "finding" lost votes because the no-Trumpers didn't vote and made the races close.

  12. If the dem/commies have their way, they will keep finding "lost votes" until their candidate wins every contested race. Very annoying.

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