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  1. Sadly true. I wish our farm was a little more defensible. Your WWM is looking really good right now.

    God bless us all. Please.

  2. The WWM has the benefit of being remote. It's not great ranch land and is clearly not farm land. I have to put up a greenhouse.

  3. It came down to rural vs urban with urban. If you look at the election map here you'll see nearly all red with a handful of blue spots. Guess who picked our new governor. We came dangerously close to having the representative in my district picked by the most left wing county in the state. I'm starting to get nervous.

  4. At least Beto lost, pricey little sandwich, and we get to have the spectacle of Speaker Pelosi in all its dotage.

    And Ocasio and the Mohammedan.

    Maybe that's a silver lining.

  5. The GOP get to reassume their favorite position, bent over, cheeks spread shouting "Thank you sir may I please have another".

    I knew that this was doomed to oblivion but I had held out hope that we would at least get a solid four years to postpone the disaster and maybe buy enough time to preserve our nation and way of life from the wreckers.
    Alas, our grandchildren will curse our memory.

    "For the doom of men is that they forget." – Merlin

  6. The Dems on the House side can no longer simply throw rocks at the GOP; they must get something done, or they are out on their butts in two years.

  7. Actually, they don't need to get anything done. They will simply accuse the Republicans of refusing to work with them. Never mind that the Republicans won't work with them because the dem/commies only want what they want and nothing else will do. (i.e. All the illegals that can get here, a weak military, and abolish ICE.)

    And now we get two more worthless years of the Russians did it.

    At least Sessions finally resigned. He was about worthless as an AG.

  8. LindaG: maybe I am not clear on my premise: they DO need to get stuff done. But they WON'T: they will do everything you say they will above, I think we all know that. And they will pay for their foolishness in 2 years. THey think they got the majority in the House handed to them to behave like jerks. Wrong.

    They just don't know that.

  9. Ah. I see. Okay.
    Not that you weren't clear, sometimes my thinking doesn't work so well. Thank you for further clarifying.

  10. The jackasses will spend all their time going after Trump and maybe others. Nothing will get done because the day to day business of government will be neglected. No budgets passed.

    My state went left. Now I'm planning Coloexit.

  11. Yeah, but stalemate means No Budget, just Continuing Resolutions. You may (or may not) realize how hard it is to transition DoD acquisitions (my world) from DT to OT to full-on production and deployment when you cannot plan funding for one year, much less 10-20 years. Those transitions require a huge ramp-up in $ to accomplish!
    But at least Trump can keep packing the courts, and the Senate can tell the House to "pound sand" when needed!
    Wandering Neurons

  12. Wyoming is looking good. Maybe around Baggs or Saratoga. Lots of family ties in the area. DRJIM is in a good place being retired. It is the wage earners that will be impacted the most.

  13. Should add.

  14. I'm disappointed, too, that Colorado has gone from purple to blue, but we have zero plans to move again.

    And if TSHTF and we have to circle the wagons, we have several safe places we can go to. I doubt it would get as bad as in L.A. or even Denver, but we have a bug out plan, if needed.

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