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Predominant Religions by Federal Subjects of Russia

Ok, that’s all I have in the way of a sermonette. Pick on Russia if you want to, but it’s no longer a communist state. It’s predominantly a Christian nation. China, on the other hand is proudly communist and there is no freedom of religion.

There is a lot that you can pick on Russia over and I have no problem with that. But do so with some knowledge to back up your complaints, and an understanding of Russian history going back at least 200 years. In the same way, American history, Italian history and Chinese history have to be taken in context to understand the present.


Predominant Religions by Districts of Germany

An Observation

Mike Rowe, known for his television series, “Dirty Jobs” said that, “We’re lending money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back, to train them for jobs that no longer exist. That’s nuts.”

He continues, “We’re churning out a generation of poorly educated people with no skill, no ambition, no guidance, and no realistic expectations of what it means to go to work.”

I don’t know whether or not any of you have noticed that, but he’s spot on. (I guess the sermonette continues) The rioters, and protesters and pseudointellectual fools we’ve seen spouting Marxist doctrine on television over the past six months all seem to be products of the American university system. Have you seen people burning American flags at trade schools? No? Why is that?

We really need to re-think education from the bottom up, without the influence of teacher’s unions, who have nobody’s best interests at heart besides their own, and by that I mean the union organizations, not the teachers.

Most Popular Beer Brands in German-speaking Countries

Most Popular Beer in Great Britain


  1. i still think we missed a golden opportunity with russia when trump took over, but the dims made that politically impossible. events of recent days may foreshadow that changing, as russia makes moves on china’s western front. what a shame we missed that opportunity in the first place due to hillary’s ego. obammy wanted to mend the fences, if only for his own personal gain. we’ll need the russians when the chicoms come, and the polish too. ….yes mike rowe is the man. while i see much the same at the institute, there are rays of hope among the cadets. heck, some cadets literally can’t sign their name, print only. others can’t print, cursive only. and the physical contortions they go thru to even do that are scary. i ask them questions on history, current events, science when they help us out. some know, but too many have no idea what i’m talking about. its sad to watch them in slack moments all in unison drop their heads and bury them in their iphones, oblivious of the opportunity to learn all around them.

    • The upcoming generation is in need of – something – to fix what’s been done to them by the education system, which is in need of a serious overhaul.

  2. Yes, the Russians as a nation and culture have hope of redemption. Vladimir Putin will eventually run out of poison to subdue his opponents, or will die, something to get him out of the Kremlin. Once that happens, I think we will see the better angels of Russians emerge.

    • Maybe. Russias have always wanted a strongman to rule them, going back to the time BC. It would seem to be in their character. Many want Putin, or somebody like him. Russia has always been surrounded by enemies (as they are today) the Warsaw Pact buffer states only lasted so long. And with a GDP equal to Texas, they are in need of a way forward. However, it needs to be a Russian way forward. And they need some vision to make that happen.

  3. Unfortunately, I think the Russians are too depressed and paranoid (as national characteristics) to ever really come in from the cold and be friends with the US. It’s a shame, we have a lot in common.

    They also seem to have too great a love of iron-fisted dictators.


    • You’re asking whether or not Russia can ever be a friend to anyone. I think that the answer is “no”. But there are opportunities for cooperation against common threats. Naturally the Donkeys made that impossible.

      • I would say, first break the power of the Teacher’s Unions. Second, fire any teacher who can’t pass a basic skills test. And for heck’s sake, any teacher that can’t pass a subject skills test shouldn’t be teaching that subject.

        Then break the power of the Education Major First and Only (seriously, you can have an advanced mathematics degree from the University of Moscow (Russia) yet you can’t teach unless you also have a teaching certificate or a teaching degree. WTF? Engineers and scientists should teach hard science.

        Devalue ‘Arts Magnet’ schools and bring back Vocational Tech programs. Man, the money I could have made if I had learned welding in High School..

        Break the socialists’ control over textbooks.

        • The education equation is not a federal program, so breaking the unions state-by-state requires more than one administration. It’s a generational fight.

          I don’t seem much value to arts-based majors. If you want to practice art, go do it…but there’s not much money in it unless you’re a genius. Journalism as a major – today – means that you’ll study Marx for four years before you are turned loose, but it’s much the same with grievance studies (most become government paid social workers) majors.

          If you don’t have the brains for hard science, go the vocational route, learn a trade that people value. Studying to be a parasite means that you will have a lackluster poorly paid career f-ing things up everywhere you go.

        • ” Second, fire any teacher who can’t pass a basic skills test.”

          Two words: Disparate. Impact.

          You’ll have to fix a lot of things wrong with society before you get to firing incompetent “educators”.

          The first thing on my personal list of Monumentally Bad Ideas to Undo is getting rid of “hate crime” and “hate speech” as specific criminal acts.

          • Freedom of Speech is freedom of speech.

            Hate speech is anything that offends a liberal.

            Return to the Constitution and leave it at that.

          • + one million. “hate speech” is clearly unconstitutional. The whole point of the first amendment (well, the speech part) is to protect offensive speech. Inoffensive speech needs no protection.

            “Hate crimes” can go too – If it’s a crime, it’s a crime. I don;t much care what emotions the perp might have been feeling at the time of commission.


  4. +1 with Kle. China has been a long time worry to them as well.
    My siblings are both college grads, neither with a useful degree and both are leftists. My son-in-law has a masters in accounting and an excellent job. His politics are more in line with mine and he has nothing but contempt for many of his contemporaries.
    When I was stationed at Bad Hersfeld Germany back in ’71, the most beer, or rather bier, seemed to be Binding. I preferred Beck’s Dark. One thing I liked was the bier machines. Insert a mark, pull out a bottle of bier. Most civilized. I’ve never made it to the UK so I don’t have much experience with their brews. Carling has done some fun ads though. I like their dambusters ad.

    • I have an MS in Mathematics from the Naval Postgraduate School and I’ve never used it. It wasn’t a waste of time to me, but most of what I have done was learned by doing. I used my BA in Accounting to good use a number of times, but accounting is almost a trade school thing. I don’t think that you need to grind on with all of the worthless classes that they make you take. Go learn accounting (in all of its permutations) and then use it.

  5. 1960’s when I was stationed in Hesse, the big name was Henninger. The brewery in Frankfort had a sign you could see for miles. Most of the towns had their own local brewery.

    Regarding today’s youth, at some point they will learn what my father called, “The belly flapping principal”. Protesting and coffee making don’t have long term prospects.

  6. Today’s society is so different from when you and I grew up. Rewards for good and discipline for bad no longer exist. Everyone in the newer generations is a participation trophy away from achieving the American Dream. For the first time in American History we’re stepping backwards.

  7. My dad used to say, “Learn a trade and you’ll always have something to fall back on if the technical career stalls” (and it did). Rowe preaches this relentlessly, and he’s dead on right. Back in the stone ages, we had VoTech…a lot of those guys became successful in the trades.

    Now with COVID really exposing colleges as the lefty hate-America indoctrination centers they’ve morphed into, Rowe’s message is more needed than ever. Most colleges should go under, get a piece of reality to live with for a while until – maybe – they come around. In the meantime – during the unlawful gov’t lockdown – the trades did not skip much of a beat.

    • I told my daughters that. Beat it into their heads. It took better with some than others, but all of them reflect back to me the wisdom of what I told them. My girls are all TRUMP supporters, so the apples didn’t fall far from the tree.

      • Love the thought for the day…memories are fleeting, but the buildings my father designed and constructed are still there and a testament to his genius (and according to him would never have happened without my mother’s support.)

  8. Mike Rowe is a true Patriot, and 100% correct! When I was in high-school in the mid 1960’s, I wanted to take a shop class. Due to my grades, test results, and desire (at the time) to go to College, my “Guidance Counselor” denied my request, and gave me a study hall instead. I went to see him the next day, and he automatically mouthed the famous words: “Shop Class is for dummies, and YOU’RE going to College!”……
    I got home in tears, and told my Mom. I swear, when she said “Wait until your Father gets home” it was the first time I was ever happy to hear it. From what I heard years later, my Tool and Die Maker Dad really tore the guy a new one, and the next morning I got called out of homeroom to go see him. He threw my new schedule at me saying “Here’s your shop class”, and then told me to get out.

    Some people just aren’t meant to go to college, myself included. It was a huge struggle for me to take classes I saw no need for, even though I understood it was a part of becoming Educated, and not just Trained, which is what Trade or Technical Schools tended to do at the time. I would have done far better in a program like General Motors had at their GMI school. You’d spend 6 or 8 weeks in a classroom, alternated with 6 to 8 weeks working in a manufacturing plant. The two enjoyable years I spent at the local Junior College had given me a decent background and appreciation of the “Fine Arts”, and I’m quite happy I took it. I wanted to get down to learning practical and theoretical skills, and applying them in the real world, and two more years of Book Learning seemed like two centuries.

    I was always a little surprised at how little brand-new Engineers coming straight out of college knew about Real World Stuff. They could wow you at a blackboard, but give them a Multimeter and they were usually lost. The exceptions were the ones who had some kind of technical hobby, be it cars, photography, whatever, because they had actual manual skills that crossed-over between their personal and professional lives.

    • In well over 40 years of industrial construction or selling the pieces/parts thereof, I have known exactly 4 “licensed professional engineers” and zero architects who I considered competent to shoot, move and communicate in the real world of placing concrete, erecting steel, and installing actual machinery and making it function as advertised. The rest were lost anywhere outside their offices; how they found their way to work each day is still a mystery. No person should receive a degree for any-damn-thing what-so-ever without first attending the graduate skool of actually doing the work they eventually will supervise. Two years minimum. Maybe four. Five would be good. Then they might learn something. You remember that pedestrian bridge that collapsed in Florida a while back? How much you wanna bet……

      • It’s tough to standardize everything in that way, but I couldn’t agree more that a certificate of competence (or whatever it is called) should require 3 or 5 years on the job, demonstrating, post education. It would make it much easier to trust such people. And don’t get me started on general contractors.

        • I think it was Henry Ford who insisted ALL his Engineers spend a certain amount of time actively out on the shop floor vs in their offices. He wanted them to have a physical connection between their Engineering work, and the practical realities of repeatably producing a reliable product from that work.

          I’ve seen too many computer jockeys design hardware that lasts exactly 30 minutes in the Real World, and that’s just the good ones that get out the door. 50% failure rate right-off-the-line can be disturbingly common.

      • i always thought one should attain e6 before they even apply to be an officer as well. these rotc kids have zero idea how to run a poodle much less a platoon.

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