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The Pope’s Prayers

Pope Francis has announced that he’s praying that the illegal immigrant caravan succeeds in breaching the US Border. My prayers run in a different direction, but not being Catholic makes it easy for me to do that.

Leftists contend, “These people are coming here for the economic benefit while claiming to be escaping the gang violence in their home countries, because our asylum rules force them to lie.” Mexico offered asylum, but the illegal hoard says that’s not good enough. Mexico doesn’t offer as much free cheese as the US does.

The US Military is building POW style temporary containment along the border. It’s something that they train for and are equipped to do. Categorizing prisoners and processing them will give all of the reservists and regulars good training for the next time the balloon goes up. The last time we had mass surrenders at the same time was Gulf War One, and those who participated are now senior NCO’s. Will this answer the Pope’s prayers? I don’t know. You’d have to ask the Pontiff himself. (When will we see a female pope? There have been male popes in the past who sort of identified as female but is that sufficiently politically correct?)
While the military is on the border, they need to focus on interdicting narcotics as well by sealing the border and searching for tunnels. We wouldn’t want any ‘bad actors’ to slip through the cracks. That will tick off the cartels and might end the caravan problem.

In Germany

When you’re in Germany, plan on a delay because the driver
will get out of the bus, taking his prayer rug with him and will
take a prayer break.

Prayers When You’re Gone?
Don’t fear the reaper.

24 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette (Prayer Edition)

  1. "Gulf War One, and those who participated are now senior NCO's"

    Correction: Desert Storm veterans retired 10 years ago. The young veterans from Iraqi Freedom are senior NCO's and retiring.

  2. "God hears the prayers of the righteous man." As far as I can discern Francis doesn't qualify. Having said that, it's not my decision or judgement call. God's will be done.

    For non-Catholics it's enough to ponder why we have a pope such as this at this time in history. Did the country start going downhill before or after the Church was attacked from within – starting at least 100 years ago and really ramping up in the early 60's via Vatican II?

  3. You are also the first Empress of the clown movement (aided by Kevin) which will envelope the planet.

  4. There have been good Popes and not so good Popes. This one is sort of a Borgia Pope, reborn. I expect that we will see a good one again.

  5. Indeed there are, but can those churches truly be "catholic"? I ask the question, and do not posit an answer.

  6. I don't believe this Pope to be a man of God. But God let him, or had him, selected for a reason beyond my ability to understand. Perhaps He is tell the world it is time to return to Him and ask forgiveness.

    I don't like to listen to him when he seems to be going against God.

    I pray our military is up to the task and that God will keep them safe.

  7. We're old, those guys and girls are gone. And there IS something strange about this Pope and his 'line of thought'…

  8. Something twisted this Pope. I don't know what or when.

    Yeah, we're old. Sometimes I forget how MUCH time has passed since the glory days.

  9. At least the Borgia's weren't commies. Tick. And didn't they produce a saint? Curious, I know, but I think true.

  10. Can the catholic church be fully catholic when it's not in communion with itself? Obviously not. JPII saw that clearly, I think. Of course I say that from the vantage point of a small kabob stand of anglo-catholicism in the Texan brush. So…

  11. What a powerful sermon! I especially enjoyed the infographic of the Moslem about to be run over by a bus in Germany. Sorry, that wasn't charitable but whoever said prophecy was "nice"?

  12. I think that the Borgias were a species of Oligarch, not really capitalists either. They had an interesting run.

  13. There are so MANY small branches, orders, etc. within the Catholic Church, each of which has it's own take on things, that the outfit is confusing. Jesuits, like the current Pope, have always been political-leftists. Franciscans are much the opposite.

  14. The Pope will have many new muslims friends soon arriving if you count all the men on the borders wanting to enter illegally and armed with knives.

    According to Gallup 700 million in Africa, Middle East and Asia have their suitcase ready to migrate.

    I guess what we see now is just the beginning of what will change Europe and the US and be the start of a civil war. Europe is lost but the US still has a chance if the leftists do not win with their open border strategy (unless they get some personal consequences of the politic as Alec Baldwin experienced when someone parked where he wanted).

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