I like old doors. I just do.



This statement by Archbishop Fulton Sheen struck me as interesting, so I’ll share it.

A weak man can never be meek because he is never self-possessed; meekness is a virtue that controls the combative, violent, and pugnacious powers of our nature, and is therefore the best and noblest road to self-realization.

The meek man is not a man who refuses to fight, nor is he a man who will never become angry. A meek man is a man who will never do one thing: he will never fight when his conceit is attacked, but only when a principle is at stake. And there is the keynote to the difference between the anger of the communist and the anger of a meek man.


Gird Up your Loins…

Once girded up, if you need to answer the call of nature, it will take some time to ungird. It’s not like a kilt…


There is still time to get your Vax Booster!

Do not dare to leap to any wrong conclusions concerning possible causes of sudden unexplained death syndrome. Only correct conclusions are allowed. Incorrectness is not allowed and will be punished with extreme prejudice.

The Footage above was lifted from the LOUDER WITH CROWDER podcast of Sept 26, 2022. Fair use permits copying for purposes of research and of course, that’s what this is.


Border Security


At the Pumpkin Patch

The sermonette is: Life is not all doom and gloom.

My youngest grandson went to the pumpkin patch in Irvine, CA. Irvine is an upscale area and prices are steep this year as are prices of everything in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia. My daughter spend $60 (no food) for the privilege of family fun among the pumpkins – and he did get a “free pumpkin” with that.

It also came with a “free” cookie to decorate. He takes after me, he’s skillful.

Throwing skills netted him a snake, made in China. My daughter reported that while he likes the Chinese snake that she named Swalwell, he prefers his alligator, named Ron. So the Florida gator eats the Chinese snake. Make whatever you will of that. It’s all part of today’s sermonette.


  1. When does Granpa start the little one’s special forces training? Granpa’s a blessed man.

    Interesting that videos of Chinese collapsing in the street helped to sell the wuflu and now the notavax is bringing this reality worldwide.

    For Brandon, how about WOSP, wicked old senile pedophile.

  2. Proverbs 22:6
    Train up a child in the way he should go,
    Even when he is old he will not depart from it.

  3. So how many Western politicians or corporate executives have died of sudden unexplained death syndrome? It’s almost like there is an unnatural immunity to those in positions of power. I’m sure that’s just a conspiracy theory though.

  4. Got to love the grandkids. My daughter just sent me a photo of her older girl, age almost six, astride a pony at another pumpkin patch. She said the girl didn’t want to get off. Reminded of another little girl a quarter century earlier.

  5. I’m a broken record because from day one none of this passed the smell test (The Holy Spirit does nudge ones conscience). The Not-A-Vax is clearly a culling shot depending on your particular ‘system’ proclivities. It’s clearly mass scale genocide, designed by modern lab Rats who spouted off on all the good they were doing for humanity. All lies. Yet they got rich in the process. Gets me to the point of invoking Vlad the Impaler tactics.

    “Meekness”- Arch. Sheen’s statement clarifies “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” I never believed Christian’s are to be chumps, taking it on the chin by evil-doers at every turn. We do have an obligation to protect those less able – be the sheepdog.

    Nothing like a good pumpkin patch as a kid, even for us big kids.

    • Pumpkin patches evoke memories as do holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Independence Day. They mark the passing of generations as well. And for some of us who are older, the richness of the holidays can be quietly bittersweet.

  6. Archbishop Sheen: Now there is an acid flashback. Seriously, I remember him in the fifties. In Chicago he was on every night with a message, I believe at the end of the broadcast day.

    He had an aura or something about him that made you sit and listen even if you weren’t even the same religion, which I wasn’t. And more than once when he got into hellfire and brimstone mode, he made a strong impression to say the least.
    The kind of man the world needs at this time rather than the sitting pope of today

  7. “When does Granpa start the little one’s special forces training?”
    As it happens, today is Dead Ché Day. On October 9th 1967 Ernesto “Che” Guevara was shot and killed by Bolivian govt forces after he was captured the prior day. An event in which SF very very likely played a part. Wikipedia has a heroic, hagiographic account of The Great Martyr’s death. Because Wikipedia.

    “meekness is a virtue that controls the combative, violent, and pugnacious powers of our nature”
    Exactly. Most people equate “meek” with “wimp”. Jimmy Carr, who I otherwise like as a comedian, has a throwaway line on this as to why he mocks Christianity and not Islam. (The meta joke is the commentary on the violence of certain Islamists, but that goes over most people’s heads.) Comedy aside, Jordan Peterson summarized it as (paraphrasing) “I think meekness has been mistranslated. It’s not that you’re helpless. It really means something like ‘those who have swords, and know how to use them, but CHOOSE to keep them sheathed’.”

    • As to meekness with the perceived wimpness as you described. I take this quote from Al Capone, “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.” Kindness and courteousness are synonymous, virtues I strive to emulate. I have understood and practice being Meek. Far too many people simply do not understand most words and are misinformed or lazy in their education.

  8. Archbishop Sheen. Brings back a lot of memories when I wathed him with my parents. Lots of lifelong lessons that I still find of value.

    Range time. Now that we have had a least a little moisture and the fire danger is lowered from Extreme to just High I can go out and use the range in the backyard. Much stress can be relieved by a little time on the trigger.

    Pumpkins. A pumpkin patch brings out the kid in grandparents too.

  9. “I like old doors. I just do.” – LL

    Wifmann’s painting has moved on from her Tuscan Landscape phase to her Old Door Phase.
    I like it…a lot.
    She, also, occasionally finds a window that interests her.
    You may know that there is a business, IIRC, in the Arizona desert that gathers and re-sells old doors.
    I would think that the humidity changes wreak havoc on the doors brought in from other climates.

  10. Old doors. Me too. And it isn’t simple or easy to get the proportions just right for the style.

    The classic designs (in just about everything, not only doors) capture our glance from the convergence of art and design coupled to basic utility, an aesthetic that was about functionality but with placing importance on pleasing the eye, something often missed by today’s designers (where COGs often overrides the aesthetic).

  11. Two weeks ago I signed up on twatter just to try it. After two days I was suspended for 24 hours. After that I lasted four days and got a six day suspension. Three days ago I was permanently banned.
    What a crock. You should see the vile posts by liberals and they never get the hook. It was amusing for a while, but most of the content is pro-dem propaganda and anti-conservative, rinse and repeat. Maybe Elon will clean house. Like I care. I heard you should take old pumpkins out into the woods, cut them open and let the animals feed on them….prevents ticks and has other benefits. Makes sense.

    • It’s a liberal propaganda machine and they are keening in fear that Musk will take the place and make it honest and bot free.

  12. The Venerable Fulton J. Sheen was one of God’s gifts to us. I watched him on TV as a child, and was fascinated by not only what he said, but how he said it. His faith and devotion just “came through the screen” to touch me. He was a wonderful man.

    Ahhh….the innocence of children.

  13. “The meek man is not a man who refuses to fight, nor is he a man who will never become angry. A meek man is a man who will never do one thing: he will never fight when his conceit is attacked, but only when a principle is at stake.”
    I was talking to Dr Peter Wood, the author of “Rage”, and he had just finished at the Dojo when we were talking. I offered the following:
    A meek self-confident man can control himself, because he knows something you probably don’t.
    He can kill you.

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