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The Force is Strong with Them

Two of my grandsons visited Disneyland on Labor Day (no school) and the report was that there weren’t that many people in the park.
Is the whole Star Wars Land at the Edge of the Galaxy nothing more than a recruiting tool for the newly minted United States Space Force?
Could it be that the Millennium Falcon is a training ship for a much more powerful US Space Ship? The “Smuggler’s Run” ride teaches the would be space cadets to bob and weave. Is there anything like that in Russia? No, of course not.
The US Space Force is standing up but there has not been a mention of  Space Marines yet. If life imitates art and Sci-Fi, they must evolve as a type of Space Mobile Infantry. Will we get to the point where US Citizenship would require military service? It may be too much to ask. The Democrat heads would explode…though they have been exploding ever since 2016, (and it’s amusing). 
The new and evolved SEAL teams will become SEALS (SEa, Air, Land, Space Team) because we need they’ll find a key role in protecting the new frontier. The Air Force won’t be happy, oh well.
The young men in the photo have the capacity to put their mother into orbit at times now. Is that a qualification for future SEALS? 

And if the Space Force is looking for the best, what is the Sanders/Warren National Socialist Worker’s Party looking for?

6 thoughts on “Speculation on US Space Force

  1. Those kids are the future, all right.
    Training the kids directs the future.
    Someone went wrong on the DSA kids or got what they wanted.
    All those pictures of DSA and no Pajama Boy? 🙂

  2. In Starship Troopers Heinlein envisioned a society where full citizenship required some kind of voluntary public service. This allowed one to vote. Certain jobs were available only to those who had served in the military. If you're not inclined towards the military you can serve as say a poop picker upper in San Francisco and earn your franchise in that manner. There's something to be said for that.

  3. The young men in the photo have the capacity to put their mother into orbit at times now. Is that a qualification for future SEALS?

    Funniest line I've read in weeks!

  4. I went to the State fair over the weekend. Interesting as I am seldom around many people these days. Many of the young men looked curiously feminine- soft featured, besides the roughly one third of the crowd male and female that were morbidly obese. Then were the males obviously on hormones, growing breasts. It looked like a cultural and health care disaster in the making.
    The contrast with the military guys in the crowd, same age, was dramatic, like we are evolving into two species.

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