If Gun Free Zone signs worked, they would have worked by now…


Your Question-of-the-Day

How did an 18 year-old living with grandma have access to 2 new Daniel Defense AR-15 rifles worth almost $5,000? Add to that the ammunition, optics, and body armor costs? How did he afford a new $70,000 F-250 pickup? What about his therapist who specializes in hypnosis? It’s just a couple of questions. I know what you’re saying, “nothing to see here, move on.”



I went out to my 2007 Toyota FJ and tried to unlatch the aftermarket swing arm on the bumper that holds the spare tire, 10 gallons of fuel/water, and the Hi-Lift jack. The latching mechanism was frozen/rusted in place. It struck me as weird because I had it open two or three weeks ago. No problems. It’s spring loaded and maybe the spring broke and is keeping the latch from coming out and allowing the locking lever from coming down.

Now I’m on the hunt to source a replacement locking mechanism. I’ll tell you, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. When I take off the existing locking mechanism I will need to take off the spare fuel carrier and punch it out. When that happens, I won’t be able to lock it again until I obtain and install a replacement part (unless I content myself with a tie strap or wire – sort of a redneck catch-all solution). All that the frozen part does is keep me from loading gear in the back. A cage behind the rear seat allows me to pile gear in. I could remove that if I had to. Fixing by replacing is the first and best option.

My old, go-to supplier for these parts went out of business with Covid.


Identify the Tank



(IWA Intl.) Miami-based internet retailer IWA International now sells 3 unrestricted military-style flashbangs to civilian buyers.

These grenades are imported from UK-based manufacturer TLSFx Pyrotechnics, which builds and sells simulated munitions to a variety of customers including military simulation (MilSim) enthusiasts, as well as movie/television special effects crews.

1. Are our pyrotechnic devices legal and for civilian use?

Yes, all our products are legal for civilian use and approved by the A.T.F.

2. What is the shelf-life?

2 years from manufacturer date, 5-10 years when stored in a cool and dry place.

3. Are any Permits/Licenses required to purchase? 

No, permits or licenses are not necessary to purchase our products.

4. What are the shipping restrictions?

Hazmat items cannot be shipped to a PO BOX

We ship Hazmat goods to the lower 48 states ONLY: NO Hawaii or Alaska

An adult signature is required.




War Surplus

Ukrainian Territorial Defense Force member with a WWII-era SVT-40 equipped with a suppressor and thermal scope.

Cossacks by an armored car, Ukraine, 1919


The She-Devil (captioned)

My 2015 Ducati Diavel 2 gen Strada aka She-Devil is running fine. When I bought her from the slave auction in Brea, California (showroom) my driveway was connected to a paved road. Now, a long graded dirt road.

How do I keep dust off the bike since I bounce over the dirt road to get it to State Route 87? I pay attention to the drive chain, keep it as clean as possible, and just accept that the black bike will be a little dusty. Unlike the photo above, it has a small windshield and sissy bar (aka Strada) now as in the caption. I added those things so that MRSLL could ride on behind and the windscreen deflects bugs – a bit.

The bike has 4,000 miles on it so no, it doesn’t get heavy use. And it still runs like a hound from hell.



  1. Early model Arjun ? That would make the one or the right one of the newer versions.


  2. I unseized controls on a backhoe with water. I’d tried every penetrating oil, cussed, and finally called an old mechanic for advice. He recommended water.

    My procedure was saturating the pivot points, gentle tapping, and a little pressure. It took about an hour of patience, but I was rewarded with controls that moved; although they were stiff. More water, and lots of repeat motion allowed less restriction, and some Kroil finished the job.

    • I’ll give it a try. Irrespective, I think that the part will need to be replaced. The spring still has some small spring in it, which means that it’s not broken. But I have a personal policy of replacing any part that I don’t have 100% confidence in. I’ve been burned too many times by not replacing.

      • Replacement of the controls was not an option at the time. The machine was scheduled for a project delivery the next day, replacement parts would take too long to arrive, and to make things worse, without them being moveable, disassembly was a terrible project.

        I’m the same. Replacement guarantees the best result – especially when springs are involved.

      • Vibration helps. I had a drive pulley stuck on a splined spindle from a mower deck. We had tried heat and a hydraulic press without success. I ended up putting tension on it with a two-jaw puller and going around the pulley hub with a Dremel 290 engraver for a while. Between the penetrating oil and the vibration, it finally cane free.
        That might help get it functional until you can source a replacement.

      • The Uvalde school shooting has a lot of moving parts and without somebody reliable on the ground, everything is a conflicting statement. The heart attack that the husband of the slain teacher suffered was a real tear-jerker – leaving four children behind. What part of that isn’t horrible?

        Apparently, the kids at the school were in large part, illegal aliens, so the school staff didn’t want a school resource police officer present on campus. True/untrue, who knows at this point?

        • Social Media is – I believe – the major player these days, a cancer eating away at every societal norm.

        • I just wish they would stop teaching a doctrine of forting up in non-fortified positions and “waiting for help”. All those people died in one classroom, because he came in the door and that was the only exit.

          They should teach a shooter drill of “half the teachers take the kids and run out the other side of the building and keep going, while the other half of the teachers engage the shooter as best they can.

          Otherwise, we need to replace all the schools with fortified structures where the current doctrine might be plausible.


  3. PB Blaster really does it for me. Others swear by Kroil.
    As for parts? I’ve been waiting for a timing case gasket for my F-150 for over two months.
    The extended warranty says they have to use Motorcraft replacements. Felpro has plenty.

  4. “My old, go-to supplier for these parts went out of business with Covid.”

    A lot of that going around, and obviously not just from Covid. When I can, I buy multiple spares these days.

    +1 on Kroil.

    Don’t know about the tank(s). The two lead tanks are different, and two of the crew in the turrets seem to be doing “eyes right”.

    • We’re having a mell of a hess getting pieces/parts to make stuff with that are usually piled deep and in stock at any of several places. Our purchasing agent is working his azz off and slowly losing his hair. I’ve been in this industry for 45-years and never seen it like this.

      Why don’t I tell y’all something you don’t know already.

  5. Like Ed_B said, PB Blaster, has never failed me. I’d first try some torch heat first on the metal housing, with some light taps or channel locks to rotate the handle. Maybe got some tiny gravel inside. If the knurled nut is removable I’d give that a go (maybe you’ve tried all of the above).

    This kid…a lot of questions. No parents to speak of, shoots the only person in his life (in the face no less), the cash outlay was huge for an 18 year-old. Everything smells. I swear these are operations and it was his turn to “go off”. I don’t believe in coinkidinks. And the police standing outside with parents yelling at them, odd (yeah, some went inside at the back, met by gun fire). Conflicting “facts” from spokesmen. It’s what we know TODAY, which will change. But the beat up the cops/gun grab mentality has set in everywhere. I reserve judgement. But if someone told them to stand down and wait…major red flag. The gun seller will be next on the Media/Dem hit list.

    • I’m assuming you tried lifting the weight off the latch? (engineer-types hate stuff like this so we obsess to get a solution)

      Oh, and is there a need for regular folks to have flash-bang devices? Seriously. Altho, my neighbor can’t get the elk out of his one hay field by the house, they aren’t persuaded by the round “bang” off the headwall anymore.

      • The latch itself moves freely. That’s not the problem. When I say that it moves, I can move it and it responds to the extent that it’s able with a pin through it.

        Elk and deer become accustomed to the bangs that once put them to flight. They get wise to our schemes and then mock us.

        • Looks heavy enough that the pin can’t be broken…but I’ve had stuff like that shear. I’m sure you’ll figure it out, altho, as a coworker said once while I was wailing away with my framing hammer, “You need a bigger hammer!”. That worked. heh

          • I can pound the pin out once I remove the fuel can and fuel can carrier. As you say, a big enough hammer. I’ll try the PB Blaster first. I e-mailed “the bumper god (small g)” to see if he can help me source a new part.

  6. + 1 on the PB blaster and Paul M’s suggestion to take the load off the carrier.

    I bet that old rifle with the thermal sight and the suppressor works just fine.

    What dry lube do you use on the She Devil to keep the chain as dust free as possible?

    It will be very interesting to see what comes out of the shooting investigation. Don’t understand the apparent delay going in but am reserving judgement right now.

    • I use Motul cleaner, followed by Motul lube on the chain.

      There is no load on the carrier. It’s a rusted pin. I’ll try PB Blaster and see how that works.

      • Thanks, have an electric mountain bike and the stuff I use is no longer made (company folded) so I am looking for alternatives that don’t collect dust, moss etc.

    • Is this your company? Do you have an interest in the place? Naturally, I’ll swing by the next time that I’m in town.

  7. It’s not mine but I have a friend with a Jeep that uses them and he is very happy with them. As we expect of most things here in Prescott they are very good at what they do.

    • It was great talking to you on the phone! There is a lot of neat stuff in Prescott. It’s a drive for me, but I usually end up there every couple of weeks and when in town, I check things out – and that Jeep outfit sounds like a go-to spot that I’ve missed.

  8. thanks for the supplies link, been looking for those. turn the table on the rack n stack guys. funny, those guys line up to serve a warrant but were afraid of an 18 y/o nutjob? btw, he left a bullet hole in the cap of the lone cop willing to face him. head shot on a moving target, good shooting. too good for a guy that only got his wep a few days ago and still had the ammo he bought with it. as to the buffalo shooter, he made tactical reloads taking cover each time. i had a hard time teaching that to troops. and yeah, 500 dollar shirt but crying the blues that he couldn’t afford good ammo?

    • My son-in-law (police officer) is screaming conspiracy for the very points that you cite. He asked me, “don’t you believe me?” I reminded him that I’m an old former something-something who lives in a compound in the mountains with too many guns and a food supply (in addition to the elk & deer – food on the hoof). He said, “Oh, right”

  9. Gun free zones ‘worked’ as advertised… e.g. NOT! Yes, lots of questions as to where the $$$ came from for all his toys. Concur on the replacement of the latch.

    • Yes, and Audi bought the company before I bought my bike. The Gen 2 solved problems in Gen 1.

  10. (unless I content myself with a tie strap or wire – sort of a redneck catch-all solution).
    Vice grip with zip ties – what is the problem?

  11. A lot of information being revealed from the school shooting, and more questions than answers. One thing for certain, a lot of witnesses who were at the school from the beginning are disputing the narrative being bloviated by police officials. Rule # 1: when orchestrating a cover-up or whitewash, make sure there are no witnesses who can reveal your deception. And these witnesses are speaking to reporters. Yikes.

  12. Just a word- some penetrating oils are extremely toxic when heated. Like Kroil. So use the heat first, not after. I don’t remember the exact name of the problem, “chlorinated bi-phenol’s” comes to mind…also true of some brake cleaners, etc.

  13. The absolute best frozen part remover was the *ORIGINAL* PJ1 NON o-ring chain lube. The black/yellow spray can. Make SURE it is NOT the new/improved crap that came out a few years ago. The idiots reformulated it to please the f’n British, and it is the most worthless crap now. The new can announces it’s new qualities on the label. It doesn’t appear to have any lubricating properties that are discernible.

    Discovered it’s abilities back in the early 80’s. Someone needs to buy the formula from those idiots and market it. Wish I had know they were that stupid, I would have bought a case of it. It was designed to wick into tight chain rollers and then congeal into a grease. Amazing stuff. The only thing better is an oxy-A torch, which is not often usable.

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