The UFO craze begins anew every so often, usually with USGOV leaks. Are those leaks designed for propaganda purposes – such as justifying the newly minted US Space Force? Or are there actually space aliens arriving in large numbers? I leave it to you to decide the cause and effect.


Actual Photos!


Inspired by Space Aliens?

20 year old technology


She Believes


Armor is Important in Space (too)

Mandalorian Rules…



They don’t need a trustworthy power source and can violate the laws of physics.

Because in space, natural laws are only guidelines.


Did Space Aliens Leave A Message? (stacked rocks)


Not in the Future

Motorcycle porn, available today in exchange for a swipe of the plastic if you have a high enough limit.


  1. Here’s what I believe.

    I believe that one is bat-shit crazy, that’s what I believe, and would have no urge to confirm that for myself. Drama of that “kind” is highly over-rated. Been there, done that, and got the shredded t-shirt already.

    • Avoid crazy people to the extent possible has been a maxim that I’ve tried to live by. It’s worked ok, so far.

  2. Given the size of the universe I believe life on other worlds is likely. Intelligent life may be somewhat less so. After all it took millions of years to develop here, and the evidence is strong that it still hasn’t.

  3. Yup, they’s aliens out thar. Sure as shootin.’

    One only has to read Eric Von Daniken’s “Chariots of the Gods?” (which I did in the early 1970’s, and come up with alternate explanations to the stuff within that defies explanations).

    Biggest evidence is the video footage from naval and AF pilots chasing ‘bogies’, in addition to some video from Apollo and Space Shuttle missions. Awfully tough to explain away.

    And no, I am not wearing my tin foil hat right now, it’s in the shop.

    • There are a lot of zombies on Chicago’s south side, in Portland and in CHOP. The aliens could mingle with them and nobody could tell the difference.

  4. The Navy vids are interesting and we have to wonder at the state of secret tech. But one thing’s clear, aliens are alive and well and living among us. Just look at Portland, or Congress.

    • I’ve seen all of that but still remain unconvinced. Whether it’s secret tech, whether it’s space aliens, and maybe the Chariots of the Gods have returned, I don’t know. Some things are difficult to explain away.

      • The US Gov has a history of ‘leaking’ videos in order to show our ‘friends’ elsewhere in the world what we can do. Following that statement, I firmly believe the ‘alien Tic-Tac’ things are advanced tech made by us.

        Like all the sky-detonations back in the 90’s and 2000’s. Which match the engine signature of an aerospike or other external combustion engine. Of which we officially have none in service, officially.

        The flying wing was recognized early on as the most aerodynamic shape possible. The cleaner the airframe, without all those annoying vertical stabilizers, wing-roots going into the body, excess antennae and such, the better it is. Blended airframes have been attempted since Day 1. The German Horton brothers excelled at that. So did Northrup.

        As to crazy lady? She be crazy. Okay looking from neck up, but…. crazy.

        Possible alien life out there? There’s actually more evidence that we’re all alone, very alone, and the special circumstances that allowed life on Earth to start up were very special. Yes, there are a bazillion potential places for life to have started, but so far we’ve only got proof that Earth is it. The (in)famous ‘Drake Equation’ that purportedly says there are X number of potential life-bearing locations and thus Y number of intelligent species have existed, do exist, will exist is pure bupkis, scientific twaddle, about as provable as intelligence in AOC. Seriously, that stupid ‘equation’ is so unscientific that it makes L. Ron Hubbard seem somewhat sane and normal.

        • Yes, the conditions that allow life on Earth don’t come close to existing anywhere that we can see and we’ve listened and nobody is talking.

          * Tectonic plates handle the carbon build up that can be a real problem (Venus).
          * The Moon (not too big, not too small) do all the things that the moon does and the core is molten.
          * Not too near the Sun, not too far.
          * The Sun’s harmful particles are handled by radiation belts (back to the molten core)
          * Big planets outbound that tend to suck up the comets and high speed rocks.

  5. 1973, westbound on Highway 39 from Woodruff, UT late at night, had a huge black blob pass in front of me from right to left. Irregular shape, it blotted out the Wasatch Mountains as it passed. I have no idea what it was.

    • How huge?

      You’re close enough in that place (and time) to be close to the USAF test areas, and they were very busy in that era.

      I’m only happy that they didn’t take you onboard and probe you….providing that you’re not omitting that detail…no need to respond. Just glad you weren’t altered in some inhuman way, like the Ladies of the Coven obviously were. Cackling hags…

  6. I’m sure there’s plenty of other people around, space is big and time is long.

    I haven’t ever seen anything that makes me think anybody’s visiting us, though.
    It’d be cool if they dropped by.

    • Yes, they should land on the lawn of the White House (Mars Attacks?) and hang out for a while. Why hide in corn fields – at night – holding probes?

  7. Are aliens possible? Yes. Are they likely? No.

    I doubt there are aliens for several reasons, some mentioned above, but at this point I wouldn’t completely rule them out either…

    • That’s as good of a theory as any other, but there is a real absence of data, so people in general use theories to produce facts instead of using facts to produce theories… and it ends up just a little ‘mushy’.

      • I’m with you on the absence of data thing and I just like the idea of time machines. Despite years of traveling, months of looking at the sky I have never seen a flying saucer or a facsimile of such. I just get amazed at seeing different colored stars in the skies above the Southern Hemisphere.

        Barco Sin Vela II

        • Is the Barco in the Southern Hemisphere now? Are you with She-Who-Must-be-Obeyed? I miss your blog.

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